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When Is The Rapture

1993, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 ?

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Have five Trumpets sounded already?
Is the sixth one fixin to sound any day?
Some false prophets claim this, but what is the TRUTH?

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken:  And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other (Mat 24:29-31)."

The Revelation Of Jesus Messiah

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor Copyright All Rights Reserved

This article is many pages long and when each part is loaded will be divided into about 9 segments consisting of 10-12 pages each.  It is crammed full of insights, perspectives, and Biblical truths challenging to everyone.  It is now adapted to HTML for the internet and taken from a book by the same title by Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor.  It was felt that the contents of this book was of extreme importance to Messianic Believers of Faith and so it has been made available via the Apostolic Messianic Fellowship Web Site.  It is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Messiah for a better understanding of the truth of his Kingdom and his Post-Tribulational coming as he taught it in Matthew Chapter 24.  It is sent with prayer to the Brothers and Sisters who dare to stand in the faith and the doctrine of Messiah, without the falsehood of Jewish eschatology and it's Christian dispensationalism version.

Why the need for this study?

False prophets and teachers will arise before the second coming of Jesus and their heresies will deceive many.  In my estimation the most dangerous false doctrines we will face are: Preterism, Partial-Preterism, Amillennialism, Dispensationalism, and Talmudism with is Kabbalistic Zionism.  

Preterism says all prophecy and the second visible bodily coming (parousia) and resurrection  of the dead in Christ took place between 66 and 70AD.  Therefore they are past-tribs.  This horrible heresy sees no future antichrist, no future tribulation, and no future rapture.  All that is left for these is the end of the physical world, the white throne of judgment and eternal rewards. This heresy will be very dangerous because many will believe the antichrist and the mark are past. Most of these spiritualize the scriptures following the gnosticism of Origin, Clement of Alexandria, and Augustine. This theory of eschatology has been the Catholic position. That is why Rome can say it has nothing to do with antichrist, the mark of the beast, the great whore: all these being in the past and already fulfilled.

Partial-Preterist are exactly like the Preterist above except they claim Jesus did not visibly bodily appear (Coming-parousia) and the resurrection did not occur in 70AD. They do believe all prophecy and the tribulation of Matthew 24 is past.  This horrible heresy sees no future antichrist, no future tribulation and no future rapture.  These, like the Preterist, believe the rapture is the end of the physical world event when the dead are raised and rewards are meeted out.  This heresy will be very dangerous also because many will believe the antichrist and the mark are past.

Amillennialism is also known as Preterist and Partial-Preterist.  These believe the 1,000 years of Revelation 20:1-10 is a fictitious number and taking ammillennial interpretations inserted into Greek lexicons and dictionaries they believe the plural number can be any length of time, but is not 1,000 years long.  This time is spiritualized to be the time of the existence of the Church.  So, depending on which Amill you speak with, they will start the 1,000 spiritual years at Calvary, the day of Pentecost, or the 70AD destruction of Jerusalem. The 1,000 spiritual years concludes with the end of the physical world.  This heresy will be very dangerous because many will believe the antichrist and the mark are past.

Dispensationalism came to birth in opposition to the Preterist (past-trib) heresy.  The development of this heresy came from prophetic utterances in Scotland and England around 1830AD. Before these events, many scholars could not reconcile the differences between the claims of Preterist and the Scriptures where many events were definitely post 70AD and had to be future.  For instance, in Matthew 24:14 the preaching of the Gospel of the KIngdom to all nations and then shall the end come, was said by Preterist to still be continuing.  In other words the end in 70AD did not stop the preaching of the Gospel that was to precede the end. Once this confession was admitted, the other "end" text in Matthew 24 were made to match the Preterist heresy when they claimed the end would come to preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Most Preterist say the end of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom is the end of the physical world, at which time Jesus visibly comes (parousia) and ushers in the great judgment and gives out rewards. Those who became dispensationalist then marked off time from Adam to the present and labeled them dispensations, or times of special working by God to bring salvation.  Each dispensation closes with a judgment. Since the end of the Church had not taken place, and all nations had not been judged in 70AD, these saw the dispensation of the Church age still in force.  There was this lingering theory that God would return upon the Jews and restore them to their land and revive their old religious customs. When this theory was merged into dispensationalism the need for a two-phase rapture was necessary.  First to end the dispensation of the Church and get it out of the way of God's renewed dealings with Israel; and second, because these saw the tribulation and antichrist as enemies Israel was to face and not the Church.  For the Church to go through this time of tribulation was unreasonable suffering of God's wrath if it was to remain here: but the Jews could enter into this time of God's wrath and the suffering was just punishment for their antichrist attitudes and bigotry over the centuries.  So they called this time the time of Jacob's trouble, out of which, after suffering the anger of the Pope-antichrist and the wrath of God, they are saved as Jesus splits the clouds and the see the nail scars and believe he is the Messiah.  Dispensationalism is a very dangerous heresy because it denies the Church will be here during the tribulation and will not face the antichrist.  It denies the Church is the Israel and Kingdom of God.  It denies the time of Jacob's trouble was already fulfilled in association with the Babylonian Captivity. More importantly it tells Jews they do not need to come into the Church for salvation, they can be saved by law-keeping, animal sacrifices, a new rebuilt temple, and the establishment of a Talmudic priesthood.

