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Messianic Aliyeh To The Judaism Of Jesus Messiah

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

           Because I Love One Jew
              By Cohen G. Reckart, Copyright 1990

I began this journey because I love one Jew.
In my mind I visualize, that at the very first,
the Apostles and first Messiahians did the same,
following the King from Gilgal to Calvary
through all the hatred and persecution, and the terrors in the temple
because they loved him no matter what the Messiah's ideas or teachings
or perhaps precisely because of his ideas and teachings.
I have begun my Aliyeh, a journey with Jesus, with the Jew that I love.

Thy Kingdom Come, The Holy Aliyeh:
What is the Kingdom? What is the Holy *Aliyeh*?  The Kingdom is the New Covenant Israel of God throughout the world.  The Kingdom is a world-wide nation of Jews and Gentile Converts to the Messianic Judaism founded by Jesus the heir of David's Throne. The Holy Aliyeh is the return to God in the glory of his majestic New Covenant and by the Gospel of his Kingdom.  This sacred *Aliyeh-Return* can only be accomplished through the Lord Jesus Messiah and acceptance of his teachings on religion, salvation, social harmony, and justice.  

The Torah of Jesus is the basic law of the world and will be universal during the Millennial:  1.) To love God with all one's heart, mind, and soul;  2.) And to love thy neighbor as thy self.  All other provisions of the New Covenant are founded upon these two Commandments of the New Covenant.  

As Believers it is our duty to convert the world to this system of Kingdom-religion-government.  All the governments and all of the people of the world must be converted or they will be identified as *goat* nations to be destroyed at the battle of Armageddon and in the valleys around Jerusalem.  These will deserve this wrath and vengeance because of the injustice, persecution, and innocent blood shed of those in the *Holy Aliyeh.*. Those who will not be converted, Jesus will reject and thrust out of his Kingdom at his second advent (2Thes 1:8; 2:10).  The United Nations is spearheading the global antichrist organization.  It rejects the basic laws of the Kingdom of Jesus and going about through force, hatred, killing, and lies, to set up its own world-wide government scheme of Mystery Babylon.  Nothing in this antichrist system speaks of Jesus, or honors our great KING of kings.  This will move to Jerusalem either secretly of openly and there the world will fall prey to the antichrist.  But the Holy Aliyeh will continue right up to the very day of the return of Jesus Messiah.

The common Jewish aliyah is a return to an unknown god in the pantheon of gods as identified in the Kabbalah. This aliyah is a mystical journey that incorporates witchcraft and other occult practices. This mystery Babylon system adopted the ancient concepts of a racist and bigoted God that allegedly chose forever only the Jews as his elect and chosen people.  These concepts were infused into ancient Phariseeism, which was a religious corruption of Old Testament Judaism.  These are known today as teachings of the Rabbis (Traditions of the Babylonian Elders) and makes up the teachings in the Babylonian Talmud. Jesus called these heretical perversions *leaven.*  Jesus taught that this false aliyah does not lead to God but to the very gates of hell.  This *leaven* or doctrines of the Talmudic-Pharisees were to be avoided with the same fervancy that leaven was expunged and cast out of homes during the seven days of unleavened bread.  

The Talmudic-Pharisees claim they are on an exclusive aliyah and this is their sole right to claim the promises of Abraham and the holy land through blood and racism. This latter claim is something that cannot be proven as assimilation among the Gentiles by God's divine judgment has swept this *pure-race* doctrine all away. Talmudic-Phariseeism is not the ancient Old Testament religion, it is a Babylonian sect that has usurped the claim of orthodoxy but Jesus rejected them as spurious children of the devil.  The Messianic Aliyeh is the journey of pure faith and worship leading unto the very throne of God.  Right now the Holy Aliyeh is the world-wide Messianic Kingdom of God, the Apostolic Church.  And in the Holy Aliyeh Jesus teaches that salvation is by *GRACE* through FAITH,  ...not racism and bigotry.  

This Messianic Aliyeh can only be fully appreciated and realized when all forms of Talmudic-Pharisee Judaism are rejected.  Jesus, his Apostles, and early Jewish Messiahians (Christians by Greek translation), rejected Talmudic-Phariseeism as being frauds of the devil.  The real Israel of God, the real Kingdom of God, was gathered into one holy body of believers by Jesus Messiah and this became known as the Church. The word *Church* in its Hebrew root means the *Israel of God.*  This Church is the Kingdom of God and into it all true Jews who believe the ancient faith have come. These completed their holy Aliyeh and Messiah welcomes them as his sons and daughters in the Kingdom, and this Kingdom shall have no end (Luke 1:33).

