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Who Is The Israel Of God

By Cohen G. Reckart

And as many as walk according to this faith, shalom be upon them and mercy upon the Israel of God (BJV Galatians 6:16).

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If you tell someone that the Church replaced unbelieving Israel, you are likely to receive either a slap in the face or a good scolding for being stupid.  They will laugh and say:  *how can a Gentile replace a Jew?*

The reasons for this response are many.  First and foremost is the misinformation being taught by Jews, Catholics, and Protestants, that the Church is Gentile in the first place. And to suppose that Gentiles could in any way replace the Jews is considered an unpardonable sin.

The Church Gentile?  Now where could such a lie have come from?  It did not come from the Lord Jesus.  And it most assuredly did not come from the Apostles.  So where did it come from?  It came from within Judaism itself.  The Jews in the days of Messiah and today, hold the opinion that anyone who becomes a follower of Jesus has been cut-off from God and severed from the national promises and blessings of Israel.  

A Jew can be an atheist, an agnostic, a homosexual, a lesbian, a bisexual, produce violent filth films and movies, write anti-God statements, lead murdering mafia segments, be a witch, one who practices divination, a child molester, have idols, be an alcoholic, use and sell illegal drugs, use poison to kill supposed enemies, etc. etc., and still be considered a Jew.  But if any Jew, whether a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, becomes a believer in Jesus Messiah, they ARE NOT CONSIDERED JEWS ANY LONGER.

Funerals are held where family members and friends come and sit shiver, that is they sit in silence lamenting the loss to Jesus.  These Messianic Jews are considered as though dead and are disinherited and in many cases never considered alive again.  These Messianic Jews, as were Jews in the early Church, are targeted for hate-crimes (called persecution in the Scriptures), upon them by their own people. The Hasidics will usually make no contact with these cut-off family members and they are considered eternally damned.

So, the Jews themselves have created the false doctrine (leaven), that for a Jew to become a Messianic beleiver in Jesus is to become a Gentile (the Jews teach that Messianic Belivers are Gentiles and to become a Messianic is to become a Gentile and give up all rights to Jewishness.  This is false!  They view the Church as a mongrel (Gentile dog) institution, and they themselves still the only beneficiaries of ALL the blessings and promises of God.  A Gentile that refuses to be a proselyte to the Talmudic Pharisee interpretation of Old Testament Judaism is considered profane and beyond the reach of God for salvation.

The Church Gentile?  That may be what many think because they have been brainwashed to think of it as non-Jewish.  But what do the Scriptures teach?  From Matthew 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, there is not a single verse of Scripture that says the Church was Gentile or was a Gentile invention.  Instead the Scriptures will clearly evidence that the Church was a Jewish revival of the Messianic Hope that God raised up against Babylonian Phariseeism/Talmudism and Saduceeism.  This Messianic faithful remnant from the twelve tribes replaced those Israelites who would not live for God righteously, or believe in the Messiah (Gal 4:24-26).  In the foregoing text the Church replaced the temple as Isaac replaced Ishmael. Gentiles were converted to this Israel of God by the Gospel of Messiah Acts 11:8.

This Israel was the Israel of faith, and therefore the seed of Abraham Gal 3:29. The Israel of unbelief, the Israel damned because they confessed not that Messiah had come in the flesh as Jesus 1John 4:3, this is the Israel that has no Covenant of Abraham unless they convert to the New Covenant of Jesus.

The Messiah rejecting nation has no valid priesthood since the High Priesthood of Jesus and the New Testament Ministers have fully replaced it Heb 7:11-12, 1Pet 2:5;  They have no valid temple since it was replaced by the body of our Lord John 2:21, and then the bodies of the saints (1Cor 3:16-17; 2Cor 6:16; Eph 2:21-22), and then the Church.  It has no blood sacrifice apart from the blood of the Lord Jesus (Heb 9:12).  They have no throne of David as it has been transferred to the Church (Heb 4:16); They have no God, since they rejected Jesus, Emmanuel (Heb 6:8, God with us).  And they have no future destiny apart from the Church that is the elect and Israel of God (Col 3:12).  John prophesied that the axe (God's judgment) was laid to the root of the trees (Mat 3:10);  Jesus said:  *Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted SHALL be rooted up* (Mat 15:13). And who would deny that he spoke this of the temple cult and the Pharisees which today are known as Talmudist (See Talmud)?

