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Hear O Israel, The Lord Our God Is One Lord
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To the Israel of God who know their identity:

New Torah:
The New Torah is the New Testament.  Torah  is Commandments or Law.  When Jesus said: *whatsoever I have Commanded you* (Matthew 28:20), these Commandments became the New Torah upon which the entire New Covenant is established.  Like Moses, Jesus Messiah gave a Torah to the Kingdom of God.  The New Torah to the Israel of God is the only Covenant God recognizes after Calvary. The New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31 replaces the Old Covenant.  That the Old Covenant was the Old Torah no scholar or honest person would deny.  Rightfully then, the New Covenant would be a New Torah.  And the New Torah would replace the Old. Those who follow Messiah then will follow the New Torah and convert from the Old.  And to Peter he said: *When thou are converted strengthen the Brethren ().  This could only mean conversion from the Old Torah and its means of salvation to the New Torah and its new salvation.

Jesus Messiah was not a priest of the Old Torah.  His blood did not consecrate or sanctify the Old Torah.  Jesus said clearly that his blood in the Communion Memorial was a token of the New Covenant or New Torah.  And to this we drink every time we tip the cup.

The plan of salvation given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19 (BJV), Mark 16:16 (BJV), Luke 24:49-50 (BJV), and brought into its full doctrinal statement in Acts 2:38, is the conversion of Jew and Gentile to the New Torah.  For anyone to use Acts 2:38 as a means to take any soul back under the Old Torah, is to deceive them both in doctrine and in the Communnion Cup.  Such are unworthy of salvation and indeed do not have it.  They are fallen from grace (Galatians 5:4).

The Apostles then afterward were commanded to teach the nations the precepts of the New Torah as Jesus Messiah had instructed them in Matthew 28:19-20 (BJV).  These were not sent to teach the nations observance of the Old Torah.  They were not sent as Ministers of the Law, but Ministers of Grace and Truth.

Converts to the New Torah of Jesus Messiah will begin a spiritual journey.  Unlike the Jews and Noahide converts to Judaism, our focus is not the Old Torah and its bondage, an earthly Jerusalem or real estate (Israel), or a profane temple site. Our focus and faith is on a New Jerusalem and the Temple of God therein.

Because many have been deceived to believe that Old Torah Judaism has some special advantage, this page is to prove this is false and a heresy.  May the Lord Jesus Messiah be your Saviour and may you never doubt that salvation for all nations, Jews included, is by and through Messiah's death, burial, and resurrection, as celebrated in water baptism and the infilling of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Aliyeh:
The return to the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and the proper interpretations as given by Messiah and the Apostles, is once again becoming the focus of the New Testament Ecclesia.

The correct interpretation of Old Testament Bible Prophecy will once again come before the world. Many Jews will deny again that these point to Jesus Messiah. Dispensationalist will attempt to twist the Messianic hope to Israel alone and continue to make the new Ecclesia an accident or plan 'B' of God.

The fact is that the Messianic hope concerns Jews and Gentiles and there is no difference between them as it relates to the eternal purpose of God. The truth of Jesus as the Messiah and the entire New Testament record hinges upon the Messianic interpretation pointing to Messiah and the new Ecclesia as the Kingdom of God.

The Ecclesia of Messiah is transitioning for the post tribulation resurrection/rapture and the Millennial, by return to the Messianic focus and hope. As the endtime draws us closer to the feast of trumpets, God is raising up prophets to announce these truths among those called to be endtime disciples of Jesus Messiah.

These web-pages are for your edification to focus you upon the correct interpretation of Scripture as given by Messiah and the Apostles, without the crutch or need of Judaistic, Catholic, or Protestant revisionist errors.

The entire New Testament (Brit Chadashah), stands as a testimony that the Messianic interpretation of the Old Testament is correct. This establishes the authority of Acts 2:38 as the one single verse of Scripture that contains the only Messianic plan of salvation for Jews and Gentiles. This one verse contains the entire faith upon which the eternal purpose of God for Jews and Gentiles is fulfilled.

The eternal purpose of God is not natural Israel according to flesh and blood excluding Gentiles. It is not a Gentile Church excluding Jews. The eternal purpose is the Israel of God, ...the new Ecclesia, born of the Spirit, which is the true seed of Abraham through Jesus Messiah our Lord.

Join with the endtime disciples of Jesus Messiah as we come forth once again to declare the Messianic hope for Jews and Gentiles in Messiah and the new Ecclesia alone. Present Judaistic and Gentile Messianic movements that deny Jesus replaced old Israel with the New Testament Ecclesia, must be corrected.

