God Will Preserve The New Israel

2TI 4:18 And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work (antichrist), and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. 

The Godly protection, the Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, and Pre-Wraths claim God gives to the restored Jews hiding in Petra during the vials of wrath, is exactly what the true Post-Tribs teach is really God's protection of the saints, the Apostolic Church, the NEW ISRAEL OF GOD throughout the world! Why can they envision God sparing harlot Israel by careful aiming of his wrath away from Petra and upon the antichrist, but when we, the NEW ISRAEL OF GOD, the CHURCH, are identified as the tribulation saints, the Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, and Pre-Wraths, think God looses his ability to aim his wrath and it falls on the Church as well as on the antichrist? By the way, the word "Petra" is not even in the Bible!

God knew how to preserve from wrath when he gave Noah the plan for the Ark. They were not saved from wrath but preserved through it! God knew how to aim when he hit Lot's wife and not Lot, and they were hand in hand being dragged out by angels! God knew how to aim when he destroyed Core and his followers and not Moses and the rest of old Israel, and just a few feet separated them! God knew how to aim when he sent plagues on Egypt and spared the old Israelites! God knew how to aim when he killed Pharaoh and his armies in the sea! God knew how to blast down the walls of Jericho and leave one part standing to save Rahab and her household! God knew how to aim his wrath at Sennacherib and 185,000 were killed in one night just a mile or so from the people of God. Ahab thought he could reject the word of the Prophet and go to Ramoth Gilead, but God used the random arrow of the enemy and directed it right into his heart. God aimed his wrath on a four inch wide line that stretched about twenty feet North and South, when he tore the vail in the Temple top-side to bottom, in his anger at the abomination of desolation abiding therein. When Herod took the honor of having the voice of a god, God smote him with flesh worms right where he stood. God aimed his wrath on Jerusalem in 70 AD and inspired one unknown Roman soldier to throw a firebrand into the abomination of the snake throne, and set it on fire of hell! God promises to aim his wrath on the seat of antichrist. He promises to aim his wrath on a particular one fourth segment of the world. He promises to send his wrath on a particular one third of trees. He will send his wrath upon certain selected rivers and waters. The great star that falls into the sea has a particular target landing area. The wrath of God that brings the great earthquake and great hail in the 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet, and the 7th Vial, has a specific target (Rev 11:13 Jerusalem). God's wrath is targeted, selective, and inclusive. It is upon the wicked and selective for the wicked. Do not dwell in the cities of the wicked or dwell in the congregation of the wicked, and thereby escape the coming aiming of God's wrath during the tribulation. God is so accurate with his Word in bringing judgement, that it is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. When God aims, he hits his target. 

It is not just filler talk and joking that God would say: And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. This is a direct warning that the wrath and plagues of God are targeted on a specific place and upon a specific people. This coming out is not leaving denominationalism or some doctrine of the false Churches. This >coming out has to do with separation from the antichrist system in the endtime. If God's people are not ready and prepared to leave from among the presence of the wicked (worldliness, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, cults, & other religions), their disobedience will cause them to suffer the wrath of God.

I do not believe such a disobedient person can be saved. I believe in that hour they will be as Lot's wife and their heart being knit with the wicked, they shall perish. "Remember Lot's wife," is a warning not to stay with the wicked until you would rather die with them then to obey God and flee the targeted area where he has aimed his wrath. It also is a warning not to let our hearts be with the wicked and thereby resist the hands of the messengers (Ministers) trying to pull, bring souls out of the target area of God's wrath (Jude 1:23). The Scriptures specifically report that God will pour out his wrath upon the wicked. Look where God intends to pour out his wrath in the earth and don't go live there. We can easily identify those upon whom God is aiming his judgements. It is not upon the Church, the NEW ISRAEL OF GOD!