Paul said they could be grafted back in again if they remained not in unbelief or apostasy (Rom 11:19-23).  Now, the unbelieving and unsaved are cut-off branches, and in this condition, they are not the elect or chosen people of God.  They have excluded themselves by choice.  Peter said of the Jews and the Gentiles in the Church as the Israel of God, that they were the *chosen generation* or *chosen people* (1Pet 2:9). Paul said that Jesus hath*chosen* us in him before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4).  Cut-off branches must come to the true Israel of God.  They are not the Israel of God in unbelief (Rom 2:28-29).  And if they come not to the true Israel of God and trust in Jesus by faith for salvation according to Acts 2:38, then all of these will be lost for all eternity (Mark 16:16).

The prophecies concerning Messiah point to a time when God would make a New Covenant (New Torah) with the house of Israel (Jer 31:31; Heb 8:7).  When this New Torah would come, the Old Torah would be canceled and disannuled (Eph 2:15).  The New Torah would be written into their hearts.  Messiah would usher in this era of the New Covenant Torah.  The Messiah would be greater than Moses (Heb 3:3). In fact, Moses prophesied of the coming of Jesus, saying unto the people: *And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which shall not hear that Prophet (Jesus), SHALL BE DESTROYED FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE* (Acts 3:22-23).

The Church Gentile?  Let's refute this rather quickly.  Here is a Scriptural fact that no one can honestly gainsay:  In Mat 16:18 Jesus said:  *And I say also unto thee.  That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it*.  The Church was to be established upon the confession that Jesus was the Messiah.  As Messiah he was God and at the same time the heir son of David and King of Israel (Psa 132:11).  As King, he was Ruler over all of Israel whether the temple cult and the religious usurpers accepted it or not.  

The Israelite Kingdom of kings was established at Gilgal.  Saul went to Gilgal and there was anointed by the Prophet Samuel to be King (1Sam 11:14).  David was anointed by Samuel and later went to Gilgal and there he officially received the Kingdom and returned in praise and triumph (2Sam 19:15), and there at the very same precise spot, all of Judah went out to officially receive Jesus their hope and Messianic King.

This place of anointing was on the West Bank of the Jordan river where Joshua as a type of Jesus, brought the Children of Israel into the promise land.  There Elijah and Elisha were last together among a large colony of Prophets who continued to lived there for generations because they knew by the divine revelations that the Messiah would first appear there as King of Israel (see 2Kin 2:1, 4:38).  And there John went because God spoke to him to go there and baptise and he upon whom John saw the Spirit descending and remaining, he would be the Messiah to receive the Kingdom.  The Messiah must by Divine precedent come to the Jordan at Gilgal where the ministry of a Prophet (the same spirit upon Elijeh) would again be fulfilled upon Israel's Messianic King.   

John did not immediately understand that he was to fulfill the ministry of Elijeh (John 1:21). Jesus later revealed to the Apostles that John was the Elijeh to come before Messiah and prepare his way (Matthew 11:14).  At Gilgal the abominations of Egypt were rolled away (forgotten).  And at Gilgal the sins of Judaism under the Law would be rolled away by the Messiah who would die and shed his blood to bring in reconciliation for sins.  What began at Gilgal was finalized at Calvary or as we know it our Gilgal-tha (Golgotha), the sins of all those in the New Israel are rolled away.  

This place of crossing was called Bethabara (house of the crossing), in the days of Jesus. And at Calvary or Golgotha, the crossing between Law and Grace and the old Nation of Israel in the hands of the Pharisees and the Kingdom occurred.  It was at Gilgal, that Jesus went to have the hands of John the Baptist laid upon him in the spirit and authority of the prophet Elijeh, and he officially became King.  His delayed triumphant entry into Jerusalem later was pictured in David also having a delayed entry and public announcement of his kingdom.  This joyful event signaled his presentation and the sign he was the Messiah (Zec 9:9, Mat 11:14).  John saw the Spirit descend upon Jesus as a personal witness from God that he was the Messiah (John 1:32-33).  From the banks of the Jordan and Gilgal (called *the wilderness of Judaea* in the KJV), Jesus went forth preaching that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand (Mat 4:17).