Talmudic Kabbalistic Zionism is a dangerous heresy because it denies Jesus is the Messiah, totally repudiates the New Testament Church, all New Testament writings, the Apostles, Mary the mother of Jesus, and  all Christians regardless of name or denomination.  Talmudism is the same as ancient Phariseeism.  The traditions of the Pharisees were codified into the Babylonian Talmud and this book or confusion is considered as holy or more holy then the Old Testament itself. The Talmud is full of insults, hate, and bigotry against Jesus and Christianity.  From this book comes the satanic side of Judaism deep into the abyss of mysticism and the occult.  I speak here of the Kabbalah which many have been deceived to think is holy and sublime and full of the special treasures of God. Until a person sees the connection to witchcraft, sorcery, the occult, the hidden and secret works of satanism, they will not know the depth of this mystery of iniquity.  Instead they will think of Kabbalah as just Jewish attempts to get to know God better by delving into the secret knowledge and speculation and see no hurt or alarm in these conducts.  This form of Zionism is very dangerous because it knows not God and rejects the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This Zionism continues the ancient hatred and loath of Gentiles and demands in its teachings the Christians recant their faith and be converted into Judaism through the Noahide laws or they will perish as dogs.  There will be a massive push and support for Gentiles to be converted to Law keeping, to begin observing the sabbath, dietary laws, feast days, and other trappings of works.  Many of these will accept the Talmud and the Kabbalist occult interpretations which includes acceptance of the tetragrammation and the guess names Yahweh and Yahshua. The Name of Jesus will be rejected and blasphemed, and in concert with the Zionist they will attempt to blot out the name of Jesus from the earth. Zionism will itself give birth the the future antichrist and in Jerusalem, not Rome, this rouge will come forth to rule all nations.  Out of the rebuilt temple will come the last and final world-wide purge of Jesus and his followers from the earth.

With these dangerous heresies each attempting to persuade us into their fellowship, we are at great risk!  Some think prophecy is not important, that taking a stand on when the Church will be raptured is not salvational, and that we should not openly preach and teach against Gentile and Jewish heresy. These have good hearts, they want to eliminate confrontation and discord, but at the same time this attitude supports heresy by demanding it should not be confronted and rejected.

The final result of these heretical antichrist reinterpretations of Scripture is to cause souls to be lost by subverting them to believe lies and have a false faith and a false hope.  Prophecy is the basis of all doctrine and truth.  The angel told Apostle John: *the testimony of Jesus Messiah is the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev 19:10).*

Prophecy is the foreknowledge of God spoken or written before an event comes to pass.  No prophecy of the Scriptures is subject to or controlled by private interpretation (2Pet 1:20). Meaning that no Jew or Gentile can structure or manipulate the interpretation of prophecy to suit their private purposes and objectives (whether for world control or to claim being God's people).  When this happens, God will raise up Prophets to bring correction upon these re-interpretations and this will bring rebuke upon those who are giving out false teachings.  This rebuke will bring retaliation from the snake throne and cause persecution and death upon those who expose error and who preach the truth.  Case in point: Jesus and the Apostles. Therefore, all Scripture interpretation must be filtered through the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles.  Upon that foundation the entire eschatology and doctrines of the New Testament Church is built.