We may suffer the wrath of man, but not the wrath of God. True Post-Tribs believe the Church is the "new" Israel of God (Rom.2:28; Gal. 6:16; 1Peter 2:9-10 Gal. 3:16; 3:29). They believe the dispensational Cabalist doctrine of a restored Israel to an old Testament Covenant is false. How can God go back to a harlot wife he divorced (Deut. 24:4)? How can God now go back to old Israel after the Cross? If the Jews are not grafted back into the olive tree they will be eternally damned. The olive tree is the Church, the New Israel of God. Gentiles were grafted into the Church. After Calvary there is no natural old Israel as a saving institution and depository of divine truth. There is no other olive tree except that which contains salvation in Christ. This is the Church! There is no other Testaments (covenants) except the old and the New. The old has been fulfilled by the New. The old is fulfilled in Christ. The New is all that remains for salvation. When it is finished and completed, there is no other Testament or Covenant for the Jews to find a way back to God. If they are Abraham's seed then they had better get in Christ. If they do not believe in Jesus, they shall die in their sins (John 8:24). There is no such thing as God the Son not nailing seven years of the Law on the Cross, so God the Father can get back his old Testament harlot wife during seven years of alleged restored Law keeping. 

The true Post-Tribs believe a group who claim to be Jews but are really a mixture of Gentiles converted to Judaism and a mixed race of Jews, will return to Israel and claim to be full-blooded Jews and set up a nation or kingdom. But, as did Christ and the Apostles, we have found them not to be Godly Jews but of the synagogue of satan (Rev. 2:9; John 8:44). The most part have not changed in over 2,000 years. We believe this sham group will establish a Cabalistic-Babylonian Talmudic antichrist system, that will produce the man of sin who will arise out of the midst of it, and will rule the world out of Jerusalem and Mount Moriah. Three things are certain:

1.) These Jews are antichrist and boldly say they believe Jesus was Balaam. 

2.) These Jews use a mystical Sorceress Bible called the Babylonian Talmud. This book of shadows and mystery, contains the secrets of Mystery Babylon veiled in interpretations of a secret oral law, that came out of Babylon and was called in the days of Jesus "THE TRADITIONS OF THE ELDERS." Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and other Prophets knew nothing of these alleged secret oral laws before Babylon, therefore, they had their birth in Babylon, by apostate Jews to hide their witchcraft and pagan mysticism.

3.) These Jews are in control of old Israel, Jerusalem, and the Talmudic religion trying to set up a hexagram shaped Temple in old Israel near Mount Sinai. 

The Catholic Church in all of its murdering hate, its killing of millions, its paganism and false doctrines, can never be the great whore of Mystery Babylon above that of old Israel. What ever can be said of the Catholic Church, far, far, worse can be said of old Israel. Old Israel is the ex-harlot wife of God sent to Babylon by God to identify her as the great whore. This cannot be said of the Catholic Church!  Who then can be a greater whore or harlot then an exwife of God? 

The connection of Catholicism to the great whore of Israel is tied to gnosticism, mysticism, black witchcraft in the secret orders, the secret teachings of the Kabbalah behind the trinity doctrine. Catholicism is patterened after Judaism (Supreme Pontiff High Priest for life; red heifer water as holy water; candles replace the menorah, incense containers nerarly the same, bells to represent the bells on the High Priest garment; priest garments; holy fire; holy smoke; two candlesticks on each side of the Pope's throne representing the two pillars in Solomon's temple of Jachin and Boaz; The college of cardnials as the sanhedrin; and the list can go on.  In Catholicism we have a reprobate and an apostate Judaism with a cloak of Christianity to deceive if it were possible the very elect.  Catholicism is a daughter of the great whore of Babylon and that is why it is hard to distinguish the harlot daughter from her mother.  They are so alike in their evils and bloodshed.

Revelation 18:24 says that in "her" that is in the whore Israel, was found ALL THE BLOOD of them that were slain upon the earth. Matthew 23:34-37 proves this is harlot Israel because she is accused by Jesus Messiah of being guilty of the blood from Abel to the killing of the father of John the Baptist. Why?  Because within Judaism at that time existed the snake throne of the murderer and liar, lucifer, the serpent, the devil. Who ever accepts that snake throne is guilty of all the bloodshed.  Beware that ye be not a partaker with the snake throne in all of this iniquity and damnation to come (Rev 18:4).  If a person can be a partaker in the sins of the great whore by membership, how much more can a person be numbered as a partaker in the snake throne guilt of all the blood shed from that of Abel to the last person killed for their faith in Jesus Messiah?  Don't think that fleeing Catholicism and then running to kiss up to and make a love covenant with apostate Judaism is Godly.  For such is the greatest deception of all.  Jesus rejected Jewish Phariseeism and their Babylonian Talmud as of the devil.  And there is no Judaism existing today that is not Phariseeism or a harlot daughter of that serpent system.