The proofs that Jesus was the true Messiah is authenticated through the writings and predictions of the Prophets (Luke 24:27,44; John 1:45).  The original Hebrew Scriptures before they were tampered with by the Pharisees and Aquila (circa 100-139AD) were used to prove Jesus fulfilled the Messianic Hope.  Several of the Masoretic Text are now corrupted, some verses have been removed, wording has been changed, all to deny Jesus was the Messiah.  The Apostles compiled the writings of the Gospels and the New Testament as proofs of the fulfillment and the events of the revealing of Jesus as the Messiah. These writings in their original take authority and precedent over all other texts of Scripture.  

To experience the Messianic Aliyeh, a person must be committed to return to the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and their proper interpretations as given by Messiah and the Apostles in the Gospels and other sacred writings.  We must understand the Kingdom from the perspective of Jesus and the Apostles, not as now fashioned by Talmudic-Pharisee Jews, Catholics, Protestants, or other fringe groups.  

After centuries of apostasy against the Messianic Aliyeh from without the Church, and from those apostates who departed from the Aliyeh forming sects, cults, and religious denominations, the cry for return to the Messianic Alijeh and for the old paths are once again ascending up to heaven.  The Lord Jesus once again is speaking to men and women to come out from among all apostate religious systems of Jew and Gentile and *return* to celebrate Alijeh in the holy faith within New Testament Messianic Judaism.

Messianic Judaism:
Messianic Judaism replaces all other forms of Judaism as the depository of the divine Word and Spirit of God.  All the ancient prophecies are bound up in the *Alijeh* of the human race and each one's responsibility to seek first the Kingdom of God.

In the original New Testament Church, coming into the Kingdom of God and departing from old nationalism in Israel and Gentile paganism was essential.  Jesus gave New Torah on this in John 3:3-5. The Kingdom of Messiah was to replace all forms of previous governments in Israel, and indeed all kingdoms of the world.  The looked for Messianic Kingdom established upon Phariseeism which apostate Jews today still envision, is one that will essentially do the same.  

Believing that Jesus brought the Kingdom already and there was no other Kingdom to come, the first Jewish believers who came into the Israel of God (Church) were called Messiahians (followers or believers in Jesus as the Messiah).  The word Christians as a translation into Greek for MESSIAHIANS was first coined at Antioch (Acts 11:26).  Prior to this there was no attempt to Gentileize the identity of those Jewish believers in Jesus as the Messiah.  The original word Messiahians and later Christian, meant those in the new Kingdom of God believed Jesus to be the Messiah and King of Israel.  The word *Lord* as a prefix to the name of Jesus, as in Lord Jesus, or Lord Jesus Christ, was a substitute for the word *KING*!  So that when one says *Lord* if he or she does not mean KING of kings, and at the same time God incarnate, that person has not ascribed to the word *Lord* the proper meaning. For all who believe must confess that Jesus is the Lord Messiah come in the flesh in fulfillment of Psalms 132:11. And in this text, it is God himself who will be incarnate in the seed of David and sit upon his throne.  Let all those who deny the deity of Jesus Messiah repent or be rebuked, let the enemies of Jesus be scattered, and may their seed who uphold these *falling away* antichrist doctrines go into perdition (2Thes 2:3).

The first Jewish Alijeh was a powerful movement that shattered the Pharisee dream of a nationalistic Israel where they were in control of the mind and spiritual journey of the nation.  These, because of their blindness and hatred, would not begin their *Alijeh* and enter in and attempted to stop those that would.  They tried to shut up the Kingdom and block those pushing past their scholars, doctors, scribes, rabbis, to enter the Kingdom and enjoy *Alijeh.*  These holy sons and daughters of Abraham were the authentic remnant and formed the Israel of God, from whence Messianic Judaism under the throne of Jesus Messiah was established. Gentiles were adopted into and added to this visible body of the faithful by conversion.  These Gentiles became full-fledged Jews and inherited all the promises of Abraham.  Gentiles who are converted to Messianic Judaism are no longer Gentiles.  They are joint heirs of the one household of faith, they are grafted into the olive tree of the Messianic Kingdom and partake of the fullness of the *Alijeh* of the people of God.   Today in the Israel of God, there is neither Jew or Gentile according to ethenicity, blood, or race, but one new man, one new Israel, one new Kingdom, One Lord (King), one Faith (religion of the Kingdom), and one Baptism (Acts 2:38).  This faith has become a world-wide Kingdom.  In each nation there must be evangelistic witnessing for those who have not begun, to start their personal *Alijeh* back to God,  ... that is the Gospel message!

