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The Seven Heads And Ten Horns Of Revelation 13:1
Seven Mountains

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

The ten horn beast kingdom is mentioned in Daniel 7:7 as being the fourth beast in his vision. That fourth beast is the Roman empire without question.  It is a fact the Catholic Church took on the identity of the Roman Empire and today papal Rome carries by inheritance any and all rebuke and judgment of God against Rome.  Papal Rome will always be in league with the antichrist in Israel. The future antichrist to come to Jerusalem will have Papal blessings and authority. The ten horns then are understood to be ten kings, rulers, or emperors that would rule during the time of the Messiah.  We start the first of the ten with Caesar Augustus and indeed he is mentioned with the birth of Jesus.  He is the first horn or power of the fourth beast that has to do with the Messianic fulfillment.  If we then count the next ten emperors we end up with Titus who destroyed the temple and Jerusalem in fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus in Matthew 24.

The seven heads are not mentioned in Daniel and are first found in Revelation 12:3 and 13:1. These seven must reign at the same time of the fourth beast and the ten horns or emperors. The beast with seven heads and ten horns is not an endtime event and it is NOT THE ROMAN EMPIRE REVIVED!  The second beast that comes up AFTER the first beast ends is the endtime event.  The second beast is not the European Common Market because there are more than ten nations in that federation.  The Seven heads are not the seven hills of Rome.  The seven heads are Jerusalem which we will now prove.

The focus of the metal-man image and the revealing of the four beasts is to reveal the events of the nations that lead up to the coming of the Messiah and the destruction of the image by the stone hewn out of the mountain that filled the whole earth.  That stone is the Church as the Kingdom of God.  This is not a millennial fulfillment but a fulfillment of what happened at Calvary.  The stone taken out of the mountain is the Church Kingdom born out of Calvary's sacrifice.   

We can see then that the seven heads previously mentioned must have connection with Israel as that is the focus of the Messianic fulfillment.  These seven agree exactly with the Herods.  During the time of the reign of the ten horns in Rome there reigned in Israel seven Herods under that power.  These were the antichrist forces in world power at the time of Jesus and the Apostles up to 70AD.

A separate seven heads is revealed in Revelation 17:9 and are identified as the seven mountains where the whore sitteth.  This is further identified as the seven hills of Jerusalem and called the *great city* where also our Lord was crucified.  The witchcraft system of Kabbalah within paganized Judaism (Talmudism), is called Mystery Babylon the Great. Because it came out of Babylon by the Pharisees and other occult mystics.  One of these seven heads or hills had a wound by a sword, this head or hill is Mount Moriah (the temple mount), and the sword was the war of Titus that destroyed it in fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus in Matthew 24.  Jerusalem is the location of the hill where the great whore sitteth, Rome or Catholicism is not the great whore.  Rome is not destroyed in the endtime, it is Jerusalem and the temple mount that are destroyed by the battle of Armageddon.  The deadly wound of the head or hill that will be healed is Mount Moriah will be resurrected back from the dead.  This points to a revived Judaism religion upon the temple mount.  This angers God after all, he had the place destroyed in 70AD as an eternal sign that temple and religion was abolished and replaced forever by the New Testament Church.  The revival of the temple mount and the Talmudic religion will be the endtime work of the antichrist and his false prophet.  Alleged *contact* with God will be claimed as the antichrist urges his false prophet to call fire down upon animal sacrifices in the new temple.  The world will be deceived that these antichrist have made re-contact with God.  Those who preach that this alleged re-contact with God is really the power of the devil, and the man claiming to be the Messiah is the antichrist, will be hated of all nations for the name sake of Jesus as the ONLY Messiah. Then, fathers and mothers will betray their children unto death and children will betray their fathers and mothers to death.  Ministers will betray Ministers, Churches will betray Churches, religious organizations will betray independents, and the world will be covered in the blood of those slain for the testimony of the name and salvation of Jesus.  There will be great persecution from friends and relatives, but the elect of God, his true Israel, will be delivered.