God can not accuse the Catholic Church of what he has already attributed to harlot Israel. Whoever "she" is in Revelation 18:24, "she" is in Matthew 23:34-37. You figure it out! Also compare these Scriptures with ROM 11:3, 1TH 2:15, and REV 6:11. Who is this talking about, the great whore of Israel, or the Catholic Church her harlot daughter?

The Jews openly confess their doctrine and teachings come out of a Babylonian replacement of the Torah, they call it the Babylonian Talmud! History says that the largest concentration of Jews from 606 BC until 1000 AD was in Babylon. The traditions of the Elders were purely Babylonian in construction, design, and birth. Jesus did not quote from, teach from, nor instruct the Apostles to confirm to the nations, any of the Babylonian oral laws of the Elders. These oral laws became the Babylonian Talmud.

It is with this knowledge, along with the testimony of the blood, that old Israel as Mystery Babylon of the endtime, is openly revealed. Jews are not ashamed to have the word Babylonian attached to their New Testament to the old Testament, called the Babylonian Talmud! They openly claim Mystery Babylon identity, and yet, the dispensationalist have pointed us away from looking in that direction for almost one hundred and sixty years. WHY? As Ministers escape dispensationalism and begin to exalt the True Israel of God over cut-off branches; apostates, sympathetic with the old whore, will throw fits of rage and begin to flood the Church with new books, reporting that Israel still has an unfulfilled Covenant to complete. This lie may circulate again and many may be deceived, but the elect will not be deceived. Israel is the great whore and this truth will not be denied any longer. The Church is the New Israel of God and this truth will not be hidden from the Saints any longer.

Dispensationalist have it all backwards for the tribulation period. They have replaced the Church with the great whore Israel. While they look for the iron in the feet and the ten toes to be revived, they ignored that it is to be the clay in those feet and ten toes to be revived in the endtime, and out of the midst of which comes the son of perdition, the antichrist. That clay in those feet and toes is Israel. Satan needed a vehicle, a false doctrine, to deceive the world and point them away from the clay (Israel) to the iron (Rome). This deception, embodied in dispensationalism, will lead tens of thousands to accept antichrist, in disguise of accepting something from God. Dispensationalism became a vehicle of trickery and falsehood. This system of interpretation, will rally millions to worship and accept the great whore Israel, and not know they have fallen into the antichrist scheme of Mystery Babylon beautifully.

Both groups (Baxter and the Pre-Tribs) are wrong in their application of the dispensational scheme of the 70th week of Daniel according to Larkin's theories, to the seven years of tribulation claimed for old Israel only. Their spiritual ignorance may be their only escape from blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. They used the scheme of John Nelson Darby and Clarence Larkin's dispensational interpretations, to teach that antichrist Jews in some measure are still the elect chosen people of God. They are no more a people with unconditional eternal security now, then they were in the days of the Apostles. What they were in some old Testament times, is not what they were in Christ's day or today. The Law Covenant has no Priesthood. It was abolished when the Law was abolished! When a Law convert is made, he or she becomes TWO-FOLD MORE THE CHILDREN OF HELL then they were before (Mat. 23:15)! I have yet to meet a Judaizer who did not have a sour spirit and want to snap your head off if you challenged them and questioned their hatred for Christianity. They hate true Christianity. Judaizers use the cloak of attacking paganism and the Catholic Church as their cover for being shams. We should expose the falsehoods of Catholic doctrine as equally we would false Jewish doctrine, but we should never destroy the Apostolic Doctrine that is true. Judaizers start out attacking the Catholic Church and then run amuck, ending up trying to kill the Apostolic Church because it refuses to be Judaized. Judaizers, claiming they are on a crusade of restoration of truth, tear down anything that is not Jewish and a practice of the law. This exposes them as the Concision and of the synagogue of satan. What ever Apostolic truth they might retain, would amount to holding it in unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18). The Priesthood being changed forever, old Israel no longer has any means to God except through the priesthood of Jesus Christ. The idea of restored Law (the seventieth week), red heifers, and a holy Talmudic priesthood, is an attempt to trod under foot the priesthood of Jesus Christ and count the blood of his Covenant an unholy thing. The mere fellowship with Talmudic Jews, who count the blood of Christ an unholy thing, is blasphemy. 