Because of numerous conflicts between nationalistic Jews of the Pharisee sect and Messianic Jews of the Messianic Kingdom, a split occurred. Out of this split came several movements claiming to be representative of the original Messianic Jewish Israel (Church).  But many facts soon surfaced which would indicate that those who manufactured these early schisms had *fallen away* and had quit the true *Alijeh*  to walk in their own personal convictions and beliefs.  The remaining faithful members of Messianic (Messianic) Judaism were identified by adherence to the true faith, true doctrine, and original practice of the Body of Messiah (Christ).  

Two of the essential tenets of faith and doctrine was:  1.) Acts 2:38 and the total embodiment in that one text of the Messianic Hope, the Blessed Hope, and the Eternal Hope and: 2.) The annual observance and celebration of the Lord's Passover on the same day the nationalist Jews celebrated the old Passover rituals.  

The groups that came to be identified as Messianic Churches excluded Pharisee nationalistic Jews from membership because of their rabid hatred of Jesus.  The rabid Pharisees retaliated against the Messianic Jews by incorporating into Synagogue prayers statements that were hateful of Jesus, the Kingdom (Church), and the remnant who believed Jesus was the Messiah:  

In a Benediction prayed in the Synogogues we find the statement:

"For the renegades let there be no hope, and may the arrogant Kingdom soon be rooted out in our days, and the Nazarenes and the Minim perish as in a moment and be blotted out from the book of life and with the righteous may they not be inscribed.  Bless thou, O Lord, who humblest the arrogant (Monsieur J. Duran; Antisemitism In The New Testament).

The Nazarenes are the early Messiahian converts of Jesus and the Apostles from among the twelve tribes of Israel. The word *Minim* describes the word *remnant* as used by the Apostle Paul to describe those Jewish converts of the Kingdom who believed in and accepted the Messianic Hope of the Gospel.  Those who rejected the Gospel of the Kingdom were not considered the remnant of God's true Israel of the ancient nation.  Messianic Jews and converted Gentiles could not repeat these awesome hateful prayers and so they never attended these Synagogues again calling them Synagogues of satan (Rev. 2:9).  These prayers of hate and bigotry severed forever the Pharisee-Talmudic Jews from Messianic-Judaism Jews who became known by translation of the word *Messiahians* into Greek as *Christians.* 

Indeed Messianic Believers have retaliated in preaching and teaching against centuries of Jewish hate, mockery, hate-crimes, and other political and economic actions against them.  The dealing in selling Messianic Believers as slaves by Jews was never forgotten and Messianic Believers were in constant fear that if the Jews ever got in control of political leaders as in Jerusalem, persecution and killing as used against Jesus, the Apostles, and early Messianic Believers throughout Asia, would begin anew.  And indeed, when Jews have gained power they have resorted to these conducts and attitudes, usually using other Gentiles to perform the actual deeds so no one can point a finger at them.  The Bolshevic revolution and Communism being the most recent.  

Jesus saw these trickery persecutions and said that offenses would come or be manufactured using other agents against Messianic Believers, but he also said:  "woe unto them THROUGH whom the offense comes" (Matt 18:7).  Messianic Believers have been damned if they said anything about these centuries of evils, and blamed by Jews as having antisemetic hatred that was unfounded and unwarranted.  A person with a clear view of the centuries of hatred against Jesus and Christianity can understand why Messianic Believers cannot embrace those who continue that bigotry after all of these centuries.  Such a person could understand why there remains a theological war over the interpretation of Scriptures and the claim by Messianic Judaism that Pharisee-Talmudic Jews are antichrist.

