The Destiny Of The Israel Of God

Jesus Messiah, The Destiny Of Israel

The purpose of the above chart is to identify Jesus Messiah as the destiny of Israel.  It is to show that the Messianic remnant of the twelve tribes of Israel became the Messianic Judaism of Jesus and the Apostles. Finally, to trace this divine plan of the ages skipping over the Babylonian dark ages from approximately 26AD to 606BC, back to the Messianic prophecies of the Prophets, then to the Patriarchs who had a revelation of Messiah, arriving in the Garden of Eden at Genesis 3:15, where the Messiah was first revealed as the *promised seed* to Adam and Eve.

The Messianic hope is the promised redemption of mankind by Messiah crushing the devil's head (or the devil's power Heb 2:14).  The Messiah, the seed of the woman, would finally reverse the curse of sin and restore immortality. The Messianic hope is the central theme of the Scriptures.

The nation Israel and specifically the tribe of Judah, were chosen vessels to preserve the Messianic promise and this destiny was revealed to the Patriarch Jacob (Genesis 49:10).  The destiny of Judah as a tribe of Godly people was to accept and have faith in the coming *Shilo* the Redeemer, and preserve this Messianic seedline and Messianic hope from generation to generation until the generation should come upon the earth, during which, the Messiah would arrive and set up the scepter or rule of the Messianic Kingdom (Zech 9:9).  Jacob prophesied:  "Unto him shall the gathering of the people (Israel) be".

The chart also shows that Jesus did not trace the destiny of Israel or the Messianic hope through the Saducees or the Pharisees back through a synthesis with Babylonian mysticism that was adopted by the Rabbis. (Note: The Saducees disappeared after the 70AD destruction and merged into the Pharisees).  From that time all that remains in the world is Babylonian Talmudic Pharisee Judaism and the Messianic Judaism of Jesus. Two paths but one choice. (Note: Catholicism and Protestantism claim no conversion to Pharisee Judaism or the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  They claim they are Gentile religions.).  

Little known to many, but known by the Jews, is that at the time of Jesus and the Apostles there still remained in mystery Babylon more Jews than that lived in Israel.  Jesus never went to Babylon during his 33 1/2 years.  Not a single aspect of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus is tainted with Babylon.  "Babylon was the Vatican center, spiritual homeland of Pharisaic Talmudism from 586BC to 1040AD, 1600 years, when the last of the Talmudic academies moved into Europe, Asia, and Africa from Babylon.  Babylon continues to be regarded with reverence by the Jews in all parts" (The Jewish Religion, Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling).  To drink from Babylon's cup travel the path of the Talmudic Pharisees. To drink from the Kingdom of God cup travel the path of Jesus Messiah and commemorate this in the annual Communion celebration of the Lord's Passover.  The world will be faced with the two paths and the two cups and you must choose only one path and one cup (1Cor 10:21).  

Jesus did not establish the New Covenant Israel of God upon the traditions of the Babylonian Pharisee model or the opinions of their mystic-gnostic Sages and Rabbis.  Jesus forbid the New Testament Ministers to use the Babylonian religious title of Rabbi (Matt 23:8).  Jesus did not make use of a synthesis of Babylonian mysticism, the Cabala of the Rabbis, Jewish gnosticism, Greek philosophy, the Mishnah, or the Talmud, to establish the Kingdom of God and its religious ecclesiology.  The destiny of Messiah was to bring Salvation to the remnant of Israel, bring the Gentiles into his Kingdom, and usher in a New Covenant and teach the correct interpretation of the Scriptures.  This destiny had nothing to do with paganism or adopting Gentile religious perversions, not even if they were adopted by Jews. 