In Revelation 13 the first beast system of the ten and the seven are separated by an unknown amount of time from the the second beast that comes upon the earth in the endtime.  The second beast is the antichrist system of the endtime.  It will last 42 months or three and one half years.  Tribulation will only be three and one half years long.  But a great destruction from the Lord Jesus will rain upon the earth because of this hatred and bigotry against the followers of the Lamb and the Lamb shall overcome them (Rev 17:14).  The revived Judaism will birth out of the midst her antichrist in Jerusalem.  The head or hill that had the wound by the sword and was dead will be revived.  Rome will support this antichrist and assist in deceiving millions to worship this revived religious system.  Rome will be destroyed along with other nations at the appearance of the Lord, in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God and who obeyed not the Truth.  

The seven hills identify Jerusalem not Rome:  Jerusalem was a large city spreading outside the walls and covering the seven hills there during the time of Jesus and the Apostles:  1.) Mount Gared;  2.) Mount Goath;  3.)  Mount Acra;  4.) Mount Bezetha;  5.) Mount Moriah;  6.) Mount Ophel;  7.) Mount Zion.  For what ever reason, and by what ever hands and manipulation, Mt. Gared, Mt. Goath, Mt Acra, and Mt. Bezetha have been deleted from nearly all maps of Jerusalem. To still identify Jerusalem as the city of Revelation 17:9, other scholars replaced these with four other mountains: Mt. of Olives, Mt. Of Offence, Mount of Evil Counsel, and Mount Calvary. In either case, Jerusalme is the city of the seven mountains in Rev. 17:9. While these were not all within the walled city, all seven hills were nevertheless spoke of as being at Jerusalem and Jerusalem.  The original Jerusalem was only upon the small hill of Zion.  The walls were enlarged to enclose also the temple mount by Solomon.  Later the walls were enlarged again to include Mount Ophel. Then the city limits was enlarged again and covered the seven hills.  

Contrary to dispensational claims, the endtime focus is not on Rome as a city nor upon the Catholic Church.  It is upon Israel, Jerusalem, the temple mount, the Jewish antichrist, the Jewish false prophet, and the Jews and Gentiles who will participate in this revival.  Will Rome play a decisive role in the endtime?  Yes!  Rome will validate the antichrist and in fact be a supporter of the antichrist regime.  Rome signed a peace treaty with Israel on December 30, 1993.  This sealed Rome's agreement to support Israel and she has not failed to do so. She has sent out letters and decrees that Israel and Jerusalem together with all modern Jews are not to be accused for the crucifixion of Jesus, and not to be converted to Jesus.  Rome has made the decree that Jews can be saved by keeping the Law and observing animal sacrifices.  These very decrees validate antichrist when he appears.  Catholics and Protestants will be the agents of the Jerusalem antichrist to kill millions.  Come out of them and her *my people.*  Flee from *ALL* Religious organizations right this very moment.  Never go back.  Have Church in your home or with others in small Church groups.

The endtime focus is upon antichrist in Israel who will be Jewish.  A false prophet will arise and he will certify the antichrist in the role of Elijah the Prophet.  This public coronation will begin a world-wide nightmare of persecution and hatred against the name of Jesus and the endtime Church.  It will be heralded world-wide that the Jews have made RE-CONTACT with God as they call fire from heaven down upon the temple mount on renewed animal sacrifices. The deceived world will go mad and worship the antichrist and millions will deny Jesus and go back to practice of the Law, Pharisee-Talmudic style.  But, the true Saints shall not be forsaken nor forgotten.  Yes, some may die for their faith.  But if they are killed by Jew or Gentile, their soul will fly to the temple mount and there in spirit under the altar will cry for vengeance upon Israel, the temple mount, and upon Gentile nations and persecutors until the day of vengeance, ...the day of the Lord.  

We who have confessed Jesus as the Messiah are in this to endure UNTIL the end!  Not the beginning, not the middle, not prewrath, but to the END!  The Lord Jesus will unleash the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the seven vials upon the antichrist in Israel, Jerusalem, and around the world. These judgments are against the antichrist and *for* the protection of the Saints, not their destruction or God's wrath upon them.  Do not fear going through the tribulation, the Lord will reward you richly.