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By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

The 70 Weeks Are Messianic
And Have Nothing To Do With Endtime Prophecy

DAN 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Six things will come to pass and be fulfilled to usher in the Messianic hope in the 70 weeks as revealed to Daniel:

#1) To finish the transgression;
#2) To make an end of sins;
#3) To make reconciliation for iniquity;
#4) To bring in everlasting righteousness;
#5) To seal the vision and the prophecy;
#6) To anoint the Most Holy.

These six events are to be realized and fulfilled during the life-time of Jesus leading up to and finished at Calvary. This crucial time frame prohibits any other Messiah brought forth by the Jews as the time is fully finished and only Jesus appeared at this precise time to fulfill the prophecy.  Any attempt to sever the 70th week from the previous 69 and say there is a gap in between, is for the purpose of denying that Jesus is the Messiah that fulfilled all of the six events to take place as predicted in the prophecy. Therefore dispensationalism in all of its heresy is exposed.  There is no gap, the Kingdom was not postponed.  And we confess here before the world, that Jesus Messiah has already come in the flesh as Messiah (1John 1:7).  The purpose of the six events as prophesied by Daniel were to align the Jews with the eternal plan of God for redemption to come through the Messiah. The 70 weeks were to be brought to a close with the completion of these six events.

The previous 69 weeks would lead up to Messiah and in the 70th a NEW COVENANT bringing in everlasting righteousness. The everlasting Gospel brings these truths of God to all the world.  The New Torah would replace the Old, and all of the above six events could be preached as fulfilled when the Messianic Kingdom of Messiah came to its full reality. None of the six events can be fulfilled without the purpose being focused upon Jesus Messiah. All six are fulfilled in Him. If fulfilled in Messiah, then they must all come to pass during the first advent of Messiah, not delayed or postponed to a future date when the Church is alleged not to be here having been secretly snatched away. These six events prove the validity of the New Testament and the Church and that not one of the six has been delayed or postponed.

There is a false doctrine among the Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pre-Wraths, and Pan-Tribs, that all six events concern the old nation of Israel and they are not at all Messianic pointing to Jesus Messiah or the Church. They allege that the first five were fulfilled through the blood sacrifices of animals and the return of the Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem. These teachers place a 2,000 year gap (a Parenthesis) between event #5 and event #6. They are teaching that TO ANOINT THE MOST HOLY, event #6, refers to the Shekhniah glory returning behind a rip-proof vail and anointing the holy of holies of a new Talmudic-Cabalist constructed Temple during their future seven years of tribulation; that a Priest or Highpriest then commands visible fire upon the red heifer or some other sacrifice on the temple mount. The trinitarians teach that the Father has returned behind a rip-proof vail, glimmering again in a brilliant light over a re-found Ark of the Covenant, allegedly to be brought back from a secret hiding place in Ethiopia. The world will go mad after these miracles.  But the Revelation tells the Saints not to be deceived by this antichrist delusion.

Dispensationalism teaching perverts the anointing of the Most Holy from the Messianic fulfillment in Jesus Christ, to it being fulfilled in a new temple and renewed sacrifices. The Temple does not figure in the Messianic hope or promise. The Temple is not the Messiah. The six events of Daniel are Messianic and point to the Redeemer, the Messiah, the Christ, not to the nation of Israel or the Temple. Otherwise, the nation of Israel and the Temple would become Messiah and Jesus Messiah was indeed a fraud.

They are teaching that beginning with the sacrifice of red heifers to cleanse Jerusalem and the Temple Mount of the defilement of Gentiles and the blood of Messiah and Messianic Believers, God returns to the Jews, and as proof, descends in a flame of fire upon renewed sacrifices as a Talmudic High Priest raises his hands toward heaven and chants a secret name of God. God is alleged to accept the secret Talmudic name (the tetragrammaton vocalized), as being the lost sacred name and God allegedly authenticates this name as Divine and answers by sending fire from heaven [but read Rev. 13:13]. God sniffs the smoke of the renewed burnt offerings and this is supposed to be the official remarriage to the great whore of Babylon and she is reconciled in a wedded embrace. But out of no where two prophets come on the scene in Revelation chapter 11 and denounce this as false and of the devil. They are killed and the world goes into a massive frenzied holiday.

Dispensational teachers propose that the 2,000 year old frown on God the Father's face turns to smiles at the presence of fresh animal blood being sprinkled before the Mercy seat, as in olden times, before the Church age accidentally (they claim), came and the Cross and Christians temporarily ended them.

They teach the new animal sacrifices are stopped by a Gentile antichrist [the Pope], causing God to turn and usher in wrath during the final three and one half years of the alleged seven years of tribulation. God the Father is alleged to do this, because the blood and burnt sacrifices of re-established Law were stopped by the Gentile antichrist [the Pope is said to stop the sacrifices claiming he has the right to stop them because he believed Jesus ended all animal sacrifices. Why else would the Pope do this they ask?].