Prophecy will always be fulfilled exactly as God predicts it.  No man or nation can alter that fact.  Time will prove God is correct and all men in disagreement with him liars (Rom 3:4). In the end all liars and deceivers, like their daddy the devil, will be cast into the Lake of Fire!  If a man wants to lie and manipulate the truth to achieve a great name and fellowship with antichrist Talmudic Pharisees, then he has his reward like Judas.  Money now and rubbing shoulders with the antichrist will be rewarded with a hot eternal vacation.

Prophecy, setting the stage of Truth against heresies or false interpretations:

The first event of Prophecy is in Genesis 2:17--"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:  for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."  The first lie was against that prophecy and was done by the serpent in Genesis 3:4--"And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die."

Here we observe that when a prophecy is reinterpreted and given a false rendering, the purpose is to deceive and through that deception to entice souls to do what they are forbidden to do and thus be damned.  Any reinterpretation of Prophecy has only one purpose and that is to deceive and thereby cause souls to sin by disobedience and then be damned.  Any false interpretation of endtime Prophecy then will cause souls to be deceived and to be damned owing that they will do what is expressly forbidden them to do.  In this case a reinterpretation that turns souls from Messiah to antichrist, will cause them to be damned because they will do and believe as the antichrist bids, and not as Jesus Messiah bids.  For this reason, Jesus prefaced his Matthew 24 eschatology with the caution:  "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you."  He was speaking here specifically to the Apostles as representative of the entire New Testament Church about current Jewish deceptions regarding eschatology and the plan of salvation.  This transfers over to the whole world and is the substructure of TRUTH (do not be deceived). Yes, Jesus warned that the devil would be out again in the endtime with his personal antichrist to deceive if it were possible the very elect. And the devil will use a false reinterpretation of the plan of salvation and a false eschatology interpretation to do the deceiving.

ENDTIME magazine leads from Messiah to Antichrist

In May 1992 I received a new magazine named ENDTIME.  Its owner and editor is Rev. Irvin Baxter. Not since 1988 when the Pre-Trib rapture group went mad over the book entitled *88 Reasons Why Jesus Will Return in 1988.* have I been so troubled in the Spirit.  In that May issue on page 19, there was a full page *Emergency* request for a million dollars and a prophecy by Rev. Baxter.  It was the prophecy that grabbed my attention and I quote it below:


*The signing of an Arab-Israeli Peace Treaty will be the most important prophetic fulfillment since the crucifixion of Jesus.  According to the Bible, the signing of this treaty will begin the last 7 years before the final "Battle of Armageddon."

In the middle of this 7 year period the Great Tribulation begins.  This time of religious persecution will last for three and one-half years (Revelation 12:14. 13:5. Daniel 7:25) (italics used to identify the quote).*

What was Rev. Baxter prophesying?

1.) A treaty between Arafat and Israel would signal the beginning of the great tribulation (the treaty was signed on September 13, 1993).

2.) The seven years of tribulation according to Rev. Baxter would begin on the date the treaty was signed. It was signed on 9-13-1993.  Did the great tribulation start as he prophesied?

3.) His prophecy inferred that the Arabs are the antichrist.  Can this be found anywhere in prophecy?  Did not Jesus warn the Apostles that antichrist or a false messiah would arise from among the Jews themselves, since the coming of a Messiah concerns only fulfillment of Jewish eschatology in Daniel 9:25?  How could a false messiah come from Arabs or Gentiles then?  Jesus warned only of false Jewish messiahs and Christs, so this automatically rules out any non-Jew regardless of how many may make the claim. Rev. Baxter goes directly against the teachings of Jesus, corrects Jesus, and alleges that antichrist is coming from among the Arabs.  This is Arab hatred plain and clear, passing on to Messianic Believers Jewish hatred of that people for whom Jesus also died.

