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Time proves all prophecies true or false

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Time and the fact the prophecies of Rev. Baxter and the Pre-Tribs never came to pass are the proof they were false.

Some doubted when Baxter's prophecies did not come to pass, but they wanted to believe something about the Lord's second coming, so they accepted his opinions anyway along with the false prophecy that the peace treaty signed on December 30, 1993 between the Vatican and old Israel, was the Confirm the covenant with many for one week, because it connected the Catholic Church and the Pope to a peace treaty with the Pharisee Talmudist in control of modern Judaism. They could do this because Baxter's opinions and theories seemed to fit their dispensational scheme of a secret rapture before the revealing of the Pope as the alleged antichrist and the making of a covenant with the Jews.  They looked in expectation and prophesied the Pope would to go to Jerusalem on June 12, 1997 and plop down on a throne in the temple.  But did it happen?  Rev. Bill Brimmage said he had the proof of it in his attache case (an article out of Parade magazine). But Rev. Brimmage has not been seen around here since before June 12, 1997 after his prophecy proved false.

Many Pre-Tribs called Baxter a false prophet because he did not predict the Pope as the antichrist to sit in the temple on his Feb 1997 date.  But did the Pope sit there 108 days later in 1997 on the Pre-trib date of June 12, 1997 for the same event?  NO!  So both are guilty of being false prophets.  I don't want to hear another Pre-Trib say anything more about their dispensational heresies of Daniel's 70th week being the true interpretation of the endtimes.  I do not want to hear Rev. Baxter's new prophecies since his old ones were false.  A false prophet is a false prophet is a false prophet.

The Pre-Tribs dispensationalist take the 70th week of Daniel and falsely apply it to the Covenant of the Catholic Church with modern Talmudic Pharisee Judaism.  When Rome and Israel made a treaty on December 30, 1993  the Pre-Tribs went wild and predicted an immediate rapture any minute.  That new years eve was hailed as the beginning of the wrath of God and the rapture.  They expected 1,260 Days to commence  counting on December 31, 1993 to the middle of the 70th week on June 12, 1997 when the Pope would emerge from under cover and announce to the world he was the Messiah of Israel and the world. 

The Pre-Tribs predicted the rapture in 1993 and missed. They missed again their 1997 prediction.  Now they are predicting the year 2,000 and crying about the Y2K computer bug and the collapse of the world.  Some are making contingency plans to announce the year 2004 if that fails. 

True Post-Tribs have tried the spirits of these prophets and their prophecies and we found that both are not of God.  If the Dec. 30, 1993 Pre-Trib date was the date of the confirm the covenant, the revealing of antichrist, and the start of the great tribulation, the Pre-Tribs and the Pan-Tribs would have to admit they missed their own secret snatch. BUT GUESS WHAT?  We haven't hear a word? Unwilling to confess the obvious (that they preach false doctrine), they say the Lord has delayed his coming and hope for a different 1997 Covenant when the Pope goes to old Israel. Rev. Bill Brimmage, a Pre-Trib dispensationalist Pentecostal Minister predicted the Pope would be in Jerusalem in 1997.  He predicted Bush would be elected President again because of the New World Order statement he made.  He predicted after Clinton's election that Clinton would usher in the antichrist.  He predicted a Syrian would emerge as the antichrist.  All of which have proved false.  Here is a case of two otherwise good men who have made themselves false prophets.

Now that several prophecies and predictions have failed, they plan to "delay the time of the Lord's coming" to the year 2,000, and try again to predict the rapture at that time. If that fails they plan to delay the Lord's coming until the year 2004 and make new predictions. They intend to keep guessing and delaying the Lord's coming until they can accidentally fit it into the real thing. Then they will beat their chest and say: "see we were right all along." They further intend to delay the Lord's Coming until it appears to fulfill their dispensational doctrine, that the Pope is the man of sin and he must go to Jerusalem to set up the Catholic throne to rule the world. They say the antichrist can not be revealed until the true Church is taken out of the way. Then in the next breath, they say it has already been revealed that the man of sin is the Pope? How can the identity of the antichrist not be revealed until after the restrainer is removed, but yet they teach it has already been revealed by the restrainer that he is the Pope (the restrainer is alleged to be the Holy Ghost)? 