Messiah's Bride has awakened. She is putting on her jewels of holiness and godliness. Soon the cry will go forth: *the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him*. The Messiah and his Bride will be united. Think it not strange that the true Bride will not worship or fall in love with she who for her abominations, sorcery, adulteries, and fornications, was divorced and put away at Calvary (old Israel). The Messiah's Bride will not enter into a lesbian relationship with her whose covenant ended on the Cross. The Messiah's Bride will not drink from the great whore's wine cup of Mystery Babylon, with which she has deceived the world that she is still in covenant with God apart from Jesus. Messiah's Bride knows that she alone has the only valid covenant, ...and this New Covenant (Brit Chadashah), with the house of the new Ecclesia Israel is the New Testament, the present Torah of Hashem.

And lastly, the Messiah's Bride will not enter into a lesbian relationship with any daughters of this imperious woman and kiss up to them (religious organizations and denominations within Judaism, Islam, and Christianity). Therefore, the Messiah's Bride will separate and come out from among them *Saith the Hashem* and endure the tribulation. In these latter times this may mean to come out of their Synagogues, Churches, and Temples, so that Messiah may be glorified in his Saints before and at his appearing.

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More Messianic Truth

The word *Apostolic* means 'sent'. It comes from *Apostle* which means 'sent' but carries with it the idea that *Messiah* sent them. Therefore, the teachings and doctrines of the Apostles are the only valid and true Gospel sent to all the world.

Any tradition, doctrine, creed, dogma, theology, or interpretation of the Old Testament, in conflict with the explicit New Testament Messianic record is to be rejected and has absolutely no value to the New Testament Israel of God.

All of our New Testament faith and practice is *Apostolic*. All Gnostic, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or other interpretations which conflict with the original teachings and practices of the first Apostles are false. These false doctrines opposing the Apostles, gave us the false religious systems now identified as Judaism and Christianity. These religious perversions then set up mental stumblingblocks to keep precious souls from believing the Gospel as it was first preached beginning at Jerusalem.

Salvation by grace through faith is not a Greek mental philosophical experience, but receiving Jesus Messiah as preached by the Apostle Peter through those truths contained in Acts 2:38.

Salvation through Jesus Messiah and the Apostolic Truth, is then the original Gospel of the Kingdom of God that was preached to all the world by the first Apostles and now once again by the endtime disciples of Messiah Jesus Bar-David. We who are of the Beth-Jesus (Household of Jesus), find no welcome among most Judaistic groups or Christian denominations. We are in fact persecuted by them. First verbally, then in accusations (calling us antisemites and a hate group). We expect them to aid the antichrist who will put many to death before the second coming of Messiah.

Because of the unique relationship of *Truth* to receiving salvation through our Lord, we could care less about *reformation* with which Protestantism is trying to rehabilitate their mother from her whoredoms. We could care less about Talmudism which is a perversion of Judaism that cannot be reconciled at all with the Torah in its original intent and interpretation.

Our focus is *RESTORATION* of the one Messianic Gospel sent to all the world (Jews and Gentiles). This is the one Gospel that many Jews, Gnostics, Catholics, Protestants, and others have tried to corrupt with abolished law-keeping, Eboniteism, Talmudism, Gnosticism, Catholicism, paganism, philosophy, vain deceit, and traditions of men. But Messiah's household will not follow them.

Apostolic Messianic Truth is then, not Judaism revised with continued law-keeping such as the Sabbath, circumcision, not eating certain meats, and observing certain days and moons et al (or Noahidism). Several recent Messianic groups are arising and once again denying the Truths as preached by Messiah and the Apostles. Their focus is cut-off Israel and not the Israel of God. Great hatred is again circulating against those who believe in the true Messianic hope fulfilled in Jesus.

The Apostolic Messianic Truth has for its foundation the Prophets and Jesus Messiah the chief cornerstone. False Messianic error has for its foundation the abominations of Mt. Moriah (Phariseeism), Eboniteism (Jesus only a man), law-keeping (Sabbath keeping, abstaining from meats etc), Talmudic perversions, and that old Israel still has an unfulfilled Covenant with God (these claim she was not divorced and is not a widow, but still has a valid covenant in Abraham apart from the New Covenant).