Examining Prophecy Guessing

Rev. Baxter put out that he would like his readers to help contribute to a one million dollar slush fund to print millions of his magazines, when the Arabs signed a peace treaty with old Israel. He insinuated and inferred that such a treaty would be the antichrist making a covenant with the Jews. This is proof he teaches the Larkin doctrine that it is not Christ, but antichrist who confirms a covenant with old Israel for one week, proving he is not a true Post-Trib.

Baxter wanted the million dollars so he could warn all of America that it would be exactly seven years from the date of the Arab-Arafat peace treaty to the end of the tribulation and the beginning of the Millennium. Baxter felt the entire timed sequence of the events to follow in 7 years, could be laid out, once the peace treaty was signed. One of his followers actually placed an X in the first 1,260 day segment and said, Baxter believed the Church was at that place in the seven years of tribulation. He placed the X in the middle of the first 1,260 day segment. This accurately pinpointed June 4, 1995, the middle of the first half, as depicted by Baxter's time line in the chart on the left? So Baxter is apparently using a time line in his discussions with his followers. Now he is teaching that events of the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials may not be in the order given by John. I question this thimble-rigging! It also appears Baxter is vacillating back and forth between the covenant of Jerusalem signed in May of 1993 by Jews among themselves, to the covenant signed by Arafat and old Israel. He has both a Jew and an Arab as the antichrist. Will he guess a Syrian Gentile next?

Baxter made the Arabs antichrist and Arafat the man of sin, even though Arabs are not mentioned in endtime prophecy anywhere as the source of antichrist or the antichrist system. If Arafat was not the man of sin, the treaty with old Israel would have no connection to Larkin's confirm the covenant. Baxter has made Arafat the alleged man of sin and the one who confirmed the covenant for one week, and alleges the seven years of tribulation began the day the peace treaty was signed. This proves he believes that God the Father would not allow God the Son to nail the seventieth week of Daniel to the Cross. Otherwise he would have no seven year period to tie his predictions to. Look at the chart below and you can see what should have happened or what will soon happen according to Baxter's scheme.

As each time mark is passed in his scheme, and his doctrine of Darbyism fails to materialize, Baxter will have opportunity to correct his error and start putting out the true Post-trib doctrine of Christ. He, like the purveyors of the serpent seed doctrine, must make his corrections in the same manner he published his error. He must do it in his magazine. What good are all the other true doctrines of the Apostolic faith, if a false prophecy leads these people to accept and worship the antichrist system and then antichrist who arises out of the midst of it. Will not Apostolics be just as lost as others if they worship or take the mark of the beast? If it is not possible for them to be lost, why do we warn saints it is possible and quote: Let no man deceive you, which Jesus specifically addressed to the Church? Believing in Jesus Name Baptism, the Holy Ghost baptism, one God, and practicing holiness, cannot exempt the abominable and unforgiving sin of worshiping the antichrist system or taking the mark of antichrist who arises out of the midst of it.

This analysis is not to attack any man, but to challenge the errors that men willingly teach as fact, when they adopt the false doctrine of dispensationalism. It just so happens that Rev. Baxter has put out a prophecy that I am using to prove dispensationalism is a false doctrine. Baxter is not ashamed of his magazine or he would not have sent out over a million copies and put it in the public domain for consideration, acceptance, and or rejection and rebuttal. Oneness Brethren are wrong to believe that rebuttal is not proper and Scriptural. This treatise is rendered in love, to show others the error of allowing Cabalistic dispensationalism, to set the agenda and the doctrine of the end time Apostolic Church. We are warned by Christ to let no man deceive us. If Baxter's time scheme is not exactly fulfilled in line with his Darby dispensationalism, then his date-setting and teachings are deceiving, and he is one of those Jesus warned against. The result of current Baxterism is, that many will worship the antichrist system. They will accept the antichrist who arises out of the midst of it, believing God has restored the old harlot Israel to her Abraham Covenant, and she is qualified to set up the utopia millennium.

