Baxter Uses Trinitarian Dispensational Agenda

The previous 26 events are aligned with Clarence Larkin's trinitarian dispensational schedule of events, from which Rev. Ervin Baxter borrows his dispensational theories and applies them to his scheme and Arafat-Israel covenant time-line. When will Apostolics quit using trinitarian doctrine?  Have you noticed that NOT A SINGLE one of the 26 events listed in the previous segment have happened yet and it is now January 2001?

All the previous 26 events must happen during Baxter's fantasy dispensational week, beginning September 13, 1993. By February 23, 1997, all of Baxter's 1,260 days for the first 3 1/2 years of his tribulation have expired.  As of June 27, 1998  489 days of the second half of the 3 1/2 years are expired. Baxter has only 771 days to squeeze all of his seven years of tribulation into before the cut off date of August 6, 2000.  Can he get all of the previous 26 events to happen because none of them have happened yet?

Since the Seals are said to be opened and fulfilled in the first half of the first 1,260 days, then all seven Seals would have been opened by June 4, 1995 when that time expired and ran out. This alone proves Baxter's prophesies are false, but he has not stepped forth to admit his error. The same is true for the Pre-trib scheme. If all the Seals and Trumpets do not all happen by February 23, 1997, Irvin Baxter will have a lot to answer for. The Pre-Tribs will laugh him to scorn openly as they now do behind his back. I regret this, because Pastor Baxter is a strong Oneness conservative, who stands for many Apostolic Truths and Standards. This however is not a reason to ignore heresy in as much as many Apostolics of the first century went astray after false doctrines that ultimately led to Nicaea and Catholicism. We are seeing it happen again before us in the last generation with false interpretations of Scripture, Doctrine, Faith, and Practice.

But the Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, and Pre-Wrath can not laugh to loud at Rev. Baxter. Their men have predicted these same 26 events will be fulfilled by June 4, 1997. None of them have happened either and so they and Baxter are on equal ground. The Pre-Tribs have more to be embarrassed about having predicted the Lord's Coming nearly 25 times since 1900, and they were all false. The way I keep score that is 25 to 1. The latest Pre-Trib prediction was by Harold Camping for September 1994.

Some Pre-Tribs are now predicting the rapture in 1997, 2,000, and even the year 2,004. 2,004 would be seven years after 1997. The recent greatest false prophecy of Pre-Tribs was in 1988, when the book 88 Reasons why the Pre-Trib rapture will occur in 1988, was spread all over the world. Millions were deceived. Thousands of Oneness Pre-Tribs bought and passed these out by the millions. Some Pre-Tribs still preach and write from that booklet, although they have long gotten over telling the lies of the date of the rapture. They preached a secret rapture, then prophesied they knew the very day it would occur?

I love Rev. Baxter and these Pre-Tribs and that is why I challenge them. I have not cut them off.  I have not damned them to hell.  I have simply questioned them and called them to repentance.  My prayer is that they will turn back to the doctrine Jesus taught on his own coming. Should it not be a Minister's role to call men to accept the teachings of Messiah? If the Ministry does not issue a summons to return, who else will do it? There has never been a day when Oneness Ministers will listen to their Church members for correction in doctrine and why should they; Paul said perfection would come through the Five-Fold Ministry.  Many Ministers are afraid to speak out as now! For some reason, they feel unity should take precedent over TRUTH, that fellowship is more important than DOCTRINE, that friendship should bring TOLERANCE of sin, and that error should be not be CHALLENGED. These think that contending for PURITY, and rebuking and reproving false doctrine and false prophecy, is contrary to the love of God. These ideas are all false! Some think that prophecy is not essential to salvation and that is so false it does not merit much attention.  Suffice it to say here that the entire New Israel of God is couched within and upon Jesus fulfilling prophecy; the New Covenant fulfilling prophecy; Acts 2 fulfilling prophecy; The Church now in evangelism fulfilling prophecy; and our blessed hope is the climax of trusting in prophecy.  So any Minister who regulates prophecy to a position of secondary importance thinking salvation of souls is more important, is operating in a mental vacuum and does not know what he is doing or the authority for it.

The "O Well" or "Hum Ho" attitude concerning prophecy is precisely the apathy Jesus warned against in careless living and wrong values preceding his second coming.  This attitude helps false prophets as no one cares to correct them, for the most part they know so little about prophecy to do any correcting.  

Let's recap a little here: In order for the schemes of Baxter and the Pre-Tribs to fit what they perceive to be the interpretation of Daniel's seventieth week, and in order for Baxter's prophecy that the peace treaty of Arafat with old Israel announces the beginning of the seven year tribulation period, he must adopt the dates of September 13, 1993 (the beginning), February 23, 1997 (mid week), and August 6, 2000 (the end) as being accurate. If he is correct, the 1,000 year millennial reign begins on August 6, 2000. It will begin exactly when 1,260 + 1,260 = 2,520 days are up. This time period began according to Baxter on September 13, 1993. Therefore, the middle of the week, 1,260 days falls on February 23, 1997. The last day of the tribulation and the coming of Jesus Christ with his saints will fall on August 6, 2000. On August 6, 2000, satan will be bound and locked up with great chains. On August 6, 2000, it is guessed that the Jews will become the head of the nations and the alleged Tabernacle of David will be reared up. On August 6, 2000, millions of Jews are alleged to say in awe and unison, where did you get those scars in your hands, as if they forgot what the alleged 144,000 Jesus Name Jewish evangelist had preached to them from 1993 to 1997, not more than three and one half years earlier, and by believing the message of the 144,000 they are said to have accepted the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and were saved? How have they so soon forgotten the preaching about the scars and how they were saved? Was not looking on him whom they pierced fulfilled in John 19:37?