Let's recap what Rev. Baxter is teaching:

1.) The Arabs are the antichrist.
2.) The temple will be rebuilt before the middle of the week so Arafat can sit in it as the antichrist.
3.) Arafat is the man of sin and the antichrist.
4.) Arafat will break the covenant in the middle of the week.
5.) Arafat will sit in the temple as God.
6.) Arafat will stop the animal sacrifices and this makes God really mad.
7.) God will then pour out his wrath upon Arafat and the Arabs because they made the temple into the abomination of desolation by ending revived blood sacrifices.
8.) Arafat and the Arabs will issue the mark of the beast and make all nations receive it.
9.) God will come and fight against the Arab nations and destroy them in the battle of Armageddon.

Let me say here that Mount Moriah has been more holy and more sacred under Arab control than at the majority of the time the Israelites had it in the Old Testament.  Arabs have not sacrifice children here; Arabs have not killed Prophets here;  Arabs have not set up abominable idols of Baal, Molech, Ashtoreth, or Tammuz here; Arabs have not offered up worship in the form of sorcery or black witchcraft here;  Arabs have not used the Temple mount as a headquarters of the Iscarri to send out murderers to kill Messianic Believers;  Arabs have not used the Temple Mount for blasphemy against Jesus Messiah;  Arabs have not defiled the Temple Mount with mysticism and devilish doctrines of (Kabbalah);  Arabs have not permitted fornication and homosexuality upon this mount;  And Arabs have not allowed profane Priests who masqueraded as did the Pharisees  whom Jesus said were children of the devil; Arabs have not killed Messianic Believers and secretly buried them in the walls of the caverns under the Temple and RIGHT under where above the ALTAR was situated (Rev 6:9-11).  If anything, the Arabs are more devoted to the God of the Old Testament than any Jew presently making his voice heard in the world.  Let the Israelites forsake their abominations, their sins, and come to repentance and show the world by righteousness in attitude and in conduct that they will forsake their Talmud and turn to God with all their heart through the Lord Jesus Messiah or they are not entitled to have a place once so sacred, to set up again a bloodly killing religion or headquarters. Mount Moriah was to the Prophets, Jesus, the Apostles, and Messianic Believers what Berlin, Nurnburg, Triblinka, and Dacha were to the Jews.  

From Jerusalem and Mount Moriah came over a hundred years of Jewish hatred and killing of Messianic Believers in Israel and all over the Roman Empire (Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles were victims of these pogoms).  Even after the Temple Mount and Jerusalem were destroyed by God, Messianic Believers were blamed, persecuted, and killed because of Pharisee devotion to that abominable and desolate hill (Mat 23:38). In the endtime, antichrist Pharisees will once again get control of that Mount and run the Arabs out, and then after the world wonders after the head that had a wound by the sword and did live again, and the temple is rebuilt, and the red heifer is sacrificed, and the Pharisee Talmudist are in power, and they anoint their antichrist son of David, and the hex (the symbol of 666) is hoisted above all religious symbols of the world: then death and destruction will begin to reign upon Messianic Believers around the world, orchestrated out of the secret chambers of that house of horrors again.

And make no mistake, to Jesus and the early Apostles, this hill and temple became a place and house of doom. And around 67AD the snake throne cult grabbed the Apostle James the half brother of Jesus Messiah, and threw him down over the 300 foot wall of the temple. His head was smashed and his royal blood splattered upon the very stones used today in the wailing wall, killing him instantly. Jesus had ENOUGH of that house of doom and the blood of the last prophet, his half brother would be the last before the temple of doom was set on the fire of hell by a Roman soldier.

That Pharisee killing signaled God in 67 AD to send Titus and his Roman legions storming down upon that place, and in 70AD fulfilled that prophesied in Matthew 24 by Jesus.  God could have stopped this but he didn't.  God could have fought for the Pharisees but he refused! God could have punished the Romans but nothing ever happened.  This was the divine will and Jews to this day know why God did it, they just won't confess it.  Now God has forsaken that hill forever.  If you go to this city, do no put on one of those snake-throne Synagogue god-hats. Put on a crown of thorns and curse the city on behalf of the blood of those slain in it, and cry for the vengeance of God as are those under the altar in Revelation 6.  If the living endtime Prophets will not cry out, then the voice of the dead shall cry out from beneath the altar for that silence.

