The Seven Noahide Laws

The Noahide Laws are an invention by Talmudic Rabbis as a means of conversion of Gentiles to Phariseeism.  Remember, Talmudism is just a new name for Phariseeism.  Remember also that all of today's Judaism among Jews is still PHARISEEISM.  They claim this in all of their books on theology.  The Seven Noahide Laws are a Pharisee invention.  Scriptures for the proof these seven Noahide Laws were used to convert Gentiles through this evangelism device, cannot be found in all of the Bible.  An effort by Rabbis claiming these began with Noah and all Gentile converts to Judaism since that time followed these laws after conversion, is not found anywhere in the Scriptures.  The entire purpose of the Noahide laws is against Christianity and Jesus Messiah.  Therefore, there is no salvation in them. Salvation is not in Jewish or Gentile creeds and the Seven Noahide Laws are a Pharisee Creed or some Talmudic Law, and Christians are not bound by either.  Salvation is not by works of man or faith in Jewish Creeds even if based upon the Old Testament since the entire Old Testament as a Covenant has been replaced by the New Covenant.  Salvation is by grace through faith in the person of Jesus Messiah and his finished work of redemption on Calvary.  Observing or keeping the Noahide Laws for salvation under Pharisee Talmudic Judaism is therefore antichrist conduct.

1.) Thou shalt not engage in idol worship. 
2.) Thou shalt not blaspheme God. 
3.) Thou shalt not shed innocent blood of any human nor fetus nor ailing person who has a limited time to live. 
4.) Thou shalt not engage in bestial, incestuous, adulterous, or homosexual relations nor commit the act of rape. 
5.) Thou shalt not steal 
6.) Thou shalt establish laws and courts of law to administer these laws, including the death penalty for those who kill, administered only if there is one testifying eyewitness. 
7.) Thou shalt not be cruel to animals. (See the Institute of Judaic-Christian Researcher, January 1990 issue) 

On the face these appear to be innocent enough. However, according to the Jewish interpretation of #1, idol worship includes having any emblem that might identify Christ. Jesus Christ is considered an idol by both Jews and Moslems. He is accepted as a man by Jews and Moslems, but if anyone prays to Jesus, worships Jesus, praises Jesus, both Jews and Moslems believe that person has committed the worship of an idol, a death penalty offense. Technically, every Christian on earth would be guilty of idolatry, and deserving the death penalty. You will also notice in #6, that all it takes is one eyewitness. This violates the Biblical necessity of having two witness. 

They could not find two witnesses in the trial against Jesus, and they don=t want that mistake to ever happen again. So they are going to establish one witness to obtain a death penalty, who could also be a lying witness, as they manufactured in the trial against Jesus. In Talmudic Law, two witnesses are not necessary for a death penalty conviction, if a prisoner is provoked or coerced into making what might be construed as a statement of confession. Sometimes they would bring a victim in and hide witnesses behind a wall. They would befriend the victim to get him to blab his mouth. As soon as they obtained the words from the victim they thought would produce a death penalty offense, the witnesses would spring from behind the wall and reveal themselves. If a person refused to talk, answer questions, or engage in response to being pushed around or mistreated, a death penalty conviction would require two eyewitnesses separate from that they could not extract from the victim. Jesus told us when this time came to not think what we would say, but wait for the Spirit to give us the words to say in that hour. Jesus knew that he could preserve his servants in this manner, because in that hour the Spirit would give them nothing to say. Thus, they would never be trapped into self incrimination. You will recall that Jesus answered them not, and they became insolent and irritated. When Jesus did speak, you will notice how quickly that the High Priest tore his clothes off and screamed, they had no need of further witnesses: 

MAR 14:61 But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? 

MAR 14:62 And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. 

MAR 14:63 Then the high priest rent his clothes, and saith, What need we any further witnesses? 

When Jesus confessed he was the Christ (Messiah), which they considered a death penalty offense, then the Jews stopped the trial and called for immediate execution.  