The word *Church* as used by our Lord and King in Mat 16:18 is one of the most dynamic evidences that the Church is the Israel of God.  The word *Church* in this text is the Greek word *ecclesia* and is also taken to identify an*assembly or congregation*.  And the assembly or congregation is a collective group that shares a single identity as the Israel of God.  The Septuagint Greek Version of the Scriptures made about 280BC and used by Jesus and the Apostles, uses the Greek *ecclesia* in several places to describe *holy* Israel assembled as a congregation before the Lord (Lev 8:14; Num 20:8; Deu 18:16; Jud 20:2, 21:8; 1Sam 17:47; 2Chron 30:23; Psa 107:32).

The term *ecclesia or Church* became Israel in religious theology (Acts 7:38).  When Jesus used the word *ecclesia* in the text of Matthew 16:18, he was saying Israel in theological and Scriptural terms.  The *assembly or congregation* was the appointed meeting place between God and man.  When Jesus said he would *build his Church, or his assembly or congregation* of Israel, he was at the same time establishing that his Church would be the meeting place of God and man.  God will no longer meet in the temple with unbelievers who do not assemble in the name of Jesus Messiah (God). Each New Testament convert must assemble in a congregation that has for its doctrine and teachings, the New Torah (New Covenant) of Jesus.  The marks the identify the group Jesus called *HIS* Israel.  They abide in the doctrines of Messiah and the Apostles and are not followers of man's traditions (Phairseeism), or any other doctrines, dogmas, theories, or philosophies of men.  

To say he would build or establish his *ecclesia*, his assembly, or *Israel*, was at that time in opposition to the backslid *ecclesia* of Israel that had determined they WOULD NOT HAVE HIM TO REIGN OVER THEM (Compare Luke 1:33 with Luke 19:14).  Here the true Church and the false Church, the Bride and the great whore of Babylon are identified. Here the temple cult opposing the Tabernacle of David are identified.  Here the antichrist and the Church are at spiritual war. Here the kingdoms of darkness and Light are in conflict. Here the antichrist will arise in the endtime to make a final attack upon the true Israel of God.

The true and only valid Israel were those Israelites of the twelve tribes who came under the throne of David that Messiah was to rule.  Many thousands of the twelve tribes came into the New Testament Church so that all the tribes are represented there.  The others who rejected Jesus and his Kingdom and who comprised the antichrist Israel were indeed Jews, but being antichrist and unbelievers there were not counted as the valid Israel.  It is a fact that those who were apostates under the Law and cut off could not afterward lay claim to being a true Israelite according to religion, although they may profess affinity because of birth and race.  Likewise, those that the Law would cut off anyway during the life time of Jesus could not claim a true Jewish identity as a son or daughter of God. All who are guilty of murder and involved in the plotting and conspiracy of murder, under the Law, deserved the death penalty and to be cut off.  That this was not practiced upon those guilty of the crucifixion of Jesus, did not excuse them in the eyes of God.  Those who refused to come under the throne of Jesus and his Kingdom, were the same as rebels, traitors, and revolters (Mat 22:6; Acts 7:52).  It was necessary for all the Jews to know that if they refused to come into the Kingdom of Jesus, then they were NOT sheep of the true Israel over which Jesus was Lord and Messiah (John 10:26).  If they were not of his fold, then they were not his sheep! There is only one Fold and one Shepherd.  Those who refused to hear his voice, Jesus said were not his sheep.  Jesus being God manifested in the flesh knew his Israel and his sheep, do not doubt it for a minute!

The corrupted sheep then were confederate apostates and were they not so, they would have believed (John 6:64-65).  The Israel of God is then the Israel of Messiah and the throne of David.  And Daniel says that this Kingdom would be an everlasting Kingdom to fill the whole earth (Dan 2:44).  So this Kingdom was not postponed or delayed and will never come to any end. It was anointed upon Jesus at Gilgal at Bethbara.  Jesus called unto his sheep for three and a half years for them to separate from the goats and other sheep. Jesus gave his life for the sheep and on the day of Pentecost the Kingdom gate was opened for other sheep who would hear the voice of the shepherd through the Apostle Peter and the other Apostles.  Gentiles were grafted into this Israel of twelve tribes and made joint heirs three and a half years later after the 70th week of Daniel expired (Rom 8:16-17; Titus 3:7). The Kingdom of Jesus Messiah is the Israel of God and it is the Church Jesus established on the day of Pentecost.  That message was preached in all the world during the first century and shall again go to the ends of the earth by an endtime Minister of Prophets. The Kingdom of the true Israel of God has now been in the world for nearly 1,972 years since the day of Pentecost.  Another 1,000 years of the Kingdom will come during the Millennial. After that the Kingdom goes to the New Heavens and the New Earth. And there it will last for all eternity.  The Kingdom of Jesus has no end because he is God.