Pre-Tribs Prophesy
Pope Or A Syrian Arab
To Be Antichrist By End Of 1997

The Pre-Tribs and Pan-Tribs predicted a rapture before the Pope's visit to old Israel in 1997.  It didn't happen.  Now they won't admit they taught a false doctrine. Is this not a bit cowardly? Why teach it as doctrine and claim it is a revelation of the Holy Spirit and now start stuttering and say: We have to change the prophecy because the Holy Spirit has delayed the time of the Rapture. Then say they were not prophesying or predicting? Why preach these errors as fact and then say after they failed: "but I was not prophesying or predicting?"  Why get people to believe false prophecy and then say: "but don't this is prophecy because I am not predicting although I am saying it will come to pass?" Why prophesy and preach something that you know is not the truth but guessing based upon dispensational false doctrine? And then when this guessing does not come to pass cover up the lies with more lies?

Are we not to preach only the truth? Why preach theory as truth? Why not tell people up front: "what I am about to prophesy and preach is a Jewish eschatological theory adapted to dispensationalism.  If you believe it and I am wrong you may damn your soul?" No, this would require being honest and the people would rise up in revolt and say: "if you are not prophesying and preaching the truth then get out of the pulpit." So dispensationalist smooth-talk and pass their false doctrines and theories off on the Church as if they are from the Holy Spirit and the truth, and many are thereby deceived and their hearts hardened against the Post-Trib truth of Jesus Messiah when it does come.

A particular Pre-Trib Minister does the above. He makes prophetic statements and then says: "but I'm not predicting." The effect of this, is not faith in the Lord's Coming, but confusion. The next evangelist comes and brings his confusion saying the same thing.  Does God know what is going on here or not? It certainly appears from the preaching of some, that we are to guess our way through prophecy and twist it however much needed to make what is not true to be true.

Confusion about Bible Prophecy brings unbelief and this leads directly to the headquarters of confusion, Mystery Babylon.  When the serpent confused Eve with his lies about the prophecy of the Lord God, he was able to lead her into sin thinking what God had said was not all that important and perhaps not even true.

According to the above mentioned Pre-Trib Evangelist, 1997 is the pivotal year that Pre-Tribs and Pan-Tribs should look forward to with great excitement and anticipation, because he believes the Pope or a Syrian will be revealed at that time as the antichrist. He has been prophesying this since at leas 1995 when he mentioned it to this writer.  This prediction falls exactly in line with the dispensational scheme and time-line as laid out by Rev. Baxter and the Pre-Tribs.

The only difference between Baxter and the Pre-Tribs, is that Baxter uses the Arab-Arafat peace treaty of September13, 1993 to begin marking time, and the Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, Pre-Wraths, and some Post-Tribs use the Vatican treaty signed 108 days later on December 30, 1993 to start marking time. Therefore, there is only 108 days separating Baxter and these other Tribs in the fulfillment of their dispensational theory of the 70th week of Daniel. 

For the Pre-Tribs and Pan-Tribs who prophesy about Dec. 30, 1993, the question is how come the secret snatch did not occur before that Vatican treaty was signed with old Israel? How come the Pope is revealed as antichrist and you say he can not be revealed until after the rapture? These lies are starting to catch up and Ministers eyes are being opened. They are switching back to the doctrine of Messiah that his coming is after tribulation, not before, not in the middle, not before wrath, but at the end on the very day of the Lord.

The Pre-Tribs and Pan-Tribs who prophesied about the June 1997 date of the Pope going to Jerusalem, they must predict a secret rapture before the Pope arrives in Jerusalem! And if the secret snatch does not occur by June 1997 will they concede they have been preaching a false doctrine? Here we are on June 24, 1998 and there has been no confession yet.  And if the secret snatch does not occur by the year 2,000, will the Pre-Tribs and Pan-tribs admit they are preaching a false doctrine? And if the secret snatch does not occur in 2004 will they admit they are preaching a false doctrine?

Are not these dispensationalist the very ones who fulfill the Scripture and say the Lord has delayed his coming? Are not the Pre-Tribs the ones who cause people to lose faith by promising them again and again that Jesus is coming and setting dates, and they all turn out to be lies? You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Rev. Bill Brimmage, a staunch dispensationalist and Pre-Trib made the bold confession in 1995 that he has been a Pre-Trib all his life and he will die preaching the Pre-Trib doctrine. I would be ashamed to say I was part of a group that predicted the rapture over twenty five times since 1900 and they were twenty five lies. I would be ashamed to say I was part of a group that made Stalin, Hitler, the Pope, Kissinger, Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and Gorbachev, the antichrist and all of it was lies. I would be ashamed to confess that I was preaching dispensationalism colored by Talmudic Pharisee eschatology.