True Messianic Judaism and its *Alijeh* journey has been covered up for centuries by man-made creeds and religious heresies.  The truth of this ancient Kingdom Gospel message is being revived and is now coming to the surface again.  Those who are tired of man-made chains and deceptions are separating themselves by a spiritual *Alijeh* and once again desiring to revive the fundamental truths and doctrines of the ancient Messianic Israel of God (the Church).  

To accomplish this revival of first century Messianism (Christianity), the correct interpretation of Old Testament Bible Prophecy will once again come before the world. Many Jews will again arise and use their anti-defamation leagues, and other rabid anti-Jesus groups to try and destroy this endtime movement.  Their Rabbi co-conspirators and hirling attorneys will deny that the Prophecies of the Old Testament point to Jesus Messiah.  

We look for them to use all sorts of devises and tricks, even false manuscripts to help turn the tide of public opinion against Messianic Christianity.  We look for a total take-over of world government and usher in a world-wide communistic form of government. And we expect mass murders and horrendous bloodshed.  

Many Ministers and religious groups will attempt to twist the Messianic Hope fulfilled in Jesus back to nationalistic Phariseeism and unbelieving Israel.  We look for these Ministers to take their denominations and organizations into the new world order of antichrist and make all the necessary changes so that in the end Jesus is denied and antichrist worshiped.  

The Lord Jesus MUST work outside of these man-made and soon to be, antichrist institutions.  He is calling men and women with good hearts of faith back to his New Covenant Torah and his Truth.  Alijeh begins in the heart, is transferred to the Scriptures where the Messianic Hope is embraced, and then the Gospel of the Kingdom revived in its purity and preached to all nations, ...then shall the end come. The Lord Jesus is restoring his love and presence upon Apostolic Messianic Judaism through the spirit of *Alijeh.*

Alijeh for Jews and Gentiles:
The fact is that the Messianic hope concerns Jews and Gentiles and there is no difference between them as it relates to the eternal purpose of God. The truth of Jesus as the Messiah and the entire New Testament record hinges upon the Messianic interpretation pointing to Jesus as the Messiah and the new Kingdom being the true Israel of God.

The Israel of Messiah is transitioning for the post tribulation resurrection/rapture and the Millennial, by return to the Messianic focus and hope. As the endtime draws us closer to the Lord's Coming, God is raising up prophets to announce these truths among those called to be endtime disciples.

These web-pages are to acquaint you with Messianic Judaism and focus you upon the correct interpretation of Scripture as given by Messiah and the Apostles, without the crutch or need of Judaistic, Catholic, or Protestant revisionist errors.  We are bold for Messiah and truth and reprove Jewish apostasy and continued antichrist conduct toward Jesus and his Kingdom.  But our prayer for all Israel is that they believe in Jesus as Messiah and receive salvation through his name and his blood (Acts 2:38).

New Torah:
The Old Torah is the Law Covenant.  The New Torah is the replacement Covenant or the New Covenant, which we call the New Testament.  The New Testament cannot be the New Covenant without being at the same time the NEW TORAH.  As the New Torah, the New Testament stands as the only testimony that the Messianic interpretation of the Old Testament is correct.

This establishes that faith as embodied within Acts 2:38, is the one single plan of salvation for Jews and Gentiles. This one verse contains the entire faith upon which the eternal purpose of God for Jews and Gentiles is fulfilled in Messianic Judaism.

The eternal purpose of God is not natural Israel according to circumcision and or flesh and blood, excluding Gentiles. It is not a Gentile Church excluding Jews. The eternal purpose is the Israel of God, ...Messianic Judaism, where all are children of God, born of the Holy Spirit, and these certified to be the true seed of Abraham through Jesus Messiah our Lord.

Join us in Alijeh and faith:
Join with the endtime disciples of Jesus Messiah as we come forth once again to declare the Messianic hope for Jews and Gentiles in Jesus alone.  Present Judaistic and Gentile Messianic movements that deny Jesus replaced old unbelieving Israel with Messianic Judaism, must be corrected.

Messiah's Bride has awakened. She is putting on her jewels of holiness and godliness. Soon the cry will go forth: *the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him*. The Messiah and his Bride will be united.  Do not be like one of the five foolish virgins and not prepare.

Begin your Alijeh today, your return to God!  Fulfill Acts 2:38 by grace through faith and believe upon Jesus Messiah as the root of David, as God Almighty (Rev. 1:8).  The soul you save will be your own.

Welcome home to the house of Jesus, Alijeh traveler!

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