One may see in the Noahide Laws, that if a victim refused to testify or say a word that might be considered self incriminating, that if one witness can be manufactured to lie, then the victim is executed anyway.  

How could any Apostolic ever support the diabolical plotting behind the precepts of the Noahide laws, to the destruction of the New Testament, the Church, and the killing of the saints of God?  

Least you feel I am making a big to-do about nothing, the seven Noahide laws were voted into American law as a joint resolution (resolution # 104) of United States Congress on March 20, 1991 and became public law 102-14 (102 P.L. Res. 104;105 Stat.44; establishing March 26, 1991 as AEducation Day, U.S.A.) It was sneaked into law under the disguise of wishing happy 89th birthday to the late false messiah, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Jewish Lubavich (Talmudic-Cabalist) movement. The law was signed by Robert Foley, Speaker of the House, Robert Byrd, President protem of the Senate, and President George Bush.  

In the July-August 1991 issue of the Gap, a newsletter published by the Noahide movement, Ernest Easterly, Professor of International Law at Southern University Law Center, made the following statement: 

"With further recognition by other nations and international courts, the Seven Noahide Laws should become the cornerstone of a truly >civilized= international legal order." 

In the same paper, Rabbi Michael Katz said that there were an additional 30 laws that the B=nai Noah (sons of Noah) would be obligated to keep, the transgression of which is punished by execution.  

The entire New Testament is to be replaced by the seven Noahide laws. Salvation in Christ is totally abolished and it would be a death penalty to witness to another about Calvary or even to believe in Jesus for salvation. In establishing the Noahide Laws, any reference to the name of Jesus Christ and Christianity are to be blotted out of public view in all cities, towns, streets, highways, buildings, schools, and universities. If any of these bear what may be considered a Christian name, or that of Jesus Christ, that name must be changed.

The focus now is Crosses, Christmas displays on public property, prayer in school, the Bible cast out of school, violation of civil rights to witness to a non-Christian on the job, prayer or mention of Jesus at high school graduations, etc. etc. but more cleansing of Christ from the public in coming down the pike. This writer does not believe in or practice paganism, however, the Apostolic practice has always been, not to fall in company with evil doers because we may agree on one or more points. Christian cleansing, is all about US, and prison camps for the next holocaust are already being built. It will be publicly approved by the government alleging that certain individuals are a threat to the government. Waco and Randy Weaver, are not the only government staged attacks, against certain unalienable human rights of American citizens and people of other nations.

The cleansing of the name of Jesus Christ from society will take place all over the entire world, and the American government will support this antichrist purge of God=s people. I ask all of you, is this not the antichrist system out of the midst of which the man of sin will arise to power? Is this not the goal of the antichrist system, that Baxter and other Oneness Brethren are playing games with? Shall we really be hated of all nations for his name=s sake? It is unknown if these Noahide laws have been voted into law in any other nation. It is unknown if these Noahide laws have been secretly incorporated somehow into the laws of the United Nations.

The statement has been made: AIf it is an empty gesture, why are the Jews and existing Noahides already working on International implementation of the Noahide laws@? In his book AThe Miracle On Main Street,@ by F. Tupper Saussy, page 139, he enjoins the world to adopt the Noahide laws: 

"These instructions, found first in the Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 56-60) Are addressed first to Adam, then to Noah; they have become known as The Noahide Laws. . . .You may wonder, as I have, why the Noahide Laws are nowhere found in the Bible. I have no explanation."  

They are not identified in the Bible as such Mr. Saussy, because God did not give them to Adam or Noah as such, nor to be interpreted privately, as a secret goal to replace the New Testament. That they are first found in the Talmud, speaks enough to any man of intelligence, that they were fabricated as a scheme to destroy Christianity. The Noahide laws exclude the Gentiles from an equality with Jews. In Christ, the Jew and Gentile are equal, and neither has an advantage or superiority over the other. The mere existence of the Noahide Laws places the Jew in a superior position and gives them an advantage over Gentiles, by forcing Gentiles to join the Talmudic Jewish religion or be killed.

Men of God, I urge you to rise up again and preach the Gospel as never before. Preach boldly that NOTHING can disannul it, correct it, add to it, replace it, or be equal to it. There is no other Gospel by which we or the world must be saved. We may admit that certain provisions of the Noahide Laws do exist in the Bible. However, it is not the mere existence of them that is here the issue. The issues are the loss of religious freedom and forced compliance to 37 laws of the old Covenant on penalty of death if one refuses; If the old Covenant is the forced religion of antichrist, even many Oneness Brethren would deny Christ and go back under the Law for salvation. They already believe the Law is re-activated for the Millennial, so why would going under the Law seven years early seem blasphemy? Nope, you go back under the Law for salvation and agree that animal sacrifices can be offered for sin, and you just as well be a Buddhist or a Hindu. Followers of antichrist won=t think that what they are doing is such a bad sin!

The Noahide laws will give enforcement authority of the death penalty for worshiping Christ; and the death penalty for confessing and holding in admiration the doctrine and writings of the Apostles (The  New Testament). The replacement of the entire New Testament by the Noahide Laws or by corrupting and changing the text is a goal of these antichrist; The rejection of the atonement upon the Cross is a goal; The rejection of the plan of salvation according to Acts 2:38 is a goal; The spying on one another to supply the one eyewitness needed to execute the death penalty is a goal; The necessity of keeping the other 30 Laws, which includes keeping the Sabbath; Circumcision of all males; Eating only kosher foods; Forbidding holding religious services of any type in a place that is not an approved assembly place for Noahides are all goals of the coming antichrist; The death penalty for any man to claim that God has spoken by him in any form of teaching, preaching, or writing is a goal; It will be a goal to make it a crime to claim to be a Prophet, Minister, or Pastor, whom the antichrist authorities have not issued a certificate of license; It will be a death penalty offense to speak against this new religion antichrist religion to be set up in Jerusalem. By speak against, they mean to speak against any Jewish Priest, any Jewish Rabbi, any Noahide Minister, any Noahide or Jewish Temple or place of worship, or any doctrine they teach or advocate. If you speak against any of these, it is considered the same as speaking against God.

You will recall that some of these same ideas concerning blaspheming God existed among the Temple cult in the days of Jesus. Common Jews were fearful of the Temple Cult. Remember the lame man who was healed, that if his parents confessed that Jesus had healed him, they were to be cast out of the Temple and excommunicated? Why do you think Jesus tried to keep his work private? Was it not, to avoid the rapid strike of the snake throne against his Ministry, and against the innocent Christian Jews whom the temple cult would have thrust out of the Temple and persecute them, if they should confess him?  

JOH 12:42 Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue. 

Phariseeism is now Talmudic Judaism and has always been antichrist

Can you imagine Paul going to antichrist Jews or Noahides to get their opinion of Messiah and agree to publish their denials that Jesus did not qualify to be Christ? Rev. Baxter has done this very thing. He offered not a single word of rebuttal to Chaim Richman=s Talmudic lies. He shows no signs of remorse, no signs of repentance, and no signs of turning from Babylonian Talmudism, to publish the pure doctrines of Christ on many subjects. He is so interested in publishing a magazine and making a name for himself, that he has willingly departed from the purpose of the Apostolic Ministry to preach the Truth. Where are we told to preach old Israel or about a profane Temple site? Where are we told to preach Mount Moriah?

Did not Jesus tell the woman in Samaria that: neither in this mountain or the mountain in Jerusalem, would the Children of God worship, but the Mount of God would be where ever there was worshipers in Spirit and Truth? Where are we told to preach Mount Moriah? Where are we told to preach the Temple? Where are we told to preach old Israel still has a valid priesthood? Where are we told to preach red heifers. Where are we told to preach a third regathering of old Israel that is not in the Bible anywhere? Why do some preach the Jews have not received all the land promised to Abraham, when in Joshua 21:43-45, the Scriptures clearly report they received "all the land which he sware unto their fathers."

Where are we told it is alright now to have fellowship with the works of Pharisee darkness out of which Apostle Paul said he had been translated (Col 1:13)? Who told Apostolic Ministers to go ask the apostate Rabbis anything about the Word of God, much more ask them for Talmudic interpretations concerning Bible prophecy, the Messiah, the Temple, and Salvation? 

Has the antichrist system arrived and Rev. Baxter is contributing to its acceptance by his monthly pro-Talmudic magazine? A sign we might look for, is a mass flocking of Oneness Brethren, to hear these Talmudic antichrist spout off, about how holy they are and the grand plans for a new Temple, built and dedicated according to Talmudic instructions.

A minister I know well, said he went to one of the meetings and said one of the Rabbis was effeminate and made remarks that denied Jesus. How come Baxter and company have not discerned or heard any of this? Surely they have noticed the limp wrist, the soft handshakes, and the effeminate voice and mannerisms? Or did they mistake this softness as an attribute of humility or holiness?

I marvel that these Apostolic Pastors have fallen prostrate to these guys, and allowed them to come into their Churches wearing little god-hats and having their heads covered. If another Apostolic Minister was to pray, preach, or prophesy with a base-ball cap on, they would stomp out, outraged! Antichrist can get away with denying Christ in Oneness Churches, WHY?  

Accepting Baxter=s approach to fellowship with Talmudic antichrist, will likely lead many Oneness Brethren to easily adopt the seven Noahide laws as an addendum to, or replacement of the New Testament. At first, friendship will lead to a mixture of pro-Talmudic doctrines with the Gospel. Then joint Church meetings will take place, where antichrist such as Gershom Solomon and Chaim Richman will speak. They are preaching the red heifers at these meetings already. The Talmud is being preached as the holy book of God at these meetings. They are preaching about Talmud instructions and doctrines at these meetings. They are taking offerings for these antichrist already. All that they lack is asking for converts to the Noahide laws or outright conversion to Judaism.

Oneness Judaizers will eventually deny the deity of Christ and claim he was only a man who failed in his mission. Some will likely teach that Jesus was really Michael the archangel come in the flesh, as Pastor, Stephen Schmidt is preaching. I wonder if Schmidt will start baptizing in the name of Michael? Men such as these will systematically attempt to destroy and tear down all the doctrines of Christ and the Apostles, that Jesus was God, and his Church is the New Israel of God. Then they will reject the Name of Jesus Christ as that of a man and not God, therefore teaching the name is not essential to salvation.

Those who deny the essentialness of water baptism according to Acts 2:38 are like Schmidt, who attacks the water aspect and in doing so, denying the name to be invoked as not being essential. Schmidt and the whore see eye to eye that Jesus had no deity! Wake up Brothers, how much rebuke do you need, before you will leave the shifting sands of Charismaticism and come to the Rock? Are not he and many others not denying water, it is the NAME they deny as being essential, therefore making water baptism unessential? Therefore, to them, baptism is not essential because they make the NAME not essential, by attacking the water aspect. They fail to understand that if God ordained that the name be applied specifically at the time of water baptism, it is not the water that is the issue here, but the command of the Lord to invoke that Holy Name at a given time, place, and event. To substitute anything for fulfillment of this Divine decree, is to deny the sovereignty of God, and the revelation of adoption, wherein water baptism is the essential place to take on the family name. To teach that the name may be applied in a different place at a different time, and accomplish the same thing God is trying to do at the moment of water baptism, is a false doctrine. Such is a doctrine of man. Such would be works of man. Such would constitute a doctrine of devils.

Any doctrine of man that attempts to substitute for any doctrine of Christ, is a Awork of the flesh,@ and a false doctrine. Denying the essentialness of applying the name in water baptism, is a far worse heresy then any idea that the water aspect in baptism is a work and not of faith. Those who are accepting Talmudism will deny they are the modern concision, but that is exactly what they are. They are attempting to take the Church back under the advisement and authority of a priesthood that has been abolished. Why does Baxter and other Oneness Brethren go to these men who do not have a priesthood? Even if Moses and Aaron were alive, their priesthood would have been abolished by the Cross.

So what is accomplished by Baxter going to Chaim Richman and Gershom Solomon as Talmudic priest? Talmudic priesthood is not even in the Bible! Talmudism is as much a false priesthood to old Israel, as the Catholic Church is to the true Apostolic Church. Why go to the Catholic priest for opinions and ideas on Apostolic doctrine, and why go to the Talmudic priest for answers and opinions on old Israel, or Bible prophecy about whether Jesus qualifies to be the Christ? The priesthood being changed forever, and there being only the priesthood of Jesus Christ, there is no need to go ask questions of those who still have a vail over their heads in understanding the Word of God. All Baxter would ever get out of them is the darkness and mysticism that they have created under the secrecy of the vail.  

The move is on by antichrist and false teachers to corrupt the minds of Oneness Brethren. Is it possible that many Oneness Brethren will be fooled? We will soon see which ones will not be deceived. These are not issues they can be silent about. They are big issues that will demand men to take sides and speak out. The true Apostolic Men of God will stand up to preach against red heifers and such false doctrines. In spite of this preaching, many good men, in ignorance, will switch completely over to Talmudic Judaism and in doing so, will slowly deny Jesus Christ. If the one act of circumcision would be an act of an Apostolic denying Christ in the days of the Apostles, why is it such a hard thing to accept, that any other single aspect of the Law that was abolished, which someone wants to observe and keep, also causes them to be identified as the concision (Phlip. 3:2-3)? We have Oneness Brothers who are Law-keepers (such as not eating pork), and yet few Men of God have the courage to identify them as the concision. Preaching against eating pork and keeping the Saturday Sabbath openly identifies the concision. Why don=t we identify the concision for who they are? The concision is all of modern day Judaism and all of those who have adopted the Sabbath, other dietary laws, and or the false word Yahweh as a name of God. A large portion of the concision also preach the serpent seed doctrine.  

The full development at the time of the early Church of the concision as a strong movement, was a slow process that was completed in one generation, or about 25 to 30 years. Out of these came the Ebonites. The concision should quit identifying themselves as Apostolics. They are lying! They are Ebonites. I see a conflict arising between true Apostolic Ministers, and those modern Ebonites, who have apostated from the Apostolic truth to go back under abolished Judaism. The doctrinal battle will get greater in days to come, because the public mind will shift toward the adoption of the Noahide laws. God will raise up young men full of the Holy Ghost to prophesy against this new concision. God is now working within young and old Apostolic Ministers to bring this to pass. These men, who will hazard their lives, should be highly respected. Persecution will follow with the charge of anti-semitism, against these Apostolic Men of God. The mark of the beast will be issued in part to identify and kill those who have not joined the new liberal antichrist system. This persecution upon God=s Church will initiate the beginning of the seven vials of wrath upon the antichrist system. The events in the seven vials are to tear down everything that the antichrist might use to persecute the people of God during those days.  What Then?

As of December 12, 1995, we will be 821 days into the tribulation period as set forth by the time-line chart on the top, and 712 days as set forth by the Pre-Tribs on time-line chart on the bottom. There will remain 439 days till Baxter will have the abomination of desolation set up on February 23, 1997, and 548 days till the Pre-Tribs will have it set up. Will either of them happen? Even if they do not come to pass, and Baxter corrects himself, the dangerous dispensational backlash that will result from those he and they deceived, will accomplish the great delusion leading multitudes to worship and accept the antichrist system, and the antichrist that comes out of the midst of it.

Baxter and other Ministers may wake up and see their error, but what about innocent Saints who believed what they were told by Baxter and the other Tribs. Circumstances may prevent many thousands from hearing the truth and or they may reject truth believing in antichrist, WHAT THEN? Why has Baxter supported Cabalistic old Israel and a number of Talmudic priest already, and giving them more column space then he has to Jesus Christ and his true doctrine concerning his Church and his Coming? Honestly, I wonder if we should have even expected Baxter to make a defense for the doctrine of Jesus on his own Coming?  

If Rev. Baxter and his disciples are troubled at this apologetic, he and they should not have supported the avowed antichrists, Gershom Solomon and Chaim Richman, and the abomination of Mount Moriah. He and they should not be supporting the red-heifer heresy. He and they should not have predicted a date for the rapture, by adopting either the Covenant of Jerusalem or the Covenant of Arafat with old Israel, as the Aconfirm the covenant@ by antichrist, and suggested these were the beginning of the seven years of tribulation, pin-pointing the time line as found on page one. If any of his followers are troubled because they deem him a prophet or a holy man, just remember, his false doctrines are worse than the serpent seed. If one soul is lost by Baxter=s false teachings, those lost are eternally offended, and it is not just an ego game then. Baxter=s greatest stumblingblock will be his own ego: He was wrong to print the false doctrines and the errors of Solomon and Richman and won=t admit it, because of the self-embarrassment he would suffer. Whom should he please, the Talmudic priest, his ego, or God?   

The chart below demonstrates how Israel is the great whore and mother of harlots and will through infiltrate and dominate through mysticism of Mystery Babylon to the final world power under her antichrist. The text of Scriptures below prove that Jerusalem in the endtime, is pictured as Athe great city, or that great city,@ the sexual depravity of Sodom, and also equivalent to Hagar the Egyptian bondwoman (Gal. 4:22-25). Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt at the time the two witnesses are killed. This proves Jerusalem is not holy, was not made holy by sacrifice of red heifers by Talmudic Pharisee Priest, and that as Sodom was a direct hit, so Jerusalem will be hit with the wrath of God for killing the two prophets. The final victory will be won by our Lord Jesus Messiah when he returns on the DAY OF THE LORD and executes judgement as the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, thus Revelation 17:14: the Lamb shall overcome them.  The final event:  Every eye shall see him, even those who crucified him (Pharisee Jews), then shall the tribes of Israel scream (KJV mourn).

REV 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified (this is Jerusalem in the great tribulation setting).

REV 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth (this is Jerusalem in a tribulation setting, with antichrist ruling over the nations from there). 

The Great Whore

Watch Their Prophecy Happen, Or Watch Their Prophecy Fail
(Dates established by Arafat-Israel Treaty & Vatican-Israel Treaty)


Arafat-Israel Treaty

Vatican-Israel Treaty

Peace Treaty Signed 9-13-1993 12-30-1993

Pre-Trib Rapture

9-13-1993 12-30-1993
Two Witnesses Begin 9-13-1993 12-30-1993
Opening of Seals begins 9-13-1993 12-30-1993

End of Seals

6-4-1995 10-2-1995
Beginning of Trumpets 6-4-1995 10-2-1995
Two Witnesses Killed 2-20-1997 6-9-1997
Two Witnesses Raptured 2-23-1997 6-12-1997
End of Trumpets 2-23-1997 6-12-1997

Mid-Trib Rapture

2-23-1997 6-12-1997
Woman Flees 2-23-1997 6-12-1997
10 Kings Begin To Rule 2-23-1997 6-12-1997
Great Whore Mounts Beast 2-23-1997 6-12-1997
Antichrist Conquers 2-23-1997 6-12-1997
Abomination Set Up 2-23-1997 2-12-1997
Sacrifices Stopped 2-23-1997 6-12-1997

Pre-Wrath Rapture

10-15-1998 2-1-1999
Vials Of Wrath Begin 10-15-1998 2-1-1999

Post-Trib Rapture

8-6-2000 11-23-2000
Millennial Reign Begins 8-6-2000 11-23-2000

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