What is the difference between these falsehoods and the trinity doctrine? It is sad coming from an Apostolic, that he would rather die a Pre-Trib then to confess the doctrine is just as false as the trinity doctrine. This attitude is pantomime of a self-righteous spirit, used by Catholics and Protestants, as a way of saying they will never confess their doctrine is false, even if it is false. I find it difficult to accept, that good men will see that their doctrines and predictions concerning the end-time are false and have failed time after time after time, but they harden their hearts, and go back to the Bible to concoct a new theory. Rev. Bill Brimmage and others are now teaching the antichrist is not the Pope but a Syrian Arab who is hiding in the desert near Babylon.

This is a departure from the normal tricks and schemes of Pre-Trib Prophecy dabblers. The above Pre-Trib Evangelist is one of those who work up excitement about the Pope's visit to old Israel in 1997, and then claims the antichrist will prove to be a Syrian? This vacillation epitomizes typical dispensational gurus, as their weekly predictions fail, and new concoctions are necessary to save that false doctrine. All along, these good men refuse to take an open look, at what the Apostles believed and what Jesus really taught in Matthew chapter 24. Rev. Baxter and the Pre-tribs prophecies have failed.  They have been proven false by time and the fact they never came to pass.

The mother of harlots, old
in her fornications and
adulteries, will cause all
nations to drink from her
cup of wrath of God,
for persecuting the New
Israel, the Church, the
new Bride (Rev 14:8)

Ezk 16:15  But thou didst trust in thine own beauty, and playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and pouredst out thy fornications on every one that passed by; his it was.
Ezk 23:43 Then said I unto her that was old in adulteries, Will they now commit whoredoms with her, and she with them?
Isa 1:21 How is the faithful city become an harlot!  It was full of judgement; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.
Isa 57:3 But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore.
Rev 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will show thee the judgement of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters.

Israel is the whore of Babylon
From 606BC to Present
Her Sorceress Bible is the Babylonian Talmud

Dispensationalism Turns Good Men Into False Teachers

The date setting by Rev. Baxter and the Pre-Tribs will prove to embarrass those who contrived them and the good people who believe them. Date setting always has at its core the idea that God has a time for the Church and a special time for "cut off" Jews to come back to Him through Law-keeping, restored animal sacrifices, and a new rebuilt temple with a rip-proof vail. Dates for the rapture always seem to point to a need for God the Father to get back his old Testament harlot wife, and so a date must be set for the Church age to end and get Christians out of the way so the Jews can get saved through restored law-keeping. After all, they theorize, if the Church is done and out of the way, there is nothing to stand in the way of God trying to save the Jews some other way if they still rejected Jesus up to the time of the secret rapture. And, further, if the time to trust in Jesus for salvation is over, there is no requirement for Jews to accept Jesus so they can be saved some other way.  But where does the Scriptures say or teach that the New Covenant (the everlasting Gospel) ceases and is abolished and the Law Covenant revived.  Will the Lord leave the true to return to shadows, types, and figures, WORKS?  Shall faith be abolished and works for salvation revived?  Is this not in itself a denial that Calvary finished the Law forever?

Date setting always includes building back up the wall of hate between Jew and Gentile that the Cross tore down. Jews are said to have their own way to be saved by their religion and Gentiles have their own way to be saved by the religion of Jesus. So, dispensationalist teach there are two covenants in force at the same time. Date setting always includes the false doctrine that there are two covenants, one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles for God to work out.  Date setting is then a reproach to the Cross to get Jews saved who curse it by Law and Talmud keeping. Dispensational date setting is a negation of the work of Messiah on the Cross. If the wall between Jew and Gentile was torn down by the work of Messiah on the Cross, so that there is one salvation of faith for both; what man in his right mind would try to build again that wall, by date setting and fanciful ideas of restored law-keeping, during which only the harlot wife is to be saved?

If a man is a true Man of God, he will not set dates, nor will he attempt to create a scheme that contradicts the doctrine of Messiah in Matthew 24. If he is a man of God and makes this error, he must correct himself with repentance. When Whisenant's prophesies in his 1988 book failed, Men of God as I challenged him. He called us: "scoffers" saying: "Scoffers appeared everywhere after Rosh-Hashanah passed last year (1988), and no one was raptured. You cannot have a scoffer in the last days unless you have a true message (Rapture Report, 1989, page 19)."