The true Messianic faith is to believe and practice what was preached by Jesus (Yehshas), and the Apostles. For that is the only *Messianic Truth* that Jesus sent to the world. If any person rejects the simplicity of faith in New Testament Messianic salvation, whether they be Jewish or Gentile, such a person cannot be saved. The entire *hope* of salvation rest completely upon believing by faith the original Messianic Gospel. And this is exactly what Acts 2:38 includes. That is why many deny its importance and do not obey it.

Saints at Antioch are said to be called *Christians* first. The word *Christian* is a Greek translation of something else. Christ is Greek for Messiah and we are not Greeks. The suffix 'ians' refers to people, citizens, etc. Such as: Corinth-ians means people of Corinth. The word *Messiah* is Hebrew for the *anointed one* meaning God's Highpriest, but more importantly points to the anointed heir of David's throne. Messiah was then to be the son of David. To confess this by saying: *Jesus, thou son of David* was to make a statement by faith that he was Messiah. The Saints at Antioch were then first called *Messiah-ians*! That is: People of the Messiah! Messiah was translated as Christ and so the name *Christians*! One other factor here is that the word *Messiah* as meaning 'anointed' carried with it the Spirit baptism with which Jesus was revealed to John the Baptist as the Messiah. To use the term *Messiah-ians* was also to say of the Saints, they were 'Spirit-Filled' followers of Jesus. The true *Messiah-ians* will soon come forth from among all denominations and they will raise up as a mighty army of Spirit-filled Saints in the endtime. They will all go back to Acts 2:38 and from this simple declaration of faith, come forth to welcome the Messiah back to meet his Bride.

Winds of false Messianism:
As with many revival and reformation attempts, both within Judaism and Christianity, some lose focus and purpose and begin to set up man-made substitutes and these we have come to call religions. Deceived followers of these clever substitutes are unlearned in Scripture and are easily led to believe God will accept all these false systems of Mystery Babylon as one body (this is the basis of multi-culturalism or universal monotheism). Going among these denominational groups through Charismaticism, many so-called Messianic groups, Christians, Pentecostals, and Apostolic Pentecostals have pulled up anchor and are now being carried about with every wind of false Messianic doctrine. A wind so powerful that it blows the New Torah (New Testament) shut and they live by abrogated law believing it was not ended at Calvary. This wind of doctrine negates the New Testament. And if one Bible translation does not support their new Messianic interpretations, they will throw that one away and look for another that will. Antichrist are now rewriting and retranslating the New Testament to destroy the exclusiveness of the Messiah's Bride. The trademark of these Jewish groups and Gentile Churches is that they are without a prophetic chart to guide them, compass of Scripture to point them correctly, or love of the truth as proclaimed by Messiah to perfect them. Their liberalism, rebellion, and worldliness are proofs they are not the people of God and are not a part of Messiah's Bride. They claim to be orthodox and even *Apostolic* but they do lie against holiness and righteousness which are the jewels of Messiah's bride. Their very doctrines prove they are false Jews and false Christians.

Apostolic Messianic Truth is not an exclusive Gentile title to salvation. The Messianic truth was first preached by devout Jews. Jews of the endtime must begin their *aliyeh* back to the Israel of God, not the Israel of land. Real estate is not God's eternal purpose for this earth shall pass away. Contrary to false Messianism, the New Testament is not a Noahide document to add Gentiles to Law keeping or old Israel and place them in bondage to abolished Torah. The Torah and the Prophets were until John, since then the Kingdom of God (new Torah) is preached and every man presseth into it. Gentiles are not to merge into old Israel (Torah and law-keeping), but old Israel was to merge into the New Testament Ecclesia (new Torah of grace), which is the true Israel of God now and forever more. The New Testament Ecclesia is not Messianic liberalism (no holiness or godliness). It absolutely is not old Judaism, Gnosticim, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islamic, or Charismaticism! The original Messianic truth can not be altered by any man to fit those perversions. Truth has to be fornicated to accomplish this mixture of the holy with the profane. In spite of the foregoing facts, all men and women do not have faith to embrace the original Messianic Gospel as preached by Jesus and the Apostles. Their unbelief surfaces when they reject Messiah if he is not made subject to their law-keeping opinions, personal theories, and private interpretations of prophecy. These will be lost because of self imposed blindness.

What is truth?
Apostolic Messianic Truth is not Judaism (Torah-keeping, Talmudism, or Kabbalah); Catholicism (Greek or Roman Catholic); Freemasonry or the occult; or Protestantism (denominationalism).

Apostolic Messianic Truth is not Gnosticsm or Platoism revised by Philo, Josephus, Aquila, Akkiba, Clement, Tertullian, Athanasius, Jerome, or Augustine. Especially the claim by Augustine that salvation is by mental acceptance, and calling this mind act, the true faith.