Any Jew or Gentile that rejects this Kingdom during their life time damn themselves as unworthy of the gift of eternal life (Acts 13:46).  How silly to reject Jesus as the Messiah based upon continued Jewish hatred and bigotry.  It is foolish to practice hate-crimes against Messiahians to openly show they rejected this Kingdom and Jesus to rule over them. But they did it throughout the world in the first century and it will once again come against the Israel of God out of Jerusalem from the antichrist and his horde.

What angers Jews and Noahides more than anything, is for Messianic Belivers to confess and make the claim that the throne of David is now in the New Testament Church and claim this is the true and valid Israel of God.  What makes them blaspheme is to say that there is now no difference to God between the Jews and the Gentiles (Rom 10:12, God has concluded all under sin that he may have grace upon all equally (Rom 11:30-33).  To receive the accusation of antisemite, just confess that NO Jew can be saved apart from the name and blood of Jesus (Acts 4:12; Rom 3:25).  

For to confess these claims (Rom 10:9), is to say that the nation of Israel, regardless of how many Jews there are within it, if they are not in the Israel of God, the Kingdom-Church, these are not the people of God.  These are only pretenders (hypocrites ...two-faced, that is, ...a Jew with one face and an apostate with the other).  If these do not blaspheme the work of the Holy Ghost (Spirit of God) working in the Kingdom of God, then they can be forgiven and be saved.  If they reject Jesus then there is no salvation for them.

Jesus clearly pointed out that *hypocrite* Jews do not flatter God because of circumcision or their claims to divine flesh and blood.  These cannot claim exclusiveness as the chosen people of God because God does not count the circumcision of an apostate as having any merit.  God is not a racist so he does not count flesh and blood as anything.  God counts faith and only faith when it is directed at the proper object of faith, and that is Jesus Messiah.  Those who reject Jesus cannot lay claim to the throne of David transferred to Jesus the Messiah, and take it away from him by violence and force.  This would be necessary to even attempt to validate them being the true Israel.  To destroy that Jesus was heir of David's throne, I predict that there will arise within Judaism, those who will float the theory that David never existed for the purpose of claiming Jesus and his genealogy is a fraud.  And since this most likely will come from the lips of an alleged divine Talmudic Rabbi, it will be taken by many as truth.

And, expect to hear a rising thunder of protest from modern Jewish Pharisee/Talmudist on this throne issue, certain of these antichrist will make the claim that the inheritance of the throne must come to the real Messiah through Solomon, in an attempt to prove that Jesus could not have inherited the throne, because the Luke genealogy reports that his seedline comes from David through Nathan and not Solomon.  

These will not tell you that the Solomon seedline was cut-off when Jehoiakim cut the prophecy of Jeremiah with a pen-knife and threw it into the fire.  Because this seedline was Joseph's lineage as recorded in Matthew, Messiah could not have been the biological seed of Joseph or he would have been disinherited to be the Messiah and throne heir of David over Israel.  So, read the prophecy of Jeremiah that none of Jehoiakim's seed (Solomon's line), thenceforth would be recognized as a valid King of Israel (Jer 36:30).  Solomon's seedline was cut off.  And there is no one today who can prove their seedline from Solomon or Nathan.  Jesus was the last heir of David's throne.  And since he had no male descendants, the throne seedline stops at Jesus; He is truly KING of kings and LORD of lords, now and henceforth and for ever more. Amen!