Come on Mr. Whisenant, false prophet is a false prophet. Those who laugh at and who question a false prophet when he sets dates and they fail, are not scoffers. They are laughing at a liar.  My daddy always said: "figures never lie, but liars always figure." The devil prophesied to Eve that she would not die. God's people have been laughing at that lie for centuries. A false prophet's ego should not be so sensitive, that when his lie is revealed as a lie, that he feels persecuted and unloved and then wants to lay claim to having preached truth and is now falsely being scoffed at. 

Dispensationalism by its nature attempts to explain Scripture away and substitutes Jewish Talmudic theory for New Testament Truth. Jewish theory brings to surface certain types of men, who think themselves extraordinarily intelligent or gifted in explaining new theories, adding to the contradictions within Jewish Phariseeism with dispensationalism. They set dates for the Lord's Coming with ease and when wrong, are not ashamed to set new dates again. This date setting is now focused on the years 1997 and 2,000, owing to the dispensational doctrine that God deals in 2,000 year intervals and we are at the close of just such a time period.

My Pre-Trib friends even try to predict the Presidential elections based upon their belief that the years 1997 and 2,000 hold significant meaning in unveiling of antichrist. Rev. Baxter looks to this same time period to fulfill his prophecies. He believes in a dispensational rapture, that is, one having to be fulfilled within the interpretation of the seventieth week of Daniel being the last seven years of this age. True Bible Apostolics, the true Post-Tribs, refuse to accept the dispensational false doctrine that makes the "cut off" branches the people of God. True Apostolics see no regathering of Talmudic Pharisees as the people of God in the endtime. We see no return of God's Spirit upon those who continue to hate Jesus Messiah and who revile his precious blood and call it bastard blood.  We see the elect gathered as the same elect scattered because of persecution, and that was those within Messianic Judaism.  

True Apostolics have always believed the Church is the New Israel of God. Old Israel was to merge into the Church, and a new Covenant and identity would result. The Church as the New Israel of God, together with its saints will be here on earth during the entire tribulation, UNTIL THE DAY OF THE COMING OF CHRIST, which comes at the "moment" of the 7th and last trump. Date setting has always been the slime-pit that traps and destroys those who think they can predict when Jesus will come again.

The Calendar Is Not Accurate

Our calendar is off days, weeks, months, and years. Our calendar may say 1998, but this is not accurate. The calendar may be off hundreds of years. Comparing the Jewish calendar year for 1998 which is 5759, reveals there is a large disparity that can not be easily reconciled.  Are there 2 years left to conclude 6,000 years of human history, or 241 years remaining according to the Jewish calendar? 

Let's look at the Sabbath day error first.  Because of improper calendar management, and the natural progression of the universe, the equinox appears to have moved from its place at perhaps the first day of the calendar year, to the 21st of March by the time of Nicaea in 325 AD. Pope Gregory, in 1582, adjusted the calendar to allow for returning the equinox to March 21st to match the calendar as it was at the Council of Nicaea. But this adjustment did not make the year accurate, it only restored to the day of the month, the equinox fell on in 325 AD. Between 325 AD and 1582 AD, the equinox had shifted 10 days and fell on the 11th of March. The calculation figured out to be approximately 11.46 minutes per year to return the calendar to the Nicaea model. If we were to go back to the birth of Messiah, there would need to be another 2.5 day adjustment.

Sabbath keepers were at least 10 week days off from 325 to 1582 and held the wrong day. If we go back to Messiah, they are 12.5 week days off. Adjusting the calendar in 1582 to arrive at the incorrect Nicaea model, did not do the Sabbath Keepers any favors. They still have not arrived at the true Sabbath day model according to the calendar as it would have been in the days of Messiah and the Apostles.  When the Pope adjusted the calendar, the week days continued uninterrupted, (Thursday October 5, was followed by Friday the 15th) but this does not solve the problem of the Jewish Sabbath falling on the correct day of the calendar as it was in Nicaea or in Messiah's day. When the 10 day adjustment was made, the name of the week day should also have been updated to bring the week day and the date into perfect union as they would have been if they had been properly managed from 325 AD to 1582 AD. Had each of the ten missing days been assigned correctly to named week days over the years, each missing day would become a different named day of the week as it was added. This was not done! Thus, advancing ten days numerically and just changing the numbers, without advancing ten named week days, is not accurate. If named week days had been advanced correctly with the numerical number, this would have made a Sunday, ten days after Thursday October 5 the correct 15th and not Friday as it was made by the Pope. October 15, 1582 was kept as Friday, instead of it correctly becoming Sunday October 15, 1582. This would have matched ten numerical days and ten named week days. If ten days were lost, then ten named week days were also lost. The lost ten days can not be non-named days.