Truth is the essence of Jesus. He said: 'I am the way the truth and the light.' Truth is the absence of falsehood. Truth is that body of teaching that the Apostles called faith. The faith of Jesus consist of the eternal truths that he taught. If any person denies the whole Torah was in Christ and delivered to the world by the Apostles, they can not be saved. Jesus said: "I pray not only for these, but for those who believe on me through their word." Anyone who tries to get saved and rejects the words of the Apostles can not be saved. The new Torah (new Covenant) then is the door into eternal life. Jesus is that door. Any person who attempts to get into the sheepfold some other way is a thief and a robber and will be cast into outer darkness. Truth is not the error of the Pharisees (Talmudic Judaism), or gnosticism of the Ebonites, or the heresies of the papacy and her daughters. Truth may not be popular, but it will bear us to the throne of God. For Truth, Jesus was nailed to the Cross.

The divorced wife rides the one beast collectively identified as a religious group, a body politic, and an economic usury system:
A great falling away from the original Messianic doctrines and teachings of the Prophets began among the Jews prior to the Babylonian captivity. It continued up to and during the lifetime of Jesus. It was the cause of the 70AD calamity which God sent as his own sign of rejecting Pharisee/Talmudic Judaism. The diaspora went astray into complete apostasy during the latter lifetime of the Apostles. The diaspora has not recovered the original law and life of the Torah and the prophetic truths pointing to Jesus. God is working outside and apart from them since John the Baptist. God refuses to use apostasy to bring forth eternal truth and salvation. Therefore Messiah's Bride will not listen to this representative Judaism or Catholicism. Messiah's Bride will follow only Jesus and his guardians, the Apostles. As a result of the Jews and Gentiles falling into errors and false interpretations, several nefarious groups have arisen. They have all in one manner or another usurped the name and dignity of the correct New Covenant Church, the new Israel Kingdom of God. Old Israel wants to claim she is the covenant wife of God through the abolished Torah. The Catholic Church and her Protestant daughters claim they are the covenant wife of God. Messiah's Bride is not of either group.

God is raising up endtime Prophets to bring restoration to the Israel of God (Messiah's Bride-Church) back to her inheritance. We will stand in the court of God's justice to declare our exclusive right as his elect. We will refuse to ride the beast with the whore goddess. We will not worship she or the red dragon who gives her the world power Jesus rejected. And we absolutely will not receive the mark of her beast (nation or kingdom), neither in our forehead (mind) or in our right hand (fellowship).

Mystery Babylon:
The beginning of Mystery Babylon (confusion) was with Nimrod in the ancient city of Babylon. Nimrod was first a Godly man, a mighty hunter before the LORD. He began to build Babel (gate to God) and during the process was deceived by the devil. He became an apostate and established a mystery religion that is contained in the mystery of iniquity within Judaism (Kabbalah), and false Christianity (Catholic secret orders). God would not permit Nimrod to complete the building of Babel. Nimrod's purpose was altered from God to mysticism that became a counter religion against the original faith of the Patriarchs. This mystery religion was adopted by Babylonian Jews and the Catholic Church. These perversions are presently the substitutes claiming to be the real people of God. This scheme is capturing families and making them bond servants to the legalism of sin. Mystery Babylon arose up out of the earth as a substitute religion to the Messianic hope in Jesus. All such religions with the same purpose are Mystery Babylon. The mystery systems have become the habitation of all evil and unclean spirits. Mystery Babylon became the snake-throne of the serpent. Judaism took this throne to Jerusalem and from the temple cult satan had the feet of Jesus nailed to the Cross. Within these mystery religions men and women began to claim a mental salvation to get to heaven without living by faith, a Godly life of holiness and righteousness. Nimrod started organized religion with all of its political offices and hierarchy. God rejected it. Among Christianity we call it the Nicolaitian heresy. Man-made mud brick had they to substitute for real stone. The true religion and Ecclesia of Jesus Messiah is not built out of man-made doctrines of men (Babylonian mystery of iniquity brick), but is built upon the *stone* or rock Messiah Jesus. Messiah's Bride will not then worship in any Jewish Temple or Christian Church where this mystery of iniquity substitutes the Messianic Truth with falsehood, especially where the Lord's Passover memorial supper is not observed.

False Religions:
Any religion that is not founded upon the hope of Jesus Messiah and his Torah sent to the world by the Apostles, is a false religion. Any doctrine or teaching that is not founded upon the doctrine of the Apostles is false. The choice we have is traditions and dogmas of men, or the Apostolic Truth of the Apostles.