Only Mount Calvary and Mount Zion which are NOT Mount Moriah, can be a touching point in that bloody city to reach God. For there on Mount Calvary, the most holy place in all the world, the sacrifice for sin was offered.  And on Mount Zion the foundation stone for the New Testament Church was laid: there the upper room was located, there Apostle Peter commanded all Jews to Repent, be Baptized in the name of Jesus Messiah, and to be filled with the Spirit of God (Acts 2:38), and there the Lord raised up the true Tabernacle of David (The Church Acts 15:14-17).  Mount Moriah is a nightmare of the past where the snake throne guards the mystery of iniquity and should God ever go back to that hill, he will have to repent to Sodom and Gomorrah and other blasphemous cults whom he judged unfit for his presence. The most sacred hills in Jerusalem are and will for ever be, Mount Calvary and Mount Zion, and these have nothing to do with Mount Moriah now or forever.

Although Islam is an enemy of Messianic Judaism, it is far less an enemy than Talmudic Pharisee Judaism. Contrary to Rev. Baxter, it will not be Arabs behind the evil of antichrist, it will be Talmudic Pharisees masquerading again under a new name, a new religious facade, and a new *mark* of identity. That these openly claim they are antichrist is proven in their Talmud that says Christianity is to be destroyed, gives us all the information we need to know the coming source of Messianic persecution and hatred in the endtime tribulation.

Rev. Baxter proclaimed that his prophecy of the Arab antichrist would be the most important rophetic ulfillment since the crucifixion.  Did Rev. Baxter prophesy by the Holy Ghost or out of his Talmudic Pharisee eschatology?  It certainly was not out of the Holy Spirit!  Here it is now 1999 and his prophecies HAVE FAILED. That makes him a false prophet!  That leaves only one other source for his inspiration.

Contrary to Rev. Baxter's claims that what happens to Israel is more important than what happens in e Church, the most important prophetic fulfillment after the crucifixion was the Israel of God, the Kingdom of God, the Church that was born on the day of Pentecost, and then the evangelism of the Gentile world into Messianic Judaism.  The events of the tribulation although dramatic and upon Israel, still do not have a more important place in Prophecy than the endtime Saints and their overcoming victory during this horrible and dreadful time of a Jewish antichrist revival.

I contacted Rev. Baxter about his false prophecy in 1992 and his attitude was one of conceit and oofness. His America in prophecy and his Letter To The President (book), are both filled with false doctrines. The Baxterite followers have eaten his diet of false doctrine so long now that they are self-blinded to his errors.  They are drunk on the wine of false eschatology of the great whore of Babylon, and defy anyone to sober them up and question them or challenge Rev. Baxter.   Rev. Baxter was positive God had showed him these things and would not at all reconsider his error.  Six years have passed and either he or God is a liar. Did the tribulation start in 1993?  Did Arafat materialize as the antichrist in 1997?  Did the temple get rebuilt for Arafat to plop down on a throne 3 1/2 years after Sep 13, 1993 which would have been on or about Feb 23, 1997?  Since Rev. Baxter's prophecy did not come to pass, does that not make him a false prophet according to Deut 18:22.   I ask you to be the judge. Rev. Baxter has not retracted his false prophecies nor has he repented of any of his Talmudic fornication he mixes in his brand of prophecy reinterpretation.

Consider the impact of Rev. Baxter's errors:  1.) Souls were deceived God is returning to Pharisee lmudism and accepting it as his holy religion;  2.) Souls were deceived that God will accept animal sacrifices while at the same time Jesus is offering to the world salvation through the blood shed and the finished work of Calvary (Baxter has two covenants in force at the same time?);  3.) Souls were duped to believe God is behind the building of a new Temple and Messianic Believers should pray for it and give money for its cost of building;  4.) Souls were deceived with Rev. Baxter's constant hammering about the red heifer and now several Ministers have given up their Churches and are now engaged in that blasphemy (one just recently ran off with a woman and is in adultery);  5.) Baxter has usurped a position of high priest over Bible Prophecy among Jesus Name Pentecostals; 6.) He has bewitched thousands with his slippery *suggestive* hints so that they will not listen to any other Ministers on Bible Prophecy;  7.) He has fed his devotees a steady diet of antichrist Talmudic Pharisee eschatology and lies, causing them to become antichrist in spirit and in doctrine and he promotes the inviting of antichrist Rabbis right into Churches.