Jesus used absolutely nothing that came out of mystery Babylon after which to pattern the Church.  But Talmudic Judaism is nothing but mystery Babylon with a Jewish reinterpretation applied to the Old Testament Scriptures.  The Apostles laid great store in the claim that they were built upon a foundation that did not come from Babylon.  They traced their authority and legacy not through the temple cult back to mystery Babylon, but jumped over the Babylonian dark ages back to the Prophets and Patriarchs and the blessed Messianic promises.  Both the Saducees and the Pharisees could not make this boast, indeed, they cannot distance themselves from their own mystery Babylonian legacy.

The Pharisee religion was born in Babylon and is no older than 586BC.  It's womb and mother was Babylon because it was born there.  It was cross-bred with pagan gnosis in Babylon and multiplied there in the fertile soil of mysticism.  When they achieved sufficient numbers and power they then migrated to Israel and arriving in Jerusalem usurped control of the temple and set up a new religious identity of Babylonian Judaism building synagogues. They forged a coalition with the Saducees who appear to be descendants of those who returned under Ezra and Nehemiah, Joshua and Zerubbaal.  The Essenes saw these two groups as the sons of darkness.  Why then, should any person convert to Talmudic Noahidism or Phariseeism, except to place themselves up under a Babylonian heritage?  

The chart shows that the destiny of Israel is bound up in Jesus the Messiah, not Israel as a nation, and certainly not the land. The real estate God is interested in are those sons and daughters made of earth who have become the temple of his Spirit (1Peter 2:5).  Those who reject Jesus reject God.  Those who do not drink from the Passover cup of Jesus Messiah have no choice but to drink from mystery Babylon's cup.

There is no destiny or glory for Israel after the flesh if they continue to blaspheme their Redeemer, their Lord, their King, and their God.  Jesus is the cornerstone or the reference point upon which the entire house of the Israel of God is built.  He is the point of all divine measurements and revelations.  He is the beginning and the fulness of all Truth.  Talmudic Phariseeism has for its cornerstone mystery Babylon and mystic reinterpretations. Remove this leaven from Phariseeism and revive the true Messianic hope that points to Jesus and there will arise great hope of restoration and redemption.  All Jews and Gentiles must accept Jesus as the Messiah come in the flesh and remove from them the 2,000 year old stigma of being antichrist.  

The historical record of Israel as a nation shows that there were always those who went astray into idolatry and paganism.  The same record reveals there was always a remnant seed that preserved the unique purpose of Israel to be a Godly people and to bring forward through their generations the hope and destiny of a remnant of Israel that would be saved when the Messiah appeared (Joel 2:32).  

The chart shows the Messianic hope was preserved through the prophecies of the Prophets.  But when the Jews went to Babylon a great number were converted to mysticism, philosophy, gnosticism, and pagan religious patterns.  Those who fell into this error created a Babylonianized cultic Israel based upon adopting a new mystical reinterpretation of the Scriptures.  To give this mysticism clout and acceptance, the Babylonian compromisers claimed they were just bringing out of obscurity and secrecy an alleged *Oral Code Of Interpretation* given to Moses but not revealed to Israel publicly.  Out of these alleged new secret *oral interpretations* (really Babylonian pantheism and mystical astrology), was fashioned the demonic Cabala.  

The Cabala consisted of these man-made oral traditions and mystic interpretations.  From these came the Mishnah and finally the Babylonian Talmud.  Phariseeism has mystery Babylon stamped so indelibly into its forehead as to say that they have become golems of apostasy and know it not (the living dead is how Jesus described them).  The Talmud is the most vicious book in all of the world against Jesus, his Mother, Christians, and the Messianic Israel of God.  It nearly replaces the Old Testament in authority over the lives of those who are adherents to the Pharisee Talmudic heritage.  It contains the very *traditions of the Elders* that Jesus and the Apostles rebuked as being leaven and the poison of serpents, vipers, and asps (Matt 23:33; Rom 3:13).

From the Talmudic Jews there arose an antichrist movement against Jesus and the Apostles, especially when Jesus and the Apostles taught and preached the imminent fulfillment of the ancient Messianic hope that Talmudic Phariseeism had long ago reinterpreted to fit their schemes and nationalistic designs.  To this day, the Talmudic Pharisee tradition is to have a different interpretation on apocalyptic literature to turn everything in their favor and against the Messianic fulfillment in Jesus.  

The new Jewish Messianic community of Jesus the Messiah separated apart from the followers of Shammai, the Rabbi whom the Saducees followed, and Hillel whom the Pharisees followed.  If the followers of Shammai and Hillel could form exclusive religious groups and claim to themselves separately to be God's depository of divine knowledge and truths, why then not the same liberty allowed to the Messiahians to create their own Jewish community based upon correct interpretations of the ancient Messianic hope and create their own exclusive group?  

That is exactly what Jesus and the Apostles did.  Except they did not call their group after Shammai or Hillel, they named themselves after Jesus Messiah and the Messianic hope, hence Messiahians, and when the word Messiah was translated into Greek became *Christians.*  To say you are a *Christian* is to first and foremost confess that you have rejected all other forms of Judaism.  It is to say you accept what Jesus said about the Pharisees and you will never allow Pharisee doctrines or teachings to turn you from your faith in the Lord Jesus Messiah.  Because of the conflict between the Babylonian Pharisees and the followers of Jesus, John wrote that those who denied Jesus was the Messiah come in the flesh were antichrist (2John 1:7).  That charge still sticks against Talmudic Phariseeism today.  Talmudic Phariseeism still proudly confesses that Jesus was a fraud, a false prophet, and was not the Messiah come in the flesh!

These Jewish Messiahians (believers and followers of Jesus the Messiah), formed a new religious community which John the Baptist and Jesus called the Kingdom of God.  The first Messianians (Christians) believed that both the Saducees and the Pharisees were usurpers of the temple and had taken over the religious conscience of the nation.  The result would be that they would reject the destiny for Israel in which the Messianic Hope of Daniel 2:44 and 9:25-27 would play a vital part according to the divine time measurement unto the Messiah's appearing.  

The Saducees and the Pharisees each wanted their religion to be the religion of Messiah if and when he ever came. Some did not believe in a personal Messiah and believed the nation itself was the Messiah and would deliver itself through much bloodshed and sacrifice.  When Jesus did not validify this doctrine and did not join the Saducee or the Pharisee Babylonianized cults, but created a completely new religious group from the remnant seed of Messianic believers remaining among the twelve tribes, he became their target for ridicule, bigotry, hate, and finally death.  

Only when a person understands that Jesus created a new Israel of God out of a remnant of the twelve tribes and called this assembly the Church, will the importance of the Messianic message be of value in understanding the large portion of Israel that will not be saved according to Romans 9:27.  If only a remnant will be saved, then those not in that remnant will be lost and no one can save them by any means.  They will be forever cut off branches (Rom 11:17-20).  God did not cast them away, they cast themselves away through unbelief and counted themselves unworthy of the Messianic Kingdom of God (Mat 21:43;  23:13).

The chart will show that the Babylonian apostate Israel is not plan *A* and the Church is an accidental plan *B* after the Jews to a large extent rejected the Kingdom.  This is not true.  The Church was in the mind of God before there was a world.  For it and to it, the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world.  It is important to know that the Church is not a plan *B* and it is not a Gentile Church.  These are heresies that must be rejected.  The Church was first made up of Messianic Jews from all the twelve tribes into which the Gentiles were grafted or adopted by conversion (Acts 2:38).  Then these converted Gentiles became Messianic believers. The Church is not a Gentile bride and to teach this is to teach a heresy. On the contrary, the Church is made up of Jews and Gentiles all of which are Messiahians by a profession of faith and proper conversion.  

There is great hope that many Jews will see the truth of the Talmudic Pharisee legacy and convert to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus in the endtimes. These will suffer persecution, insults, taunts, bigotry, and maybe even death from those of the Babylonian Talmudic groups (Rev 11:7). The Messianic Israel of Jesus is the true Israel and is the only Kingdom of God.  Jesus did not call his assembly of followers a synagogue and he did not set a minyan consisting of ten Elders after the Babylonian style over it.  Churches today are not to be run by a group of Elders after the synagogue style.  Any group that teaches that there should be no Pastor over a congregation but instead a group of Elders, are neo-Pharisees and trying to operate the Church after the pattern of a Babylonian structured synagogue.  That is false!  Each Church is to have a Pastor.  Jesus went completely away from the Babylonian model of the Saducees and the Pharisees and their synagogue styles and methods and established the Church upon twelve Apostles but one head, even Messiah (Eph 4:15).  The Apostle James was the Pastor of the Jerusalem Church (Acts 21:18).  The Jerusalem Messianic Church was a microcosm of the universal monotheistic Messianic Israel of God and was the model of all others to be established throughout the world: founded upon Jesus Messiah; the twelve Apostles as the authoritative interpretators of the Scriptures; a Pastor-Bishop over the local congregation; Elders who serve in their Ministry under the Pastor; and the general congregation.

The destiny of the remnant of the Israel that would follow Messiah was that they would become the firstfruits to enter into the Kingdom of God.  This Kingdom of God would become an alternative Judaistic religious community to the entire world.  The Babylonian and Egyptian Jews who made up the Saducees and the Pharisees would need to convert to the Kingdom of God or be damned (Mark 16:16).

When the Saducees and the Pharisees could tolerate no more of the followers of Jesus preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in the temple and their synagogues, the Rabbis began a systematic purging of the Messiahians from their midst.  Prayers and benedictions were created in which Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and Messiahians became the target of cursing.  The Messiahians could not repeat these cursed prayers and benedictions.  This drove the Messianic followers of Jesus out into the cold to form for themselves their own assembly places.  At first these were private homes and then later when persecution ended against the Christians they were able to purchase or build their own buildings which they called Churches and then held public Messianic meetings.  But since the word *Church* really taken to its root means Israel in the Greek Septuagint version of the Old Testament, the meeting places were called *Israel* but by means of the Greek code word *Church.*  These redeemed came out from among the great whore system of mystery Babylon and the Ministers separated from the Rabbis and their traditions so they would not share in their sins, plagues, and judgments (Rev 18:4).  

The prophecy that only a remnant of Israel would be saved is seen by the chart.  The remnant are those out of the twelve tribes that followed Jesus and the Apostles (Rom11:5-7).  These are the 144,000 of revelation chapters 7 & 14 followed by the Messianic Gentiles converted to Messiah.  These picture the whole of the redeemed under the New Covenant of the Messiah's blood (Rev 7:14).  True, the greatest number of Jews have followed and continue to follow the Babylonian traditions and Talmudic religious groups.  This is largely because of deception, congenital hatred, fear of being considered dead by family members and disinherited, and fright that they are giving up their Jewish identity.  Fact is, a Jewish person who converts to Jesus the Messiah asserts their Jewish identity and claims the true Messianic inheritance of it.  All of this is the evidence of fulfilled prophecy (Joel 2:32; Matt 13:12-13).  Those Jews who persecute the Jewish followers of Jesus the Messiah identify themselves openly as part of the large number of Jews who will not be saved unless they repent and convert  to Jesus Messiah themselves before it is to late.  

The nation of Israel spiritually and religiously fornicated with the nations of the world.  Because of this unholy uncleanness the Prophets likened the nation to a great whore (Isa 57:3; Ezk 16:15).  Israel as a nation and as a wife was divorced by God for her abominations (Jer 3:8; Ezk 23:1-49). Her covenant of Sinai fully ended at Calvary when at the same moment a New Covenant was made.  The great whore as a nation sits now as a widow (Isa 47:8; Rev 18:7 same woman same widow).  She killed her Messiah, her Lord, and her Husband!  The New Covenant Bride-Wife, consist of the converted Messianic remnant of the twelve tribes, the Ecclesia, ...the new converted Messianic Gentiles, and this new nation became her replacement (Isa 66:8).

Jews and Gentile sympathizers hate replacement theology.  How can a Gentile replace a Jew they lament? The answer is through conversion to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  Their error of logic is to think the Church is a Gentile entity in the first place.  Their folly is to assume that a Gentile remains a Gentile after conversion to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  Gentiles were grafted into the olive tree and replaced cut off branches only.  It was the Lord who grafted the Gentiles in, not the Gentiles themselves.  The Messianic Church is the remnant Israel of God from the twelve tribes, and being converted into that new body of the Judaism of Jesus Messiah they are the Israel of God; the converted Messianic Gentile becomes a Jew by religion and faith.  That is what Acts 2:38 is all about!  A Jew is a person who practices a Jewish religion. It does not mean necessarily a person who is born of Jewish parents and has proven Jewish bloodlines (John 1:13).  The Messianic Judaism of Jesus is not only a Jewish religion, IT IS THE ONLY VALID AND TRUE JEWISH RELIGION.  

Many Jews and Gentile sympathizers will claim the Church is a Gentile religion and for a Jew or a Gentile to be converted to it, is to become a Gentile and make them non-Jews because they did not convert to or remain in Talmudic Judaism.  Jewish and Gentile Converts to the Messianic community of Jesus during the lives of the Apostles did not need a Pharisee Temple or Synagogue or their approval and none was ever sought.  For Talmudic Phariseeism to even think that they have the sole authority to determine the Judaism of a Jew or a Gentile convert to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus, is of itself a religious fable. Where is there a prophecy passing on such power to them?  At what time was there a general election of the entire Jewish people granting them this authority?  There is none!  But Jesus Messiah as the King of Israel had reserved to him not only this authority by right of the Davidic throne, but by right of prophecy (Isa 9:6; 11:10; 49:6).  Jewish and Gentile converts to the Judaism of Jesus the Messiah are much more valid Jews by religion than any other group claiming this exclusiveness unto themselves.  To say otherwise is a falsehood and a heresy.  The Church is not Gentile, it is a Messianic remnant of Jews from the twelve tribes into which Gentiles are converted by faith in Jesus the Messiah.

The book of Revelation gives us reason to believe the final conflict of antichrist will be the Talmudic Pharisee system revived and who makes a new war against the Messianic Judaism of Jesus, using the nations of the world to carry out the final atrocities and fill up the cup to their double measure of pending judgment (Matt 23:32).  

This is a warning to all Jews and Gentiles, do not reject Jesus as the Messiah and do not persecute and mount hatred against Acts 2:38 Messianic Jews or Gentile Messianic converts to the Judaism of Jesus.  If you do this, if you reject the words of this messenger, then the Lamb will overcome you and reign as KING of kings and LORD of lords (Rev 17:14; 19:16)!  Then you shall run to the rocks and the mountains and to your secret hide-aways and they shall not protect you (Rev 6:15-16)!  You have been warned! Do not make war against Jesus Messiah or his Israel of God!

From the first century to the present generation there has existed a war between the Pharisees and their Talmudic descendants and the Messianic followers of Jesus of Nazareth.  One of the most dastard devices was when the Pharisees hired Aquila (100AD-130AD) to retranslate the Old Testament and to take out text and change wording in the text that would alter them so Christians could not use them as proofs for the validity of the Messiahship of Jesus and the Church as the Kingdom of God.  Some of those changes of Aquila have come down to us in the Masoretic text, the Textus Receptus, new versions of the Septuagint, the Vulgate, the Greek translation of Erasmus, the King James Version, and other new versions and paraphrases.  Origen and Jerome both had their hands in the pot.  Jerome made many errors which scholars know about.  Compare verses of the Old Testament that are quoted in the New Testament from original text before Aquila perverted the sacred text. You will see marked differences on several accounts in the wording (compare Deut 18:15 with Acts 3:23).  Who is it that wants the virgin birth out of the Old Testament?  Who is it that wants prophecies that prove Jesus was the Messiah out of the Old Testament or reworded so they are of no value?  Did Peter add to the words of the Scripture or did Aquila or someone else remove some words so that if the Pharisee Jews did not believe the words of Jesus they would not be identified as candidates for destruction?  Who would have a reason and a motive to corrupt the sacred text, except those who did not want the Scriptures to authenticate Jesus as the Messiah and who do not want to admit that their rejection of Jesus would mean their own destruction (70AD)? The KJV is the best English version we have. Although there are changes and additions, the Messianic hope and revelation of Jesus Messiah are clearly present.  The method of conversion and salvation by grace through faith in Jesus is preserved.

The entire purpose of God is not Israel after the flesh, or even the holy land.  The purpose is identified when we learn that the Lamb was slain in the foreknowledge of God for the redemption of mankind without regard to race.  The message of Jesus is GRACE not ...race!  Thus, the Messianic message was to be for Jew and Gentile and the same blood atonement avail for both.  The Messianic hope was not in nationalism based upon a secular political-religious government, but upon the Messiah who would usher in his Kingdom.  The Messianic government is to be upon the shoulders of the Messiah. He shall and he will sit upon the throne of David as God Almighty (Psa 132:11; Isa 9:6; Acts 2:30).  Count him only as a man.  Count him as a bastard with bastard blood. Write your blasphemy that he was crucified upon a cabbage stock.  Call him *that man*.  In that day when ye see him ye shall wail and scream when you finally know what you refused to accept, that Jesus Messiah is the Lord and his judgments linger no longer (Rev 1:7, 16:9, 11, 21).

Jesus taught through several parables that the Gospel of the Kingdom was the redemption of all the human race not just the Jewish race.  Jesus confirmed this to Paul in Acts 26:16-18. Because this is true, he sent the Apostles into all the world to preach the Messianic hope and make converts of the Gentiles unto the Kingdom of God (Luke 24:47).  Once converted, the Gentiles would become one body with the remnant of Israel that would be saved.  Gentiles would be joint heirs of all the promises, blessings, and covenants (Rom 8:17). There would be no difference between the Jew and the Gentile (Rom 10:12).  Gentiles would become Jews by conversion to the Messianic Judaism religion of Jesus (Rom 2:28-29).  The Messianic Gospel of Jesus Messiah was a universal invitation to all nations. It is the only true universal monotheism. It is the foundation of the preaching of the Messianic Gospel of the Kingdom.  No man can lay any other foundation for Judaism except that of Jesus Messiah (1Cor 3:11).

Only when a person understands the Mystery Babylon connection of the Saducees and the Pharisees and that they were not the keepers of the destiny of Israel, will the importance of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus take its rightful place as the crowning glory of God.  Then, a person can say:  Jesus is Lord!  Jesus reigns!  Hallelujeh he reigns over the land of Israel, he reigns in our hearts, in our homes, in our Messianic Churches, and where ever two or three Messianic Believers are gathered together in his name.

We are on the threshold of a new millennium.  Prior to the second advent of our Lord Jesus Messiah, the Lord will raise up Ministers and Messianic Believers to announce the coming fulfillment of the remainder of the Kingdom prophecies.  These Ministers will go forth in the baptism and power of the Holy Ghost and with a fresh powerful anointing to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations.  They will make converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus and they will bring with them the authority to perform these conversions according to the New Torah in Acts 2:38.  Those who reject this endtime going forth will be worthy of eternal damnation.   The destiny of the Israel of God has been laid out before you.  Choose the path and the cup of mystery Babylon via Talmudic Judaism or choose the path of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus and drink from his Passover cup of redemption.  Two paths and two cups.  The choice you make will determine where you spend eternity.

May you convert to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus the Messiah today.

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Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor Stats Link