Replacement Theology:
The New Covenant replaced the Old Covenant of the Torah. If the old Covenant Torah is not replaced by the New Covenant Torah, then why the New Covenant? Why practice the Old Covenant Torah if the New Covenant Torah replaces it. Is it not important then to know what the New Covenant Torah is? The Torah of the New Covenant is not the Torah of the Old Covenant or why a New Covenant, just keep the old as many do in blindness? The Apostle Paul brings this out with more clarity than all other New Testament writers. That is why he is so hated by false Messianic movements, which are really modern Ebonites and not followers of the Messiah or the Apostles at all. In the New Covenant all the promises of Abraham are fulfilled in Jesus and includes Jews and Gentiles on an equality. There is now absolutely no difference between Jew and Gentile. The following five truths prove the new Ecclesia replaced Israel: 1.) The Throne and Kingdom of David was taken from Israel and placed in the New Covenant Ecclesia. Old Israel has no throne or kingdom of David. 2.) The Covenant (Torah) of Sinai was ended on Calvary and replaced by the New Covenant Torah. Old Israel has no valid Sinai salvation Torah Covenant. 3.) The Cohen Priesthood of the Torah was replaced by the Cohen Torah Ministry of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. We are not trinitarian Catholic Reverends but the true Cohen priesthood of Messiah. 4.) The Temple was replaced by the body of Messiah and afterwards the individual believer's body. We (our bodies), are now the Temple of God's Spirit. Jerusalem and Mount Moriah are not where the glory of God dwells any longer. Jerusalem and Mount Moriah is where the antichrist will set up a false Judaism and proclaim God has restored the Sinai Torah and returned upon cut-off Israel without Jesus Messiah. 5.) The new Ecclesia replaced unbelieving Israel as the Elect. The Ecclesia was first all Jews (of the twelve tribes). Gentiles were added to the olive tree twelve tribes, grafted into the tribe of Judah through Messiah, and jointly we are the Elect. The rest of Jews and Gentiles were cut off because of unbelief. To get back with God, Jews must come to the Olive Tree, the Israel of God or be lost forever. There is no promise of Abraham left to the natural Jew apart from the new Ecclesia and the Gospel of Messiah.

Now, the great red dragon and others do not like Messianic Replacement Theology. So those in Eboniteism (false Messianism), Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Charismaticism, Freemasonry, Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism, think to replace the true doctrines of Messiah and of the Apostles with new brands of replacement theology. This is the root of antimessiahism. For whosoever denies that Jesus is come in the flesh is antimessiah (Judaism & Islam). Whosoever follows not the Apostles' Doctrines is antimessiah (Catholicism, Protestantism, Charismaticism, and Freemasonry).

Do not replace Messianic Truth with religious creeds or philosophy built upon religious creeds. The New Testament (KJV), is the record of Jesus Messiah and the Apostolic New Covenant Ecclesia. Within the New Torah are all the doctrines of Faith and Practice for believers.

Acts 2:38 is the only plan of faith salvation.
Jesus Messiah is our only hope.

Eternal life:
The gift of eternal life is to those that believe. Those that believe will repent of their sins and forsake sin and evil. Those who repent will be baptized *by faith* in the name of Jesus Messiah for the remission of sins. Those who are baptized by faith have their sins washed away by the precious blood of Messiah the moment they are water baptized. These believers will then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and as evidence, begin to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance (Acts 2:1-40).

Proofs Jesus is Messiah and God:
God is the Creator Gen. 1:1--Jesus is the Creator John 1:10; God is the Redeemer Isa. 45:21--Jesus is the Redeemer Luke 2:10-11; God is the Shepherd Psa 23--Jesus is the Shepherd John 10:8-12; God is King Isa 43:10-15--Jesus is King Rev. 19:11-16; God is the I AM Exo 3:13-14- Jesus is the I AM Rev. 1:17; God is the First and Last Isa 41:4--Jesus is the First and Last Rev.1:17; God is the Rock Deut. 32:1-4--Jesus is the Rock Matt. 16:18; God is coming Zech 14:45--Jesus is coming Matt. 24:29. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us (1John 3:16a). These prove that Messiah is also God: "and they shall look upon *me* whom they pierced (Zech 12:10).

The Messianic Truth may lead you from the religions and philosophies of men, but it will bring you safe to the Throne of Jesus.

Prepare for the tribulation because you will not be quick-snatched out before it comes.

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