For several years I watched from the sidelines to see who if anyone among his denomination would se to the task of reproving Rev. Baxter for his spiritual fornication with Rabbi Gershom Salomon, Rabbi Chaim Richman, and Talmudic Pharisees and none arose.  I read in horror Rev. Baxter's publication of statements by these antichrist denying Jesus was the Messiah, ...and he did not refute them in his own magazine with a single word nor did anyone in his denomination in their publications?

The truth about Rev. Baxter's deceptions became a passion of my soul and so in 1995 this book was itten and a few hundred copies made their way into the world.  Now, this information will be on the internet for all 5.5 billion to read and to take warning that Rev. Baxter is a deceiver and his eschatology along with all and any Jewish eschatology is FALSE.  To my knowledge, nothing he teaches on Bible Prophecy is that of Jesus or the Apostles.  Rev. Baxter's ENDTIME magazine is not the voice of God.  It is the false teachings of Talmudic eschatology in disguise of Dispensationalism with a Post-Trib slant for the time of the rapture. I call Rev. Baxter to repent and turn from the antichrist and see if God will use him to preach the TRUE endtime truth.  And if he will not repent, then he has his reward.

When Is The Rapture

When is the rapture? From the very moment that Jesus said he would come again, saints have esired o know when.  We do not know the day Jesus will return, but we do know the sign of his appearing. This booklet examines two teachings now circulating among many Churches. I will challenge them and bring open discussion upon the issues. The falsehoods of dispensationalism can no longer trick us. Many men, full of the Holy Ghost, can now see through the dispensational hoax. They are taking the bold step of faith, and returning to a strict adherence to what Jesus taught in Matthew 24, concerning his coming. This automatically leads to a fresh look at Scripture, and rejection of the false schemes, that the Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, Pan-Trib, and Pre-Wrath groups continue to teach.  It also gives us fair warning not to turn to any interpretations by Jewish Rabbis and their antichrist eschatology.

This booklet fulfills two needs. First, it gives men something to read that offers points to think about. Second, it challenges Ministers to examine the falsehoods of dispensationalism, which up to the present has been considered unimportant to salvation. But this latter is a false doctrine especially for those alive when the endtimes are upon the world.  For then, salvation will depend upon not being deceived and continuing in the Faith Of Jesus Messiah.  From the very moment Jesus said, "Let no man deceive you," men have tried to make the words of Jesus to mean something that he did not say. There is only one coming in Matthew chapter 24. Jesus said he would not return until after tribulation. You can take that promise to the bank.  Men will twist and manipulate that with all manner of lies and trick-talk but the elect will not be deceived by these heresies.  Jesus warned us about them, and when they deny what Jesus said, they expose themselves as false teachers.

There is only one reason why it is important for Jews and dispensationalist to ach a false doctrine about the time of the rapture of the Church. That reason is to validate that the Jews still have a chance of salvation through the Law and Abraham's Covenant without need of faith in Jesus Messiah and obedience to Acts 2:38.  It is a way to excuse Jewish hatred against the blood of Jesus Messiah and the Cross, claiming God still has a Covenant with Talmudic Pharisees that he must honor and fulfill. This position and doctrine is never mentioned or taught by Jesus or the Apostles.  Their words and the Scriptures are manipulated to make them say or hint of this new salvation and dual covenant theology.

Jews revile the name, person, and blood of Jesus. Dispensationalist, by grafting wish eschatology to Messianic eschatology have formed an elaborate theory that gives the Talmudic Pharisees a way to smile and gloat, that God will still have them in spite of their hatred of Jesus Messiah and Calvary.

But this is not so.  The Scriptures teach: 1.) That old Israel as a nation rejected ssiah and his salvation (Luke 23:18); 2.) The old Covenant of the Law was totally abolished at Calvary (Rom. 7:4, 2 Cor 3:13, Heb. 8:7);  3.) All Jews must come into the Church or be damned (Mark 16:16, John 8:24);  4.) The Covenant of Abraham was confirmed by Messiah to New Testament Messiahian Judaism (Rom. 15:8, Gal. 3:29);  5.) The Priesthood of Israel is fully abolished and the Priesthood of Messiah replaces it forever (Heb. 7:12-17, 1Pet. 2:5-9).  Dispensationalist, now pushing Jewish eschatology and not the doctrines of Jesus or the Apostles, are teaching in theory  that all five of the above facts are false doctrines.