It is only when the lost ten days are synchronized again with ten named week days, that we have any hope of coming near the correct named days of the week in the Nicene model. From 1582 to 1995 no Sabbath keeper has kept what was once the true Sabbath in the old Testament before it was abolished by the Cross. Sabbath keepers, going by the Pope's 1582 calendar, and holding religious observance on the Pope's Saturday, are really holding services on a Monday, if the correct named days of the week are restored along with the missing ten days. They are unknowingly keeping Monday the second day of the week as their Sabbath, even though the papal calendar calls it Saturday. If any day can substitute for the Sabbath, then the Sabbath day is not important. It is false then for Sabbath keepers to lay the accusation that having Church on Sunday is the mark of the beast. According to the corrected calendar it is really Tuesday, although the Pope's calendar calls it Sunday. Those who meet on Sunday do not worship the sun, anymore than the Sabbath keepers worship Saturn because they hold services on Monday and call it Saturday along with the Pope.

True Bible Believers treat every day as a Sabbath in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the fulfillment of the Sabbath rest. Sabbath keepers are going by a calendar based upon the Nicaea model,, who is it going by a papal calendar to establish their Sabbath?

The point is, that the calendar is not accurate. The calendar was reconstructed by guessing through the ages using events and the times people are alleged to have lived.  It is therefore foolish to make a heaven or hell issue out of date-setting and the keeping of Sabbath days, because the calendar has not been accurately delivered down to us. Besides, according to Apostolic decree of the Apostles, Sabbath days are not binding on the Church or to be imposed upon New Testament believers. This brings out Paul's words of admonition for the new Israel of God:

COL 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: 

COL 2:17 Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Messiah.  

COL 2:18 Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshiping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind. 

Jesus Messiah knew that there would be a difference in the 354 day year as calculated according to the Jewish calendar, and the 365 day year as calculated by Rome, Egypt, and Babylon.

The difference between the Jewish year and a solar year is 11.25 days. Multiply this by 2,000 years and you have approximately 22,500 days difference, or around 61.6 years difference. When we add the factor that the prophetic year was 360 days, the effort to set correct dates for the Lord's return becomes more confused, frustrating, and impossible.  Even if we factor in the intercalculary months of the Jewish calendar, where is the proof the Jews themselves kept an accurate calendar?  It cannot be proven or found that they did such. They have a fabricated calendar as well.

Since no one was delegated the responsibility through the ages to make sure the days and years were kept numerically in order, the present calendars can not be trusted to establish Prophetic events. They are all in such disarray, that for any man to attempt to predict the day of the week on which to hold Church, or the day of the Lord's return, shows how ignorant he is. God has seen fit to reveal this ignorance by declaring that no man can know the day or the hour of the Lord's coming. Is it possible that Jesus was here hinting that the calendar would become so inaccurate as to prohibit accomplishing that goal?

Man, thinking to prove Jesus a liar, tries to predict the day of the Lord's coming, by matching up a prophetic event with the seven years of tribulation scheme. Here is where the dispensationalist got the bright idea of matching up the beginning of the seven years of tribulation with the signing of a peace treaty between Arafat and old Israel, or the signing of the treaty between the Catholic Church and old Israel. Their three errors are: 1.) Trying to out-smart Jesus and promise a date anyway;  2.) Concoct a seven year tribulation period associated with Daniel's 70th week, which they say God the Son did not nail to the Cross, so God the Father could get back his harlot wife during this seven years of tribulation; 3.) Believe that the "confirm the covenant with many for one week" is not Messiah confirming the Covenant of promises of Abraham within Messianic Judaism, but antichrist making a new covenant with old Israel. This is false doctrine. The Scripture says Messiah came to confirm the promises (Covenant) made to the fathers: 

ROM 15:8 Now I say that Jesus Messiah was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers.

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