These false teachers report this is the true completion of the 70th week, during which all Israel will be saved without need of Jesus Messiah, all owing to the need of God to expose the Pope and the Catholic Church as antichrist, and the need to save the Jews by animal blood because he can not get them to give up their hatred for Jesus and trust in his blood for salvation.

Thus, they are teaching that the Jews can be saved by animal sacrifices and can reject Calvary and the Passover of Messiah's memorial. They are teaching that the blood of a red heifer can do for Jews what they refuse to allow the blood of Jesus to do. Thus, they teach that Jews can be saved without Jesus Messiah because God the Father did not revoke or end the Law.  They point to the 70th week as seven years saved off of the Cross and taken down from the bloody hands of Jesus (Col 2:14 is reported to be an error).

They are teaching that this is made possible, because God the Father would not allow God the Son to nail the last seven years of the Law to the Cross; that God the Father specifically with-held the last seven years of the Law dispensation off the Cross so animal sacrifices could be resumed after the Church is secretly raptured, to save Jews who still consider Jesus a fraud, a blasphemer, a son of satan, and his blood, ...bastard blood (born of fornication). Then they claim God gets mad at the antichrist (they say he is the Pope), for stopping the renewed animal sacrifices and will put him in hell for it. Then they say the Law-keeping Jews will get God's favor, and even after they take the mark of the Beast they will still be saved by transfer over to believe in Jesus the MOMENT he appears in the heavens. No fulfillment of Acts 2:38 is essential. They may blaspheme the whole seven years and all they have to do is believe the last few split seconds as they see Jesus in the sky.  Now this last minute, spilt-second believing is not good enough for procastinating Gentiles?  Does all of this make sense?  Is this stuff true?  Dare you to be challenged to think and get out of the dispensational mind-trap?

Endtime eschatological false doctrines must be exposed. The 70th week was half fulfilled during the life-time of Messiah and the other half or three and one half years in the Church ending when the times of the Gentiles was fully come in. The 69th week ended and the 70th week began when Jesus walked down the banks of the Jordan to be baptized of John. When John said: *behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world,* he was for the first time identifying Jesus as the Messiah. There would be 69 weeks UNTIL MESSIAH. Only a novice would deny that Jesus was first recognized as the Messiah that day along the Jordan.

When Jesus came he said these words: *THE TIME IS FULFILLED* (Mark 1:15, Matt.26:54 he spoke of the 69 weeks past and the 70th week in progress). False teachers are reporting that what Jesus said was false, that the time before the revealing of the Messianic Kingdom is not fulfilled until the Millennial. Messiah was to be cut off after 69 weeks and in the midst of the next (Dan 9:27 see the ancient Septuagint Version on this verse). In the 70th he would cause all animal sacrifices to cease for remission of sin forever. He was cut off during a week and since the 69 were past, there remains only the 70th to be cut off in.  If Jesus was not cut off in the 70th week, then the entire 70 weeks have no relationship to Jesus at all, and that is simple not true.

DAN 9:27 And he (Messiah) shall confirm the covenant ( Rom 15:8) with many for one week (70th): and in the midst of the week he (Messiah) shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease (by the Cross), and for the overspreading of abominations (of the antiMessiah Pharisees and Sadducees) he shall make it (the old Temple) desolate, even until the consummation (70AD destruction), and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate (the Temple torn down not one stone remaining upon another).

To anoint the Most Holy was fulfilled when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River as a signal the Messianic 70th week had begun, see Luke 4:18. The body of Jesus was the temple of God replacing the temple on Mount Moriah. The fulness of the Godhead now dwelt in Messiah, whereas before the Babylonian Captivity it dwelt behind the vail in the holy of holies. We (our bodies) are now the Temple of God, not a cursed and rejected old Temple site (1Cor. 3:16-17). That site was left eternally desolate (Mat. 23:38). The 70th Week was fulfilled three and one half years into the Church when the Gentiles were grafted in to bring its completion and the Messianic hope to its full reality.

The Law is FINISHED! It is OVER! The Law is fulfilled, completed, and finished, in Messiah.  A new Covenant has been ushered in.  The New Covenant IS NOT the old Covenant.  The New Covenant is the EVERLASTING COVENANT, and salvation in this Testament is by the "BLOOD" of the everlasting Covenant (Heb 13:20).  The Law IS NOT the everlasting Covenant! All that now remains is the Kingdom of God, the New Israel, the Church which is the Messianic Judaism of Jesus. Jew and Gentile MUST come into it or be lost forever.  Until the day of the appearing of Jesus, all Jews and Gentiles must fulfill Acts 2:38 by faith or be eternally lost. There are no seven years reserved off of the Cross for Jews to be saved without Messiah by returning to animal sacrifices and building a new Talmudic-Cabalist Temple (Mark 16:16; 2Thes. 2:10).

Come into the New Covenant, there is NONE OTHER!

Dare to think, or plan to be deceived

With Love Toward All And Malice Toward None

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

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