Another focus of this book is to force the snake throne in old Israel out in the en. Jews believe the throne of David remains among them but they have instead the snake throne of Mystery Babylon.  In their mysticism of Kabbalah this snake throne of the Malkuth is openly confessed.  They deny Jesus the throne of David to establish their snake throne. The Scriptures teach Jesus did inherit the throne of David and it stops at Messiah (Acts 2:30). According to the Revelation, satan will give the beast his seat (snake throne, Rev. 13:2). This Jewish Pharisee antichrist, in order to fulfill the type of Mystery Babylon, will accept from satan the snake throne Nimrod accepted.   This lofty position was offered to Jesus and he rejected it (Mat 4:8-10).  This antichrist will palm this snake throne off as the true throne of God like Nimrod.  And like Nimrod he will deceive millions.  Babylonian Talmudism is the religion of the snake throne and in the days of Jesus was the Pharisee sect (harlot) of apostate Judaism.

Many Messianic Believers are keen on the trinitarian mystery religion of Babylon, but few have examined the snake throne of Babylon that satan set up there reinforced by the secret Kabbalah behind the trinity doctrine. Where ever this snake throne sets up, satan rules and creates hatred against God and his people and sets up the trinity either exoterically or esoterically.  Being filled with all evil, this snake throne contains the power of satan's kingdom upon earth. This throne came from Babylon to old Israel before the time of Messiah among the Talmudic Pharisees, and emerges there again in the endtime among the same group. This snake throne is identified as the beast throne. It will be adversarial to the Kingdom of Messiah, because the true throne of Messiah is found in the Church.  There is war then between the seed of the woman and the serpent's seed (Gen 3:15).  The tribulation is the final war between the snake throne, old Israel the great whore of God, and the throne of Jesus Messiah within the New Israel of God, his new Bride the Church. It is indeed unfortunate that Talmudic Jews will accept the snake (beast) throne, and out of Jerusalem, the final war against the Kingdom of Messiah, the New Israel of God, the Church, is waged.  But they shall not win!  The last and final revolt against God will not stand.

If the Arafat peace treaty with old Israel was the "confirm the covenant with many for one week, the scheme of events developed from the predictions and suggestions of Rev. Irvin Baxter would give us the exact dates of all the possible raptures, and would set the time frames for what would follow over the next seven years:

Treaty was signed on Sept 13, 1993.  The Pre-Trib rapture must take place on this date. The Seven years of tribulation must begin on Sept 13, 1993. The 1,260 days would end on or about Feb 23, 1997. Arafat would take over the new temple on or about Feb 23, 1997. The Mid-Trib rapture must take place on Feb 23, 1997. The end of the tribulation would be on or about Aug 6, 2000. The Post-Trib rapture must take place on Aug 6, 2000. The millennial would begin on or about Aug 6, 2000.

Using Clarence Larkin's Talmudic dispensational agenda for the Seals n the first 1,260 days and the Trumpets and vials in the last 1,260 days, anyone can figure in the judgments and wrath of God to fall in the first and second halfs of the tribulation period.  Did they happen?  Rev. Baxter has tried to make them happen with his manipulation of world events, like he is trying to self-fulfill his own prophecies. But they have NOT HAPPENED!

Rev. Baxter applies Jewish eschatology and dispensational theory of the postponed 70th week of Daniel, to the Covenant of Arafat with Talmudic Israel that was signed on Monday, September 13,1993.   1,260 Days would commence leading to Arafat and the Arabs stopping the new blood sacrifices in the middle of the week.  This 1,260 days expired on Feb 23, 1997 and no temple and no Arafat sitting upon a throne as the antichrist.  The Scriptures are still true, but we have found man to be a liar.

Pre-Trib Prophecy and Predictions

Daniel's 70th Week is taught falsely by Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, Pre-Wraths and many Post-Tribs, who are using Talmudic Pharisee eschatology called dispensationalism as their doctrine (that is the Lord must return upon the Jews before the final end).

If the Pre-Trib claims that the treaty between the Catholic Church and old Israel is the confirm the covenant with many for one week, the Pre-Trib scheme that follows would give us the exact dates of all the possible raptures, and would set the time frames for what would follow the next seven years.