On August 6, 2000 according to Baxter's time schedule, the 1,000 year millennial reign will start and according to dispensationalism the resurrected saints of the Church will begin to be bond-servants to harlot Israel as some concubine of God, while Israel is alleged to be the restored wife of God the Father and made HEAD OF THE NATIONS. That God the Father's wife and God the Son's wife co-habit the Millennial in a confused and convoluted family unity of two Gods and two wives, or one God with a wife and a concubine more than boggles the mind of any sober Bible student! Yet dispensationalism teaches this very doctrine.

That in dispensationalism God the Father's wife (Israel) and God the Son's wife (Church) both make animal sacrifices during the alleged Millennial, also boggles the mind! Why would trinitarians have God the Son's wife make animal sacrifices, knowing that God the Son already abolished animal sacrifices by his own death upon the Cross? What purpose would be served for God the Father's wife and God the Son's wife to make animal sacrifices, if they are already the redeemed ones from the alleged dispensations of Law and Grace by the blood of Calvary and the SUPREME SACRIFICE and not needing any further blood sacrifices for forgiveness of sins and redemption?

Dispensationalism is doctrinal quicksand that so many good men just can not recover themselves out of once under the power of the downward suction? They have preached false doctrine so long and skirted what they know is heresy within it so long, they confess they will die that way, because they refuse to preach anything else. They do not want their ego's to suffer the stigma before their people of ever confessing they preached something false. Dispensationalism sounds so good and the quick snatch scare-em tactic still makes for good revivals, why not continue this and hope God forgives this scheming!

The Pre-Trib rapture doctrine secretly teaches the doctrine of the trinity and most don't even know it. They teach two Gods, two wives for the Gods, and two separate segregated eternities for the wives. God the Son's wife goes to the alleged New Jerusalem, while God the Father's wife inherits the new earth. One Baptist Minister said that God the Holy Spirit will get his wife in a future creation. HA!

Dispensationalism has prostituted the Word of God to make theories and opinions of men substitute for the doctrine of Messiah in Matthew 24. According to the time-line in the chart on the left we may expect that on August 6, 2000, the animal kingdom will return to their alleged Eden natures and the meat eating animals will start eating grass. According to dispensationalism as applied to this time-line, after Sunday, August 6, 2000, little children allegedly will be able to play with lions, swim with alligators and sharks, and pick up poison snakes and not be harmed.

Do these dispensational predictions have a basis of a Biblical foundation? Will they will come to pass? I have proven they have not come to pass. If these groups with their time lines on pages 1 and 3 are prophesying the truth, everything they have predicted using the dispensationalist theories will come to pass according to the timing of the Arafat peace treaty with old Israel or the Catholic-Israel treaty. If February 23, 1997 comes and goes and the 26 events of the first 1,260 days are not fulfilled, then the time line in the chart on the left is false and its prophet must repent. This is the Biblical punishment of false prophets who set dates and palm off false doctrine as the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Since both treaties evidently did not produce an antichrist in 1993 to usher in the seven years to the year 2,000, Oneness Brethren should take this as proof or a sign that their dispensational seven year schemes are false. In either case, if on or before August 6, 2000 or November 23, 2000, the Millennium does not start, then it is time to throw out the various dispensational false doctrines and receive THUS SAITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. But why wait all that time wondering? If June the 4, 1995 and October 2, 1995 pass and the events in the Seven Seals are not fully come to pass according to their time schemes on pages 1 and 3, then this fact is enough evidence both prophesies are false. Every child of God should embrace the doctrine of Christ that he will not return till after the Tribulation, at the sound of the last trump.

Baxter's dispensationalism will have the same effect as that of the Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, Pan-Trib, and the Pre-Wrath theories, that of leading masses to first accept the lawless antichrist system and then antichrist that arises out of the midst of it. Antichrist, will call fire down from heaven on animal sacrifices in Jerusalem. With Baxter and others teaching that God will accept the blood and ashes of a red heifer, and this will authorize resumed animal sacrifices, the antichrist will make use of dispensational false doctrine, and deceive millions into believing the fire that is called down from heaven, is actually God authenticating that the Jews have been restored to the old Testament Covenant, and that Jerusalem is cleansed, and holy enough to put back on her scarlet and purple robes of priesthood again.