Baxter's 7 Year Time Line

Must Fulfill The Following 26 Events

Between September 13, 1993 and February 23, 1997

The following 26 events are said by Clarence Larkin and Rev. Baxter, to happen in the first 1,260 days of the 7 years of tribulation. Look around you and see if you recognize any of the 26 events below having already taken place beginning on September 13, 1993:

1) Did the secret Pre-Trib rapture take place before Arafat was revealed as antichrist on Sept. 13, 1993? (Why no report of millions missing and grave yards torn up? Why are Pre-Tribs quiet about having missed the rapture?)

2) Did antichrist sign a peace treaty with old Israel and move to Jerusalem to set up his headquarters on Sept. 13, 1993?

3) Was the Temple rebuilt by Sept. 13, 1993?

4) Was the red heifer sacrifice offered by Sept. 13, 1993?

5) Did animal sacrifices begin on Sept. 13, 1993?

6) Was a restored priesthood of the Law (not of Cabalism or the Babylonian Talmud) officiating in Jerusalem as of Sept. 13, 1993?

7) Was the Roman empire (ten toes) revived and are 10 Kings waiting to begin taking their thrones at or soon after February 23, 1997?

8) Were the seven Seals opened beginning Sept. 13, 1993?

9) Was the first Seal opened after September 13, 1993 but before June 4, 1995: The white horse (said by many to be the antichrist conquering the earth, then to return to Jerusalem)?

10) Was the second Seal opened after September 13, 1993 but before June 4, 1995: The red horse (said to be a symbol of war to take peace from the earth)?

11) Was the third Seal opened after September 13, 1993 but before June 4, 1995: The black horse (said to be a symbol of world-wide death by hunger)?

12) Was the fourth Seal opened after September 13, 1993 but before June 4, 1995: The pale horse (said to be the symbol of death when one forth of the world dies)?

13) Was the fifth Seal opened after September 13, 1993 but before June 4, 1995: Souls under the altar crying for vengeance, given white robes and told to rest?

14) Was the sixth Seal opened after September 13, 1993 but before June 4, 1995: Sun becomes black, moon turns to blood, stars fall, sky rolls back like a scroll, great darkness?

15) Are the alleged 144,000 Jesus Name Jewish evangelist out converting millions of tribulation Jews to Jesus Christ? This revival was alleged to begin the day the Arafat/Israel treaty was signed on September 13, 1993. Who sent them ...the CJC, the UPC, the ACI, the ALJC, the PAJC, the PAW, the AWCF, the Women Preachers, the Independents, the PSR boys, Billy Cole, Baxter, Lott, MaHanney, Solomon, or Chaim Richman? Has no one stood to take credit for the great invisible revival sweeping the world around us since September 13, 1993? So, are the 144,000 Jesus Name Jewish evangelist are out there somewhere having a great revival for the past 821 days and we don't know about it? OK Baxter, give us a report in your next magazine! Why haven't we heard about it.

16) The two witnesses are supposed to appear in Jerusalem and prophesy for the entire 1,260 days of the first half of the week. Have Elijah and Enoch or Moses (take your pick), been here since Sept. 13, 1993 preaching in Jerusalem? As of December 12, 1995, Elijah, Enoch and or Moses have only 436 days of the 439 days remaining of their 1,260 days of prophesying. Remember they are killed and lay dead for three days. According to Baxter's Arafat-Israel peace treaty time line, they are killed on February 21, 1997 and resurrected on February 23, 1997 when the first 1,260 days expire? Has anyone seen these two prophets preaching in Jerusalem recently? Surely Baxter and others have been there since September 13, 1993, and they would have recognized such great men and taken pictures with them? Where are the pictures Baxter, you took a group over there?

17) According to Baxter's time line, fire from off the alter in heaven should have been cast down upon the earth causing: Lightening, thunder, and a great earthquake. This is alleged to happen in the last half of the first 1,260 days, therefore what happens at this time and the trumpets that follow, should have started by June 4, 1995 and will continue and end by February 23, 1997, which is the exact date of the middle of the week? Will any of the Trumpets occur between June 4, 1995 and December 12, 1995? Can Baxter get trumpets blasting before December the 12, 1995?

18) Will the first trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: Hail and fire mingled with blood, are cast down upon the earth and one third of all the trees on earth are burned up?