I will prove this also is a false doctrine in this material. After reviewing the following evidence, the reader will see that the dispensational theory of Daniel's seventieth week being postponed and the seven years of tribulation that postponed time, is false doctrine whether it is used and applied by Rev. Baxter or the Pre-Tribs to their heresies.

These false doctrines must be exposed so that the the true Post-Trib doctrine contained in the teachings of Jesus concerning his own second coming can be accepted. Until the masses accept and receive that their is no special Jewish time period left for salvation by Law-keeping, a new Temple, a new Pharisee priesthood, and revived animal sacrifices: they will continue to be victims of false prophets who want their praise and their money.  Until the masses full understand that the Church fully replaced old Israel and is now the New Israel Of God all the way to the Post-Trib Rapture, they will likely fall for the Baxter's and other schemes and false doctrines as proposed by dispensationalist.

Dispensationalism is the very doctrine that Jesus warned would deceive many to accept antichrist. Dispensationalism denies Jesus Messiah the dignity of the truth of his own predictions, and replaces his teaching with false Jewish eschatology.  That is why Israel and Talmudic Pharisee eschatology plays the central focus of that heresy.  Many Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, Pre-Wraths, and come Post-Tribs believe the Rome peace treaty with old Israel, on December 30, 1993, was the man of sin confirming the covenant.  But time has prove it all false.  Pre-Trib dispensationalist believed the great tribulation would start on that date.  Some really worked the congregations on Dec 31, 1993 scaring the people that the Rapture should happen before midnight and the beginning of 1998.  When it did not happen, they have been quite ever since.  If they believe the Rome-Israel peace treaty is the antichrist making a covenant, then they must admit that Baxter's scheme and evident time lines nearly correctly depicts the seven years of future prophetic events of their own, separated only by 108 days.

But the Pre-Tribs have missed their own rapture.  They have missed their mid-trib rapture which was to occur on June 12, 1997.  And those who follow Baxter have missed their raptures also the first on Sept 13, 1993, the mid-trib on Feb 23, 1997.  The Pre-Wrath rapture is scheduled for Oct 15, 1998 and the Post-Trib rapture on August 6, 2000.   These should now be looking for a Pre-Wrath rapture, since the Pre-Trib snatch evidently did not happen before September 13, 1993 and the revealing of Arafat as antichrist in the new rebuilt temple on Feb 23, 1997 did not materialize.

 Because the Pre-Trib and Mid-trib raptures did not occur, many Pre-Tribs have now switched to the Pan-Trib theory. They now make a joke out of the Lord's Coming, when before they were so serious about it.  Some refuse to even allow anything on Prophecy preached in the Church.  These new Pan-Tribs now take the attitude that the doctrine of the coming of Messiah is to divisive, so they don't care one way or the other what happens now or who might be deceived. They still expect a quick secret snatch out though.  They say we should seek unity, fun, and a good time (riot see 2Pet 2:13); like spending some time on the golf course, going to the amusement parks, watching television, throwing bowling balls, roller skating, going out to a ball game, or renting a movie. This is how they plan to stick around to see what pans out.

Most of the Pan-Trib have become bleeding heart liberals who have lost touch with the message of Messiah about the end times. They are novices in the Word, but parade around like they have the knowledge and authority of an Apostle. Most Pan-Tribs are former Pre-Tribs, who have embarrassed themselves by believing and teaching false predictions of the rapture that did not come to pass. They now admit by silence that they are shallow in understanding Bible Prophecy.  Because of this, they are unable and refuse to make a public stand on the teachings of Jesus Messiah concerning his own second coming for the Israel of God. 

Some Pre-Tribs, Mid-Tribs, Pan-Tribs, and Pre-Wraths, claimed Baxter picked the wrong date and they point to Dec. 30, 1993 as the revealing of the Pope as the antichrist and the start of the great tribulation from that date. These are placing a lot of hope that the Pope's alleged visit to Jerusalem in 1997, (three and one half years after the Dec. 30,1993 treaty between the Vatican and old Israel, and falling on June 12, 1997), will mark the middle of the latest Pre-Trib, Pan-Trib prediction of antichrist taking over Jerusalem (the middle of the week).

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