The Scriptures teach that the antichrist movement that will arise in Jerusalem, will do miracles, signs, and lying wonders. Is it not against these very deceptions that the two prophets raise their voices and are killed as being anti-semites? These tricks of the devil performed by an apostate Talmudic priesthood on Mount Moriah, will deceive additional millions, that God has returned upon old Israel. It is for this one reason that the Jews in Jerusalem dance in the streets, have a christmas celebration and exchange gifts. They are jubilant that the two anti-semitic prophets are dead. The signs, miracles, and lying wonders coming out of Jerusalem will likely be hailed as the beginning of the long awaited ministry of the 144,000 Jesus Name Jewish Evangelists. Ministers will mount the pulpits around the world and welcome the great day, and announce that the anointed one, the King of Israel, the son of David has come. We know this is possible because 80% of Oneness believe everything in the National Inquirer now! 80% have televisions and believe the analysis of world news as reported by ABC, NBC, CBS, and especially antichrist Ted Turner's CNN. How can all the world join in this mock Hanukkah celebration with Jerusalem Jews, unless television news is a prophet and spokesman for the antichrist regime? Those who are deceived of the masses, will be convinced that God has truly returned to the Cabalistic Babylonian Jews and exclaim, else can this be possible if God is not among them? The antichrist will use all of the dispensational teachings to prove that the final destiny of all Jews is the Malkuth kingdom restored through Talmudic law-keeping, NOT an acceptance of JESUS CHRIST. But the ignorant Christians, because of dispensational lies, will cross their hearts, fold their hands, lift up their eyes to God, and believe day by day, that they will wake up one morning and all the Jews will have been miraculously converted to Jesus, and they will start singing the old Rugged Cross inside the Temple on Mount Moriah? Ministers are now getting the revelation of Mount Zion (Isa. 28:16; 1Pet 2:6), and seeing that Jews will never turn to Christ in mass before the second Coming. All that is left is a Kingdom Revival of the true Gospel to the world. The great ingathering of the Elect, the Church, THE NEW ISRAEL OF GOD, is about to come to its finish (Matthew 24:31).

When the Jewish antichrist, not an Arab or Catholic antichrist, plops down on a throne and claims to be of the seed of David and a son of God, many millions will agree and worship him. Pentecostal Pastor, Steven Schmidt's doctrine of a change-up and not caught-up, is likely one of those new doctrines that will aid the antichrist to deceive millions, why there was no catching-up or general resurrection at antichrist's coming. The change-up doctrine teaches that when Jesus comes, we will not be caught up to meet him in the air, but where ever we are, we will be changed up into immortality. Then where ever Jesus announces himself to be, we would flock to him in the desert or in the city. The change-up doctrine teaches that the word cloud means glory and thus Jesus was caught up in glory not the clouds of heaven or the atmosphere. I do not accept this. Jesus is coming in power and great glory, but this can also happen on a visible cloud. There is no need to spiritualize this cloud except that it seems religious or makes some man to seem intelligent. But this doctrine will lead to worship of antichrist, who can fulfill it long before the bodily presence of Jesus Christ. If antichrist came after the Coming of Jesus, this doctrine would not be so dangerous, but antichrist comes first. He can then appear in Jerusalem, in the desert at Mt Sinai, or some other remote or people-filled location as the Anointed One, the Messiah, and many will believe him to be Jesus Christ come again. He will not use the name of Jesus Christ, because that name does not add up to 666. He will only use some title that means Christ, such as High priest, anointed one, son of David, or even a son of God, but his real personal name or the symbol of it will add up to 666. For the Pre-Tribs to lie and teach that the antichrist will come using the name Jesus Christ is one of those false doctrines that will cause many to be deceived and accept the man of sin. They will claim: he doesn't use the name Jesus Christ, therefore he is not the antichrist. When the man of sin comes, not using the name of Jesus Christ, but his own name, they will receive him exactly as Jesus prophesied (John 5:43).

Antichrist will no doubt make use of the change-up doctrine and explain away the caught-up with some likely story that he did descend upon the Mount of Olives to a secret group, just as Jesus ascended from the midst of a secret group, and was to return in like manner as he went away. Ignorant and deceived, the masses will not remember that every eye is to see Jesus at his second coming in the clouds of heaven. The word cloud in the references about the coming of our Lord is nephele Strong's 3507. This word is used in 2 Peter 2:17 and Jude 1:12 to describe the natural clouds in the atmosphere. This proves that when nephele is used in Matthew 24:30; 26:64; Mark 13:26; 14:62; 1 Thes 4:17; and Rev. 1:7 concerning the coming of Christ with or upon a cloud or clouds, it is that location where we meet him in the air. These verses are talking about meeting Christ in the region of the natural clouds in the atmosphere, when and where he appears in the air. To alter this into a mystical glory cloud, where there are no visible atmospheric clouds to the human eye, is both a distortion and false. It is true that the glory of God can be like a cloud, but being like and being the Clouds with which Jesus returns, does not have to be one and the same. Nothing is to be gained by saying it is a glory cloud (singular), if it is agreed that Jesus comes with clouds plural:

REV 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

The present use of holograms making images of humans and animals appearing life-like at night in the air, laser beams, and sound projection can actually be used right now to fake a second coming of the Lord. These tools used secretly will no doubt lure people to worship the antichrist system. The world will accept the miracles, signs, and lying wonders of antichrist as the working of God. They will then praise antichrist who likely arises out of the midst of the antichrist system in old Israel, in the person of first a Priest or Rabbi and then lastly worship him as Messiah-King, in the finality of the transitional deception. Baxter has done this very thing. He has accepted Cabalistic and Babylonian Talmudic Israel, as a divine institution and system ordained by God. Based upon that delusion, he has accepted Gershom Solomon and Chaim Richman, who are both Cabalist Talmudic Rabbis. Gershom Solomon claims he was visited by God in a vision and told to lead a group called the Temple Mount Faithful. Solomon believes he was chosen to either be the Messiah by performing the miracle of rebuilding the Temple, or that he is the forerunner of the Messiah. Baxter and a host of Oneness Brethren nearly worship the man! Baxter accepts the return of old Israel as the fulfillment of Divine prophecy and the work of God. Believing he is helping God to fulfill prophecy, Baxter supports the red-heifer doctrine, parades Gershom Solomon and Chaim Richman around like they are the forerunners or the Messiah, and condones giving them money from the House of God? Why does he acquiesce so limply in awe to Cabalistic Talmudic Judaism, knowing it is derived from and contains the Babylonian Mysteries? Will he fall prostrate if he meets a miracle working Rabbi, who can call fire down from heaven on those red heifers, he has worked so feverishly to publicize and get to Jerusalem. Does he not treat Chaim Richman as if he is Christ, by going to him for information and inspiration?

Will Baxter assist the antichrist system when it comes out with a seal for religious old Israel and they start stamping everything with it and run it up the flag pole? It was told to me by a Baxter disciple that Baxter thinks his dealings in the red heifer business is helping Jews to fulfill prophecy? How much more prophecy does he want to help the synagogue of satan bring to pass? Is Baxter trying to help his dispensationalism theories come to pass by offering to help the Jews do whatever will make his dispensationalism theories come true? If Baxter wants to help the Jews fulfill his theories, where does it stop? All of Baxter's questions to Chaim Richman are staged to get answers that would seem to authenticate his theories of the dispensational time-line he has prophesied. Is he actually trying to self-fulfill his own prophecies?

The Mark And The Name

The mark of antichrist could be an etching, an insignia, a flag, a stamp, a seal, and or a name. It may be made visible or invisible. It most likely will be computer linked ultimately. Some feel it may come in the form of a computer chip in a national identity card, or even a chip inserted below the surface of the skin. This chip would include a person's personal information along with the mark or seal of the beast (Kingdom). Since numbers and letters are now a series of lines, colors, and flashes of light, like with the UPC or Universal Product Code with which we are all accustomed and would not raise a protest, the national identity card and the chip could make use of this system to quiet suspicions that it was the mark of the beast (Kingdom). With international marketing through NAFTA and GAFT, such a system could include the name or mark of virtually any nation on earth. We would never know to whom we were sealed.

The actual visible mark of the beast will be a symbol that represents a name and the kingdom of the antichrist over which he will preside. For instance, the Presidential Seal represents the President. The American flag is a symbol of the name and people of the United States of America. Each pentagram star represents the name of a state. Symbolism in the form of a mark or seal is used all over the world.

For illustration purposes, the name of Jerusalem is said to equal 666 in ancient Hebrew.  The Israel flag with the HEX which also equals 666 would all stand for the name Israel although the name Israel may not equal 666.  Yet the numerical value would not be known to be associated except by those who have wisdom.

Now wisdom (knowledge) of numerology associated with alphabet characters in the days John the Revelator knew of it, was called gnosticism, or one enlightened with the secret knowledge of gematria used by the Jews in their Babylonian Kabbalistic cults.  So John would be saying, those who understand Jewish gnosticism and its numerology through gematira will by this method know who and what the beast kingdom is and the number 666 associated with the name.  You would learn the numerical gematria or gnosis of a name by counting up the sum of the values associated with the symbol-mark standing as an identity of the name or by adding up the sum of the values of the mark representing the name.

American national symbols are filled with the numerical value of 13. The stars on the flag are pentagrams and carry a totally different mystical interpretation used only and known only in black witchcraft Kabbalah. When the pentagrams on the flag are turned upside down (the flag turned upside down) each pentagram star forms the sign of Baphomet and represents a distress signal or a call for help to others in the same cult.  The inverted pentagram is a common ornament of jewelry around the neck of a male or female witch or one dabbling in witchcraft.  Those in the occult recognize this as the the sign of Baphomet or the devil. Then, we may see that the numerology and mysticism of stars as a mark and representing states and also Baphomet the devil are even on the American flag and carries secret numerology of satan: and we pledge allegiance to that flag and the republic for which it stands not caring of any satanic designs or numerology that may be incorporated within it.  Even so, the antichrist will come to world power with his own flag, his own name, his own mark and behind these will be satanic number 666. 

Letters of the alphabet in the ancient languages were also used for numbers.  The use of numerology or gematria to associate words and names with numbers and then group words with having the same total values as having a mystical connection, originated in ancient Babylon.  The Jews usurped this methodology from the Chaldea mysteries and applied the system to Jewish Scriptures and support his by no less than the satanic Kabbalah.  Now the Jews believe the Hebrew alphabet is a divine system of God conveying his power of creation, of life and death, and this all reduced to numbers.  This system of witchcraft is not known in the Old Testament prior to the Babylonian eviction out of the holy land.  It had its birth in Mystery Babylon.  And John warns that this numbering system is of satan and will arise in the endtime prior to the second coming of Messiah.

Just because the Bible has letters and religious bigots are now converting these to numbers in an elaborate scheme to prove God hid secrets to validate Israel and invalidate Christianity by numerology IS FALSE USE OF THE SCRIPTURES.  If there were secret messages hidden in numerical concoctions and codes, Jesus and the Apostles would have told us.  The Gospel and the plan of salvation are clear and contain no mysticism or numerology.  Here is another example of the supremacy of Messiahian Judaism over Pharisee-Talmudic Judaism. Messiahian Judaism does not use witchcraft birthed in Mystery Babylon but Pharisee-Talmudism DOES!   True believers in Messiah will never adopt numerology, gematria, or temura to guess at mystical meanings to any part of the Word of God. And if Catholicism or Protestantism adopts the Jewish method of numerology that does not mean true Christians do it and offers additional proofs that the true Church is not Catholic or Protestant and has been separate from them through the ages, or a believer has come OUT FROM AMONG THEM!

The Bible Code, which is a Jewish mystic system based upon the satanic Babylonian Kabbalah, is a fraud. Using numerology to establish the validity of some wild claim of the Jews against Jesus is obscene and a blasphemy against God. And if God would not tolerate this blasphemy in 70AD he will not change his mind after nearly 2,000 years.  If we accept the numerology of Pharisee-Talmudic Judaism on their wild claims what shall we do when they use it and turn it against Jesus?

For instance: The name of Jesus is spelled in some Jewish books as *Jeschu* and the numerology of that spelling is 316.  Then the words for false god in Hebrew is said to be *Elohe Nekhar* which also equals 316 in numerology (quoted from J. Buxtorf in Abbrev, Jeschu).  Thus, according to the Jews, Jesus is a false god by associating words of the same value.  Christians are being set up to be made fools by the masters of magicians with their Babylonian Kabbalism and Bible Code tricks.

John warns us that a system of numerology of this sort will be used to validate the antichrist as being a son of David and therefore qualified to be the Messiah for whom they wait.  But they who know the system will see his name, mark, and symbol will carry the secret 666 and proves he is an impostor and the antichrist.  

Here is an example:  There arose in Israel a zealot by the name of Simon ben Cozeba during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian. Simon claimed he was the Messiah.  He took on the name of Bar Kochba, meaning son of the star.  Now the star here as his emblem was the HEX containing the mysterious 666 enigma.  The Sanhedrin rejected him as the Messiah.  But alas, out came the great Babylonian mystic Rabbi Akiba who using his witchcraft and numerology validated Kochba as the Messiah.  Rabbi Akiba usurped the role of Elijah the prophet and that of John the Baptist and confirmed (anointed) Bar Kochba the Messiah and King of Israel certifying him as a legitimate son of David.

According to Max Dimont in his *Jews, God, & History* p 107, Bar Kochba as the Messiah prayed: "Lord, don't help us and don't spoil it for us."  Christians rejected Bar Kochba as a false messiah and also because he was very much antichrist, hated Christians, and blamed Jesus and the Christians for the evil that befell Israel and Jerusalem.  The Christians knew Kochba did not qualify to be the Messiah even if Rabbi Akiba who hated Jesus and Christianity would lie on his behalf and claim he was and used his influence to validate him.  Rabbi Akiba had already certified the apostate Aquila to rewrite the Septuagint to take out references to Jesus that the Christians were using to prove the Kingdom had come and was the Church.

The Christians had their Messiah in Jesus and they would not fall in with the antichrist Rabbi Akiba nor assist or aid an antichrist messiah whose very symbol represented 666 and the mark of the beast.  And the Jews never fail to mention in their histories and hatred that the Christian Jews refused to join the army of Bar Kochba for liberation of Israel, as being antisemetic and proof of Christian Jew-hating and a great sin that they refuse to forgive. Christians on the other hand claim they have committed no sin and their reasons not to fall in with Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiba were valid. We believe this Christian decision is a signal to all people and generations afterward NOT TO FOLLOW A MESSIAH VALIDATED OR ANOINTED BY SOME ALLEGED HOLY RABBI.  In their condemnations of Christians of this era the Jewish historians never mention the seven million in Babylon and other smug quarters of the world who also did not run to be under the new Messiah risen up but chose their money and their hellenistic culture above that of following a charlton who proved to be a false messiah. Now the Jews can forgive all their false messiahs even though they were responsible for the deaths of thousands, but Jesus who did not kill one single Jewish person, they damn to hell and curse his name.  Even so, the world is being prepared for some famous Rabbi to masquerade as Elijah to validate the next Jewish Messiah when he appears, and they will secretly use both the HEX and mystical numerology in that kingdom in the Temple, in Jerusalem, and throughout the new Kingdom of Israel to be birthed. Now they can have only a nation, but when their messiah comes, then comes they believe the kingdom and the right to hail and advertise it as such, with whatever symbols or identity the messiah shall choose.

The mind of the world is being prepared for that deception through acceptance of an alleged divine code of numbers associated with the spelling of a word or a name.  The numerology system of the mark of the beast, was revealed and exposed to us by Jesus Messiah so we would know that antichrist's mark will contain satan's number and also based in Judaism and Hebrew. We are warned not to accept the mark of the beast regardless if Jewish numerology is used, because it contains satan's number of worship, his kingdom, and his damnation and identifies the snake throne of lucifer in his grand finale against the Saints of the Most High during the tribulation time.

The Clay Represents Israel, the final feet upon which the luciferian kingdom will stand.

The image Nebuchadnezzar saw and the various nations identified, were symbolised as Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, and Clay, or kingdoms 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Kingdoms 4 and 5 were mixed in the toes (iron and clay). That the clay represents old Israel is established by the analogy of Jeremiah and the experience at the potters house (see also Isa. 64:8). It is clearly revealed that old Israel in its place among the nations was the clay. The mixture of iron and clay was none other than the nations of old Israel and Rome joined in a confederacy, however they did not cleave one to the other even as iron is not mixed with clay, even as Judaism would not mix with Roman Imperialism. The stone Daniel saw hewn out of the mountain was the Church (Christian Judaism) birthed out of Mount Zion on the day of Pentecost.  Once the Stone Kingdom comes out of the mountain it crashes into the feet of the image causing it to fall spiritually and come to destruction. The Kingdom message of the Church, smote old Pharisee-Talmudic Israel first and then crashed into the Roman Empire through evangelism, and both Jerusalem and Rome toppled.

Israel suffered a wound by a sword (Rev 13:3) and her deadly wound was healed in 1948 and all the world is now in a stupor, a wonder, of what is taking place there but make no connection whatsoever to the Revelation text.  A proof so many are already deceived. She has risen up to avenge her wound unto death. She blames Christianity for her deadly wound, saying that Titus would not have done his 70 AD deed if the Christians had not caused internal strife in Israel over Jesus and his Kingdom. So the Rabbis placed in their prayers words that cursed Jesus and the Kingdom and prayed that the Kingdom be rooted out.

Old Israel and Rome were the last two human kingdoms in which Mystery Babylon was prophesied in the image to continue. After the head of gold, and each succeeding kingdom replaced the former, they in turn picked up portions of the mysteries of Babylon passing them on to the next kingdom. When old Israel went to Babylon in 606 BC, nearly all the Jews were baptized into mysticism. Only a remnant moved back to old Israel and attempted to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem. After some time, some Babylonian Jews returned and took over the Temple and established Babylonian mysticism. The sect of Pharisees were the largest and strongest.

The Essenes, who descended from the Godly remnant that returned, called these Babylonian returned Jews, the sons of darkness. The Essenes saw a coming war between the Sons of Light and the sons of darkness, when the Babylonian cult would be overthrew. The Babylonian apostasy led to the evil spiritual condition of old Israel at the time of Christ. She was full of Mystery Babylon. It is no puzzle then why the devil was hanging around in old Israel and Jerusalem protecting his snake throne when Jesus stepped forth to begin his Ministry. Jesus met the devil and Mystery Babylon fully entrenched among the Temple cult established on Mount Moriah. Is it any wonder he would thoroughly purge his floor (2Chr. 3:1; Mat. 3:12)? Jesus met the devil and the Babylonian mystics among the Jews! Babylonian mysticism was the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees.

This was their false doctrine that Jesus identified as hypocrisy or false hood. Genesis 3:15 was fulfilled among the Jews, and no one can deny this. Therefore, it was the religious seed of the serpent, the devil, in the religious powers on Mount Moriah, that bruised the heels of Christ on Calvary (Acts 2:23; 3:15; 5:30; 1Thes 2:15). This is not a light matter. It was not the Romans whom the Apostles accused of the crucifixion of Christ. It was the returned Babylonian Jews! Jesus could look these Babylonian mystics in the eyes and say: You are of your father the devil. The lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). The mark and seal of antichrist under whom Christ was killed, was the six pointed star of Solomon, called the star of David. Is this not the star of Remphan, that Stephen accused the Jews of secretly using at that very time? Was this one of the secret reasons the antichrist Jews killed him (Acts 7:43)? He picked on the precious star of their god Remphan, and they wanted everyone to think it represented old Israel and God. Should it be any different in the endtime if someone identifies that pagan symbol?

To the left is an engraving found in old Israel of the pagan whore goddess Ashtoreth (Semiramas). Upon her head is the six-pointed star. In a family Royal Bible I own, this image below, is redrawn and corrupted, a pentagram (five pointed star) is fixed over the hex to hide it. Why? God commanded that no image should be made of stars in heaven to represent a god (Exo. 20:4). How then could a six-pointed star ever come from Babylon and the great whore Semiramas to the great whore Ashtoreth and then to old harlot Israel, unless it was the sign of a false whore goddess and also that of the great whore mystery religion? Please read Amos 5:26 RIGHT NOW!

Now look below at how this is covered up so the hex is not identified being connected to this ancient whore goddess mystery religion that the Jews practiced and worshiped for hundreds of years along with Baal.

The man who designed the Great Seal of the United States used gematria and numerology in its symbolism. If you look carefully, you may discover interesting symbols that could represent the antichrist system that is now eyeing the position of world authority in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

What is that over the eagle's head? Why is it there? Why is the same sign under which Jesus was crucified over the head of the eagle? It is said by those who know symbolism, that what ever is placed over the head of a person or an object, is said to be the power or authority over him or that. This is graphically seen in ancient Babylonian and Egyptian symbolism. This was used by soldiers as they went to war. They would fasten symbols of their gods upon a standard (pole) and it would be held high above the heads of the soldiers as an omen that they were marching to war and fighting under the protection of the god whose symbol was thrust above their heads. What relevance does the six pointed star have to the eagle on the great seal? What role does the six pointed star of Babylon, Ashtoreth, Remphan, and old Israel, play in the high places of American government? Should we not know something of the occult symbolism under which Apostolics are asked to give their lives? Would they be dying for God, Country, and Family, or for the preservation of a secret system, with roots back to the old whore and Mystery Babylon?

In numerology (gematria), the number of a symbol may also be associated with the number of a name, even though the name itself may not add up to the same value as the symbol. Accordingly, in Cabalism, the numerical values of the word serpent, is said to be 358. The number of the figure or symbol of the serpent on a tau is 500 whether the name is ever used. It is interesting that the Cabalist spelling of the word Messiah is said to also equal the value of 358. According to Charles Ponce, in his book on the Kabbalah, pages 170-171, his Messiah and the serpent share a common identity and are in fact claimed to be one and the same person. This may be true of antichrist who will no doubt use numerology with use of the Bible Code for validation, but our Lord Jesus Christ did not use numerology or a secret Bible Code to prove his Lordship to be true, and he did not because he is not of the devil or Mystery Babylon.

Jesus and the devil do not share a common secret identity, connected by numerology as being the same person. This demonic doctrine is from the same source as that lying doctrine of gnosticism, that equates the God of the old Testament as a demiurge or a renegade god who is also as much a devil as he is a part of the divine nature of the other myriads of gnostic gods:

The (Jewish) Gnostics, who were the contemporaries of the Jewish Tannaim of the second century, believed that it was necessary to distinguish between a good but hidden God, who alone was worthy of being worshiped by the elect, and a Demiurge or creator of the physical universe, whom they identified with the God of the old Testament. Salvation was brought to mankind by messengers sent by the hidden God to rescue the soul from the cruel law or justice of the Demiurge. (Messianic Idea In Judaism, Scholem, page 104).

To the left is a coin minted by Herod the Great showing the hex poised over the dome of the Temple. We are not sure how many of these coins were struck or how wide the circulation. We do not know if they were issued before the Ministry of Jesus and halted after Roman occupation and Herod's death. Jesus said the Temple cult had turned the Temple into a den of thieves. The word *thieves* in Hebrew is *parats* which is equivalent to the word *pirate*. The cross-bones of a pirate's flag is said to be an emblem identical to the hex. In Freemasonry these are considered to refer to the same mystery.

The hex is used in the Kabbalah mysteries in the Sefirah and from this mysterious *tree of life* which true Christians see as the Babylonian Mystery religion and a tree of death. The Kabbalist teach from the Sefirah that there is a hidden god the identity of which is revealed in 32 paths leading to the 33rd degree and the hidden god of the cult.  In Washington D.C. at the Shrine of the 33rd degree the room is surrounded with snakes and it is reported by many ex-Masons that lucifer is revealed as the hidden and secret god of the hex and all the other symbols and emblems in Masonry such as the *G* fixed in the center of the compas and square, the GAOTU and the LW or name of the god.

There is an elaborate mystery and great secrecy concerning the hex and lucifer the horned one.  All that we know and can find out comes from their books and they say we are wrong.  But when the cult is exposed they claim the writers of the books are only giving their opinions and are wrong, and these books are written by their alleged scholars of many years study of their craft. They say we are not loving people because we have exposed some of their secrets. They say we are intolerant, that we have a hate religion because we tell others not to join them and take their blood oaths? What is their problem? They do not want their secret, that the hidden God, or the Ein-Sof as known among Babylonian Cabalist, is none other than Lucifer and the hex is associated with his MARK. In gnosticism he is called the good god because he allegedly gave Eve secret wisdom or gnosis (knowledge).

Here is a seal showing the serpent behind the vail of their secret shrines and acting as the god teaching the mysteries. For this reason, because Freemasonry is built upon Cabalism, the G or the monad, or the LW, or the true AOTU, is none other then the light-bearer, Lucifer (in other cults he is called the horned one). It is said and confessed by some who had been initiated into the honorary 33d degree of Masonry, that Lucifer was revealed at that time as the god of the grand lodge, of which all other lodges are a type. It is easy then to see, that in all occult groups, the hex becomes a known symbol representing the satanic 666. We are foolish to believe that gematria or numerology of names and words in Scripture, originated with the Catholic Church. It has existed among apostate Jews since the time they began worshiping Baal as a personification of Nimrod. John points us to the identity of the whore system that will use numerology, as a basis for her claim that her doctrines and teachings are thus validated as Divine truth. The numerology of the Scriptures is not new. Even many Oneness Brethren have fallen into this Kabalistic occult numbering system, thinking that they have stumbled upon some secret revelation known only by holy Jews? This numbering system is found within gnosticism, Babylonian Judaism, their Talmud, and the mysteries of the Cabalah.

The mark of antichrist will likely be connected with old Israel, for it to have any validity and authority to represent the identity of a Messianic kingdom. The mark may likely then be called the seal of David. The mark will rapidly become so common place and accepted, that many alleged Christians will embrace it, as one of those mystical symbols they love and can not explain why! It will be hailed as a sign of the holiness and righteousness of the restored Jewish people. It will even contain the meaning of the union of God and man! When placed in a circle it will likely be said to mean the Eternal kingdom of God. Many will not understand that it is the highest symbol of witchcraft that has come down to our generation from the whore who crucified Christ! They will not know that in the center and upon this symbol, many human sacrifices were made over the ages. If a star was the sign of the coming of Jesus Christ, what sign would likely be used by antichrist to claim the appearance of a new Messianic hope? Could it be the hex star? Are they already using it? If the hex plays little or no part in the mark of the beast, it at least is a sign of the great whore and mother of harlots, because Ashtoreth the whore goddess used it as her mark? Will the mark of antichrist be the hex? What other mark used by any nation equals 666?

The Snake Throne Rejected

To the left is a graphic showing an apostate Levite priest with his red heifer altar (the Egyptian calves were erected in Dan and Bethel  2Kings 10:29) trying to shove down a Prophet crying out against the calf god and the altar with the hex clearly on it.  (This was copied from *A Picturesque Tale, by Olive Miller, Beginnings II, p. 211).  The hex has been found extensively in association with pagan altars and child sacrifices. These false gods were introduced by Solomon after he married strange women who led him to backslid on God.  His sons continued the worship of these gods and only sporatically was there a king who did right in the eyes of the LORD.  Solomon paved the way for the sake throne to come to Jerusalem when he hired Hiram of Tyre (a pagan male witch) to meddle in the building of the Temple. Since that time, and after the marriage of Solomon to his pagan wives, the glory of God was never to be seen in the Temple of the Israelites ever again.  Only a remnant out of the masses followed God and their prayers for a return of the glory when the Messiah came was the hope of Israel. The glory did come but not on Mount Moriah, it came on Mount Zion where the upper room was located on the very spot David had reared up his tent for the Ark of the Covenant.

The ministry of the Prophets gives us a clear understanding of the spiritual warfare between the snake throne in the Baal religion, and the the true remnant people of God.  Not all of Israel were therefore valid believing Godly Israelites with whom God continued his Covenants of Abraham and Sinai.

Many will never know that the snake throne will likely descend from the seedline of Solomon through the cut off seedline of Jehoiakim (Jer. 43:10).

Solomon died a male witch, the son of the serpent (2Kings 11:6-11). 666 is mentioned only with one man in the Bible. Read 1Kings 10:14 and 2Chron. 9:13, to discover who this was. Is this GOLD and the 666 to describe it a hint by God of the symbolic Babylon snake throne and the seed of antichrist to come claiming Solomon as the lineage of his kingdom? Will this man's name be a secret to hide the number 666 if he uses the hex? If so, should we suspicion the name Solomon, like in Gershom Solomon or some other *SOLOMON*?  

The second place we find the 666 is in John 6:66:  *From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.*  Where did they go?  They went back to the temple and under the Pharisees.  Back to those whom Jesus said their father was the devil. They went back to those who became the plotters of the death of Jesus.  Here we find a vivid account that when one goes back to Mount Moriah, to the temple cult and the Pharisees, the Apostles counted it as *no longer walking with the Lord.*  Is it coincidental that this passage is numbered 666? It is indeed strange that the words *I DENY* in Greek also equals 666.  

The serpent religion moved in and nearly destroyed all of old Israel. Only a remnant was left who were Godly and the prophecy came that only a remnant would be saved (Isa 1:9), ...and that remnant would be considered *ALL OF ISRAEL* that was the true Israel remaining in Covenant in God's eyes (this explains the *all* of Israel in Romans 10 & 11).

A careful read of Jeremiah 52:31-32 will reveal that Evil Merodach, King of Babylon gave Jehoiachin a Babylonian vassal snake throne. This Jehoiachin was said to have done evil in the sight of the LORD! The genealogy of the cut-off seed line of the Babylonian snake throne is found in Matthew's gospel. Joseph descended from that line. The only other seedline of a Throne came down from Adam to David, then through Nathan to Mary, and is found in the Luke record. Two thrones are faced off against each other. The snake throne of Babylon given to the seedline of Jehoiachin and the throne of David descended through Nathan to Mary. One is antichrist and would come from Mystery Babylon and the other is the true kingdom of David.

This Babylonian snake throne was brought back to old Israel and surfaces in the high priest acting as a King on Mount Moriah (see Maccabees). The true throne is in the seedline of Jesus Christ. Since the throne of David and seedline belonged to Jesus, there remains no throne or seedline of David in old Israel. Since he did not pass the throne to a seed, and since Mary's other children were of the cut-off seed line of Jehoiachin via Joseph, only the snake throne of Babylon remains to be set up before the second coming of Christ.

This false throne of old Israel became the only succeeding Babylonian throne when Babylon was conquered by the Medes. This is so, because the Jews maintained their own shadow government in exile, regardless of who conquered. The Babylonian snake throne given by Evil Merodach to Jehoiachin, was brought back to old Israel, but never was openly set up as a political kingdom, the priest of it operating from a secret oral tradition, hid it behind the facade of the Temple. That is why the devil was in Jerusalem and so many devil possessed were in the Synagogues as rulers when Jesus arrived as Messiah.  

Many of these apostate Jews looked for Jesus to openly restore the political system hiding in the Temple. They were looking for the restoration of the Kingdom in exile to be restored, and to set up the Babylonian snake throne. Jesus was not of that Babylonian lineage and therefore he rejected to set up the political Kingdom they wanted. But he did set up the New Israel of God Kingdom, the Church. Because this was not the throne in exile, the corrupt snake system hiding in the Temple, they crucified him and his Kingdom of God was rejected. When we reject the snake throne and antichrist Judaism, we are true Christians and followers of Messiah.

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