The Church Gentile?  Consider that Jesus Messiah was an Israelite of the tribe of Judah.  Consider that all of his Apostles and first disciples were all Jewish from the twelve tribes.  For three and one half years, the believers were solidly and completely Jewish.  People from all the twelve tribes joined with Jesus under his Messianic throne. This made them the Israel of God.  This was the remnant out of the whole nation, according to the election of Grace (important, read Rom 9:27).  On the day of Pentecost 3,000 were added to the Church.  Remember the word Church here is Greek *ecclesia* and means the assembly or congregation of God's Israel, thus the Israel of God.  So these 3,000 were added to Jesus' Israel of God.  Then later 5,000 more were added to the Church or the Israel of God under the throne of David in Jesus Messiah.  And for the next approximate ten years the whole nation of Israel was evangelized and many tens of thousands of the twelve tribes came into the true Israel of God (that is why the New Jerusalem shows the Apostles as the twelve foundations and the gates named after the twelve tribes that first came into the New Testament Church).  

Then, in Acts chapters 8 and 10, the Samaritans and the Gentiles were also added (adopted or grafted), into the Israel of God.  Paul teaches this in his olive tree lesson.  The Gentiles were grafted into the Israel of God.  The Gentiles are not now, nor have they ever been the exclusive Israel of God.  Because there are a large number of Gentiles in the Church, does not make it an exclusive Gentile group. Gentiles who come into the Church lose their Gentile identity and become Jews,  not just spiritual Jews, but real full-fledged Jews that by adoption can lay claim to now be of the tribe of Judah Acts 26:18.  For anyone to teach the mystery that the Gentile should be join-heirs of the promises of Abraham and this somehow makes the Church Gentile, is lacking for honesty or knowing the truth. The Church or Israel of God is now made up of both Jew and Gentile, but we have become ONE NEW MAN IN Messiah (Gal 6:15; Eph 2:15; Col 3:10; Heb 10:20).  And this is made so plain in so many places, that for a person to deny it, is to expose themselves as not knowing the truth of the New Covenant.

There is only ONE HOPE for Jew and Gentile (Eph 4:4); One FOLD of Jew and Gentile (John 10:16);  One CHURCH (Acts 2:47, 16:18); One BODY (Rom 12:5; 1Cor 12:12-13); One FAMILY in heaven and earth (Eph 3:14-15), One LORD (Eph 4:5);  One FAITH (Eph 4:5); One BAPTISM (Eph 4:5); and One INHERITANCE FOR BOTH JEW AND GENTILE (Acts 26:18; Eph 1:11, 5:5; Gal 3:18).

All Gentiles who are adopted (Rom 8:15; Eph 1:5), into the Israel of God under the Throne of Jesus, heir of David, by faith in the adoption process in Acts 2:38 and who continue in the Apostles' doctrine, are made REAL and legitimate members of the tribe of Judah in the one household of Jesus Messiah (Eph 2:19).  Now, in the Israel of God, these are no longer *strangers* and *aliens* from the commonwealth of the true Israel over which the Throne of Jesus rules and reigns (Eph 2:12-13) ...(apostate Israel is not the commonwealth of Israel Paul speaks of here).

Because of false doctrine spread by Jews and Christians who know not the truth, many honest hearted who come into the Body of Christ, the Israel of God, are deceived that they have no part with the true commonwealth of Israel over which Jesus rules and reigns, but that they have come into a Gentile Church.  Yet, the fact is, that those who are NOT IN THE BODY OF Messiah are not the Israel of God.  Jesus spoke to the unbelieving Jews in Mark 16:16 and made it plain that having Jewish flesh and blood (John 1:12-13), was not automatic salvation (unconditional eternal security in Abraham), nor was it considered some great value to God, as if he needed circumcised males and Jewish flesh and blood to establish, approve, or sanction his Kingdom on earth (Mat 3:9).  The message of Jesus Messiah was GRACE not RACE (John 1:16-17).

For anyone to teach that the Church is Gentile, is surely taking away from Jesus his honor of being the Messiah, the Lord, and Messiah over many thousands of Jews that did believe and were the firstfruits of the Kingdom.  These accept the right and dignity of the throne of David in Jesus.  To teach Jewish postponement eschatology that the Kingdom does not come until the Millennial, is to deny that Jesus is presently Lord and Messiah over the Church, the New Testament Israel of God. Those who know the blessed revelation of Jesus Messiah will lift their heads high and confess to all unbelievers:  OF THE INCREASE OF HIS GOVERNMENT (KINGDOM) THERE SHALL BE NO END (Dan 9:7)!