19) Will the second trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: A burning mountain is cast down from heaven into the sea, the sea becomes blood or as blood (thickened or coagulated)?

20) Will the third trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: Great star wormwood makes rivers and fountain of waters bitter, many men die?

21) Will the fourth trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: Sun, moon, stars shine one-third less (Mar. 13:20). Day changes from 24 hours to 18 hours. The daily rotation speed of the earth increases by one third? This one must come to pass in 630 days starting the count from June 4, 1995.

22) Will the fifth trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: Plague of locust come out of a smoking bottomless pit, men are tormented five months?

23) Will the sixth trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: Four angels are loosed from the river Euphrates; 200,000,000 horsemen cross the river Euphrates, one third of men are killed with fire, smoke, and brimstone? Larkin says these are spirit beings that come to weed out the worst of the human race (so are they of God to kill Jews since they are alleged to attack Israel?), so that only the better class of men shall be saved for the millennium? (The Book of Revelation, Copyright 1919, Fourteenth Printing, Page 79, last paragraph.)

24) Will the seventh trumpet sound after June 4, 1995 but before February 23,1997: Precisely at the middle of the week, and continue to blast without interruption over the entire next three and one half years? (Is this long blast what wakes up the dead?) You can not have the last trump twice, once to close out the first half of the tribulation and once to close out the last half!

25) Will, on exactly February 23, 1997 according to Baxter's time line, the ten kings of the restored Roman empire begin to jointly reign, and the alleged great whore which they say is the Catholic Church, then mount the beast and ride? This event must happen at this time since this beast lives for 42 months or 1,260 days, and all that is left of the tribulation period after the middle of the week according to Darby, Larkin, and Baxter is 1,260 days. The antichrist allegedly comes to the rescue against this revived Roman Empire and schemes to be a peacemaker, deceiving the world that he has stalled off World War III. Antichrist then allegedly, takes dominion over the ten kings (Larkin's little horn) and returns in diplomatic triumph and victory to claim his right to total rule of the world, and makes Jerusalem the place of his throne of glory? All of this theory is false. But don't take my word for it. See if it comes to pass according to the time lines of Baxter and the Pre-Tribs.

26) It is alleged by Baxter and other dispenationalists, that Antichrist breaks his covenant with old Israel precisely in the middle of the week and stops all animal sacrifices on February 23, 1997? This is alleged to anger God, because he was just again getting excited and enjoying the smell of the smoke and seeing the beautiful powerful blood of animal sacrifices, after a 2,000 year accidental gap? It is alleged that God purposes to get antichrist and put him in hell forever, for stopping this holy smoke and ending blood sacrifices of animals. But not to despair, the holy smoke and blood sacrifices will be resumed shortly by Millennial Jews, as they allegedly begin to rear up the Tabernacle of David, after antichrist is conquered and thrown down to hell. Old Israel, as the alleged woman of Revelation 12, is alleged to flee from the antichrist when he stops the sacrifices. For 1,260 days, (the rest of the alleged tribulation period), all of old Israel is alleged to be hid and preserved. God the Father now has his old Testament harlot wife back, and God the Son has his wife safe in heaven at a large party till the seven years be finished? Old Israel flees exactly in the middle of the week, for God the Father to hide her 1,260 days in Petra? Now, although the Catholic Church and the Pope are throughly knowledgeable about Petra, by their knowledge of present teachings about the tribulation, the Pope and the Catholic Church somehow are alleged to get amnesia, and forget where in the world five to seven million Jews could have disappeared over night, and no one heard a sound or witnessed this mass exodus over land or highways, and cross the Jordan into the desert? Unless there is a stash of water big as the sea of Galilee, millions of tons of food, shelter, and other means of personal hygiene, this small valley that can only hold 5,000 people giving each 900 S.F. , will stink to high heaven? How they will keep quite and no sound of these millions escaping out of the little canyon for 1,260 days, no one has tried to explain, except with a hunch of the shoulder, and say they can't, but they believe God will perform miracles. With the millions of Jews hiding in Petra, where only 5,000 can fit comfortably, it is alleged that the antichrist now turns on the rest of the world, seizes control of nations, economics, medicine, food, and property, and begins to issue the 666 for those who want to buy, sell, or trade in his new world order?

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