Some will assuredly puff up and scream:  "Yeah!  Alright! You want all the blessings of the Jews, but you don't want any of their curses".  I would respond:  The curses upon any Jew happens because they choose to be apostates and have broken the Sinai Covenant.  They also reject Jesus as Messiah and his bringing the New Covenant (New Torah).  So hear me and report it straight:  Any Messianic who becomes an *apostate* (not just someone who fails for a season), after tasting of the grace and salvation of God as set forth for the obedience of faith in Acts 2:38 (see also Rom 16:26; Heb 6:4), will receive the same judgment and damnation as all unbelieving Jews.  But those Messianic Belivers who do not apostate, these are the beneficiaries of *all* the blessings and promises of God.  There is one eternal punishment that awaits all those who were unbelievers in their generations from Adam until the second coming of Messiah.  Being damned is not an exclusive punishment to unbelieving Jews only.  It awaits all those who live ungodly and who rejected either the types that point to, or the fulness of the Messianic Hope and revelation in Jesus.

So, if Messianic Belivers obey by faith that Gospel which was first to the Jews only, then this faith and salvation entitles them to be JOINT HEIRS of *all* the promises and blessings that were to fall only upon the righteous, holy, and Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus.

During the time the Jews remain apostate they exclude themselves from the blessings of God and they are cursed by their own choice.  God has not cast them away, they cast themselves away, or how could Paul say they were cast aways (Rom 11:1-2,15)? If God did not cast them away, how then are they cast aways in verse 15, unless they did it themselves by choosing to be antichrist?  Gentiles who come into the Israel of God, are not required to receive or accept the judgments of those who cast themselves away or who deserve the Deuteronomy curses.  To accept the curses is to demonstrate the signs and attitude of rejecting Jesus as Messiah, and that is simply not a true Christian's conduct.

As long as any Gentile-Messianic-Jew remains grafted into the Israel of God and follows after the stature and righteousness of Messiah, they are blessed and can never be cursed by any man or religion ((Genesis 12:3).  As long as these Gentiles accept their adoption into the olive tree (the Israel of God, the Church), and they receive of the *fatness* thereof, these are *partakers* of the blessings of the root of the tree.  Once in the condition of righteousness in Messiah, there are no curses to inherit or to experience there are ONLY BLESSINGS (Rom 11:17).  

So, it is not necessary for Messianic Jews to accept or claim any of the curses that are designated upon those who are unbelievers and apostates from the faith of Messiah. The New Testament says no where that a person who is a joint-heir of the promises and blessings, must also be heirs of damnation and judgment of the unbelievers at the same time (and if you teach this doctrine of joint blessings and curses, give me Scripture).  Why then make the argument?  So the statement that if Messianic Jews want the blessings they must also take the curses, is sour grapes and reflects ignorance in the knowledge of the Gospel and revelation of Jesus Messiah.

Any idea of an exclusive Gentile Bride for Messiah, is a false doctrine.  There is an elaborate scheme to use various Scriptures to support this heresy, but it is just that, a fabrication.  What of the ten million Jews who were first century Messianic Belivers?  Did the ten million or so first century Jewish Messianic Belivers lose their inheritance of blessings and promises in Abraham because they believed in Jesus as Messiah and Lord?  Are they excluded from the Bride?  Then are not those WITH the promises and blessings of Abraham in the Bride?  Is not the Covenant of the Bride what we call the New Testament?  And does not this Covenant include Jews first and THEN Gentile converts to the Israel of God?  The Church is the bride, and in this regard it is the Israel of God, comprising Jewish and Gentile converts who were adopted into the Tribe of Judah, and are one in the Body of Messiah.  So the Bride will be from the tribe of Judah.

All Acts 2:38 believers are Messianic Jews by adoption and although man may deny it, in the day of the coming of Jesus Messiah, it will be manifest.  For it is in water baptism that the Bride takes the name of her husband.  Baptism in this regard may be in part a *replacement* of the old Jewish bridal bath.  Find a true Church somewhere that knows the revelation of Acts 2:38 and come into the Israel of God where Messianic Jews celebrate their Messiah in song, praise, and the dance.  Our prayer is that all Jews be saved through faith by obeying Acts 2:38.

***Please note:  The Jesus Messiah Fellowship is not affiliated with or associated with any present day Messianic movements that observe Old Testament rituals or Law.  We are a New Covenant Messianic Fellowship where the trappings and doctrines of Jewish Trinitarian Messianism are not observed.

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor